Rich Kid Nick Sandmann Returns To DC! DNC Continues Jump Off Impeachment Cliff

The newest rich kid on earth, the multi millionaire school boy is back in DC!  Sandman is enjoying himself at the same march he went to last year.  I will note that the mainstream media giants are avoiding him like the plague.  Meanwhile, the plague in China continues relentlessly spreading.  While Congress diddles over the failing impeachment of a President for doing what they all do all the time: meddle overseas, spending or taking back huge mountains of bribes and funding in a never ending scheme to enrich themselves and their Bilderberg buddies.  And Trump messed this up, a lot, so they are now trying to impeach him for trying to STOP this nonsense.


Biden withheld aid to Ukraine in the past and boasted about it.  He is still running for President.  Meanwhile, the same DNC clowns are attacking Trump for withholding aid.  Withholding aid is a thing Presidents can and do all the time.  They also give away vast sums, too.  The reason the Congress critters are anxious to drop this whole matter is, they all do this all the time.  They also solicit bribes overseas, all the time.


But the DNC is so frantic to attack Trump, they are complaining about and trying to impeach him for doing things they all do all the time!  This is an interesting paradox.  The DNC believes, if they lie about them doing these things, themselves, no one will notice due to mainstream/Bilderberg media lying about this matter.  The fix is simple: have real news!  And that is the last thing on earth our Real Rulers want: real news!

Good editorial from Tucker Carlson.  This entire circus is backfiring on the DNC.  Their Presidential candidates are now a running joke.  Trump’s support is growing, not shrinking.  All the new junk being spewed daily is not included in the impeachment process, you can’t bring in new stuff every day with no warning or rather, they do what they have been doing since Day One when Trump won is pour out tons of allegations and threats in the daily press, howling like deranged ghosts at a Halloween party.

The other tool the very rich Bilderberg gang is using this last dozen years is to yell at us about ‘global warming’ while letting China and India spew ‘global warming gases’ merrily with not a peep from these very same lunatics who believe we will all literally roast to death in the near future.


The Prince of Wails worries about the Weather,  he, who lives in multiple palaces and his clan that all fly in jets all over the planet while whining about it being too warm.  They should live according to their own ideology: no more living the rich life, they must live in tiny houses (only one each) and never travel except on foot or horse.  There, they fixed ‘global warming’.  End of story.  But it isn’t the end!


This Prince along with all his wealthy buddies, will not do this simple thing.  They love talking about how important it is to do this simple thing, yet adamantly refuse to do it, themselves.  This amazing level of hypocrisy is astonishing, one of the greatest in earth’s history.  The EU leaders all embrace this ‘the peasants must stop using energy so we have it all for ourselves’ game because it is leading to violent revolts.  Even the Muslims who were allowed to pour into Europe will go forth to kill off these global warming frauds.


Ja, we Germans are jealous of Brexit: ALEXANDER VON SCHOENBURG says his country fears Britain as they face the reality of a resurgent UK says the Daily Mail.


On Tuesday I attended one of these glamorous Berlin functions, at which our Chancellor Angela Merkel was awarded the American Academy’s Henry Kissinger Prize for her contribution to transatlantic relations.


Kissinger was that awful globalist who started all this junk.  The elites love him.  He is a tool.


For years, EU leaders have insisted that Brexit would be a disaster for Britain, leaving your country hopelessly isolated.


I said long ago, Britain will now be able to trade with anyone and no longer be chained to Germany.  It took a while for them to wake up as to who won WWII.


According to the relentless propaganda of the pro-EU cause, Europe would forge ahead on the global stage, ever more united, while the UK would slide into insularity and decline.


That was Hitler’s intentions.  Interesting that Merkel had the same plan.  I find this utterly ironic and many Brits agree with me on this matter.


But that narrative is starting to look like a delusion.




Headed by a strong government and sustained by a dynamic economy, it is Britain that can look forward to the future with confidence, while the EU and its member states remain trapped in bureaucratic sclerosis, obsessed with regulation and welfare when much of the rest of the world is embracing commercial freedom.


Note all the uprisings in Europe now that farmers and workers figured out how the elites plan to enslave and starve them, literally, not to mention freeze them, too.


Only on Thursday, an authoritative study by the Confederation of British Industry reported the biggest surge in confidence on record among manufacturers, with companies planning to ramp- up investment.


I am amazed that this has finally made some news in England.  Most media systems are run by conspirators who meet in Davos and other venues to plot how to rule the planet ruthlessly and put workers in their place, in the basement, freezing and starving.


The CBI’s report followed news earlier in the week of yet another fall in unemployment as the British jobs miracle continues.


