Coronavirus Causing People To Collapse In The Streets In China

People in Wuhan, China are collapsing at work and in the streets when the virus suddenly takes over.  This is identical to the Hong Kong flu: when I got it, I felt nothing at all when, while walking down the street, suddenly, my legs turned to jelly and I ended up crawling to a home I knew and scratched at the door.  The young students there did all the right things and saved my life, contacting the Free Clinic.  This is a harbinger of how bad epidemics operate: they hammer young adults and teens.  Not the elderly, for example.


Regular winter flu events usually kill very young children and old adults.  The dangerous 50 year epidemics always hit young adults the hardest.  My grandfather lost his first love this way, she died of the 1918 influenza epidemic.  Her name was my name.  I am quite nervous about this epidemic, not for myself but for my children.

It is too late to stop it.  What has to happen is, scientists must figure out how to counteract this disease.  That takes time.  The virus is already here in the US:


Texas health officials are investigating a suspected case of the deadly new coronavirus in a person who recently traveled to Wuhan – the Chinese city where the disease originated.  The Brazos County Health District announced the possible new case on Thursday.


The patient, who was not named, has been isolated in their home after health care providers recognized their symptoms as consistent with the coronavirus – which has killed 25 people and sickened more than 800 across at least nine countries.


That is what the Free Clinic did back in 1969.  Isolated me inside the home that took me off the street when I collapsed.  Rushing people to hospitals when they have this sort of contagious disease is suicidal.  I warned governments in later years to do the ‘stay at home’ action during epidemics.  Heck, I remember when that was the rule of law back in the early 1950’s.  Before vaccinations, to stop polio, etc. people were kept at home including the children so they would not spread diseases.


People forget how greatly our vaccination systems have reduced many dangerous diseases.  There is a growing movement of foolish people who claim vaccinations are terrible and should be avoided.  These are people who are usually younger than I and have no memory of the good old days.


Last fall, the island nation of Samoa saw 20 children die and many hospitalized due to refusing to vaccinate them when babies.  The government then changed the laws and now force parents to immunize their little ones.  It appears that the majority of children in Samoa were not vaccinated due to a nurse doing it wrong and two babies died.  It wasn’t the vaccination, it was the needle going to the wrong place.


Due to this, many children died.  This is the reaction of anti-vaccination people: they see only the downside, not the upside.  And the upside is considerably much greater than the downside.  From this week’s news:  The recent failure of New Jersey lawmakers to pass a measure that would have ended all non-medical ­exemptions from mandatory ­immunizations at schools was a victory for anti-vaccination cranks — and a public-health disaster.


Every leading medical authority has authoritatively debunked that claim. But the Internet conspiracy theory behind this movement continues to spread with the help of celebrities and faux experts like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Thanks to their ability to persuade families to skip vaccinations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year recorded the highest number of measles cases in a generation.


Common sense prevailed in ­Albany last year, when the New York Legislature responded to the crisis by enacting a law that stopped parents from seeking religious exemptions to vaccinating their kids. That was necessitated by an outbreak of measles that was largely centered on ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Brooklyn.


Parents do not have the right to kill their children via diseases or accidents or whatever.  The children have ‘agency’ too, that is, a right to survive.  Just this week, a mother was arrested for deliberately starving her child to death.  Depraved indifference to obvious dangers is child abuse.  Religious fanatics in NJ have enabled child abuse now with this law.  Legislators who want money from these people have endangered children deliberately for financial gain.


Back to the Wuhan epidemic: Japan’s health ministry said Friday it has confirmed a second infection in the country with a new deadly virus that has been rapidly spreading from the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

Meanwhile, Congress dithers endlessly as the Democrats desperately try to get rid of Trump.  I think the virus will get rid of them all eventually if this keeps up except most of them are old as I and probably are protected by the Hong Kong flu exposure.

I say, jail everyone pushing the government off a cliff.  And they are ignoring serious dangers to our wellbeing.



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11 responses to “Coronavirus Causing People To Collapse In The Streets In China

  1. AT

    How does a House member threaten anything in the Senate? What a joke.

  2. AT

    And, where is that do nothing Roberts? He has failed in his Constitutional responsibility to preside as judge over this trial, and disgraced himself, the judicial branch, and the Constitution.

  3. lou

    Scientists Are Creating New, Incurable Diseases in Labs –

    [Search domain
    May 20, 2014Swine flu, or H1N1, had been dead for 20 years when it suddenly re-emerged in 1977 with a curious twist. The new strain was genetically similar to one from the 1950s, almost as though it had been …

  4. Shawntoh


    You will probably find this offensive but I can’t help but mention this as a gallow’s humor joke…

    Question: Who’s killed more Chinese people than Chairman Mao…?
    Answer: the coronavirus!

    My apologies and I offer this…

    Years ago, I contracted the Swine Flu virus, and I did feel like “a schwine” around Christmas time of 2010, but I somehow survived it! Plus, I survived the chicken pox when I was in my prime, many, many years ago. However…

    It’s probably a good thing that Greta Thunberg hasn’t gone to China yet to protest about “global warming”, has she?

    Well, maybe some folks will disagree with me, and I hope she’s well, and everyone reading this post of mine…

    Besides, I don’t know how her act would go over with the Chinese officials in Wuhan, considering how busy they are right now and I’d advise that GT would consult with Elaine, first, before considering doing anything, especially as far as travel any further than going back to school!


    I will leave it all up to you but I will say this whatever anyone’s opinion is… Great Mother Nature is up to another one of Her laboratory experiments…

    In closings, I just wonder if She’s attempting to get rid of a LOT of us for some strange reason! As they use to say on TV, “you make call” on that one…


  5. Jim R

    These virus outbreaks affect young adults because their immune systems are highly reactive. Young adults also suffer from allergies, a common one around here is “cedar fever”. The immune system detects the virus and freaks out, doing all kinds of damage to everything in sight.

    In a baby or toddler, the virus is likely killed before it even gains a foothold. Their immune systems can handle all kinds of dirt and stuff. Babies eat dirt. They give them live polio virus that would kill you or me, if we hadn’t been immunized long ago.

    And in our immune systems, it’s like “meh, whatever” because it has seen something like this before. It’s a measured response. Not that the virus can’t make you sick, but you will probably recover.

  6. Moe

    Flightware says Wuhan Tianhe airport is open. How is that possible if city is quarantined? (Site is interactive).

  7. Moe

    From the category “I’ll believe it when I see it”…

    Top 5 Deadly Outbreaks That Scared People Worldwide Over Past Decade But Didn’t Wipe Humankind Out

  8. Even the Hong Kong flu which was quite deadly, most people survived. I nearly died. Take all these seriously, we pray they all end quickly, not get worse and worse.

  9. Moe

    Pandemic doomsters remind me of the Global Warming fear-porn positions presented over the years. None came to fruition, because they were all based on bad science (i.e., non-science).

    Pandemic predictions are different though, because one will eventually occur. Just as one day the Earth will get hit by a big enough space rock that it makes a difference, and just like the often-predicted west coast mega-earthquake.

    Time lines though never seem to line up with the predictions. Bitch, that. Makes all the doomsters look paranoid, anxiety-prone and impotent.

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