German farmers and workers are increasingly angry about Merkel and her plans to enslave them.  All of the EU is under orders to eliminate COWS!  Just that, alone, has them all up in arms.  The EU wants to eliminate pigs, too, to please the Muslims.  The list of ‘food to be eliminated’ grows longer by the hour to the great alarm of farmers and consumers.  Taxes on everything going through the roof to pay for ‘global warming’ has millions marching every week all over Europe now.  Relentlessly, the Bilderberg gang and the stupid royals in Europe are forcing millions of citizens to head into re-education camps or simply starve and freeze at home.


I predict many heads on pikes in the not distant future if the elites insist on continuing consuming vast amounts of CO2 producing materials while starving the peasants.  It is now inevitable since even the dumb royals won’t back down on this issue.


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15 responses to “Rich Kid Nick Sandmann Returns To DC! DNC Continues Jump Off Impeachment Cliff

  1. Zeke

    They seemed like nice kids. They were maligned by the press. The other students and the school itself were also maligned.
    It was irresponsible journalism or worse: agenda driven journalism.

    Their harm was real and lasting. Remember, some feted Hollywood types expressed desire to do horrible things to them. They required police protection. There may have also been bomb threats against the school building. They had to go into hiding for a while.

    They may continue to pay into the future when they apply for higher education or employment when reviewer sees the word ‘Covington’ on their resumes; guilt by association.

    None of that should ever have happened.

  2. AT

    Peak Oil is peak global warming propaganda time for these clowns.

    The problem isn’t lack of brainpower, it’s hubris; these clowns are used to being able to push almost any narrative, no matter how ridiculous it turns out, as long as the whole club gives it 100%. That was mostly true in the good times, but they need to be a bit more thoughtful in the decline.

  3. Your blog drove me to read the NYT. They’re biased, but at least they don’t think science is a joke and that they’re in touch with spirits from the outer darkness. There’s a hilariously sad (to me) article in the NYT though, about Trump temporarily shelving an order that would block more sales of US technology to China. Tech CEOs and the Pentagon all warn that China can easily buy the technology from other countries, or worse, design and build it themselves, further killing US tech firms. But some Republicans still live in the fantasy world where the US dominates in high tech and China will never catch up.
    Maybe most Republicans think science is a joke – evolution, dinosaurs, climate change, and all that. Like you they can type on computers and cellphones, but they probably think math is like really hard, and not that important anyway. Maybe their friends in the outer darkness tell them how things really are so they don’t need to understand all that science stuff.
    I sort of hope Trump does block all US tech going to China so we can end this farce sooner. You guys can talk to spirits and read the Bible and grow soy beans for export. You’re ending those pesky Obama-era requirements for kids to have nutritious lunches, but that’s okay. It doesn’t take much brain development to read the Bible and live in awe and trembling, and perform spirit-contacting rituals now and then.

  4. HAHAHA…right. OK: what is happening to China today? Hello! It is collapsing internally. The dictator Xi is shutting down China. This, just one month after menacing Hong Kong! China is going off the rails now.

  5. How this virus will turn out remains to be seen, but China doesn’t have much to worry about from Trump. He put Huawei on some sort of blacklist, and its profits barely dipped. He can go ahead and cut off all US technology; the US doesn’t make anything they really need.
    The US has out-sourced manufacturing for a long time, as you and Trump are aware. What you don’t seem aware of is that bringing high-tech back to the US isn’t as simple as putting tariffs on imports. It is that simple for textiles and cat food and potato chips, but building smartphones is a different proposition. You don’t have the equipment or the expertise to do it overnight, or even next year.
    So yeah, math is hard, science is hard, and it’s a lot more fun to study law and go into politics or something. It’s sexy to talk about the importance of family values and self-reliance, and how city kids may be smart in book learnin’ but they don’t know what’s really important. All these socialists want free high-quality education, free nutritious lunches, all these handouts, when they should be living on farms and working with their hands. We don’t need algebra and computer science and chemistry to build microchips, just good old-fashioned sticktoitiveness and determination – like winning a football game. Yay!
    Go ahead and make America great again. I’m sure you’ll grow the best soy beans in the world.

  6. honeybadger don't care

    More fun to study law?

    Give it a try then report back.

  7. honeybadger don't care

    Elaine has earned several dubious distinctions, but “anti-science” isn’t one of them.

    One thing we learn from science is that reality isn’t necessarily what one readily perceives. For example, most people rely on eyesight to gather most of their information to understand reality, yet visible light makes up only a tiny percentage of the electromagnetic spectrum. Also, you may perceive that the Earth takes a curved path around the Sun, but we learn from General Relatively that it actually takes a straight path through curved space-time. Not to mention that time itself behaves in very counter intuitive ways.

    Human perception, like all organisms, is a function of the way the brain evolved. For example, a spider relying on perception would believe there are only 2 dimensions; similarly a human unfamiliar with science may swear there are only 3. But there are now multiple theories espousing a cosmos consisting of many dimensions. Are you so sure there isn’t a possibility that entities might inhabit places that human can’t readily perceive such that you would ridicule those that are less sure, or even claim to have established contact?

  8. True, the sun is moving and the entire galaxy is turning, turning in a gigantic dance with other galaxies that are also turning while spinning closer to each other (ahem, yes, we are relentlessly moving towards the Great Attractor which is called this for obvious reasons!) and so time isn’t linear at all, it is a series of coils and even light, when traveling through space, is warped and shoved around by gravity pools of various sorts.

  9. Lots of scientific models go against our everyday intuition of how things work, I completely agree. But in general, scientists look for impersonal mathematical models to explain things. It’s been a very successful strategy. We design airplanes using mathematical models about how fluids behave, not by praying to the forces in the outer darkness to lift the plane off the ground. We design circuits the same way. And it works.
    It’s come to me that Elaine probably doesn’t get that burning fossil fuels adds carbon to the atmosphere. Maybe she was too busy raising hell in Germany in her teens to read about chemical reactions. She never argues against the science, just points out that rich people are hypocrites on the issue, or Greta’s facebook posts may be written by someone else, as though those were arguments against climate science. Sort of like refuting Relativity on the grounds that Einstein got more credit for it than he perhaps deserved, or dismissing newtonian mechanics as a conspiracy against Leibnitz.

  10. honeybadger don't care

    Seriously? We must not be reading the same blog. I’m pretty sure Elaine knows about carbon emissions.

    You must have missed all the times she argued that the warming DATA is fake and that we’re actually in a cold cycle right now and that scientists have known for generations that climate on Earth is correlated with solar sunspot activity?

    As far as designing aeroplanes go, science and the occult are closely related. The scientists that started the JPL were occultists; this is common knowledge now, not even conspiracy stuff.

  11. It makes no difference to a scientific theory whether the person who proposed it was an occultist or not. Newton and Galileo believed all sorts of strange things. I don’t care who started JPL, airplanes don’t fly because of occult principles.
    I haven’t seen Elaine come to terms with the point every teenager is supposed to learn in high school: fossil fuels are chains of carbon atoms, and when we burn them the carbon bonds with O2 in the air to become CO2. That we’re adding hundreds of billions of tons per year of carbon to the atmosphere in this way is really not in doubt. (Well okay, if you don’t understand high school chemistry you might doubt it.)

  12. If you want to prove me wrong, by all means do it. Build a plane that flies on demon power. You’ll dominate the aviation market overnight. Boeing and Airbus think they need special ultra-light materials and engines and computers and engineers and lots of fuel. Your demon-powered plane will revolutionise the industry and I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong; Americans don’t need to invest in math and science education to be competitive, they can do amazing things with spiritualism!

  13. honeybadger don't care

    I suppose you think you are being very clever, but you are really just snarky and childish. So you may have more in common with Elaine than you realize.

    For example, who proposed demon-powered planes? The point is that even “smart” people that do all the science stuff you value so highly believe they have contacted “spirits”.

    Obviously, no one claimed humans are not adding CO2 to the atmosphere. The contested point is whether, given all of the factors that influence climate, the planet is actually warming.

  14. I’m snarky because I’m scared. People who’ve been studying the climate for decades have amassed a lot of evidence and theory about this, and you guys reject it all for completely unscientific reasons like “But prince Harry flies around in airplanes.” And Elaine is very insightful about some things. If she doesn’t know how to think like a scientist, what hope have we got?

  15. Good lord…the confusion is deliberate. Twisting data, making up theories based on bad information always happens in history, figuring out what is real and what isn’t real is not simple nor easy. Worse, reality shifts all the time and people cling to ideas that no longer work, this is very common.

    Viewing incoming data correctly is very, very difficult at any time in history. This is what makes history fun, by the way. For example, people build around volcanoes all the time. Then are destroyed. Then do it again!

    Amazing, isn’t it? There are endless examples of this. Calls about ‘the end of the world’ happen like clockwork over the last million years. This is due to humans evolving rapidly due to the biggest hurdles of all: REAL climate change which we call ‘Ice Ages.’

    This caused us to evolve big brains, very rapidly. This is why I am amazed, when we are definitely sliding towards another Ice Age, the ‘smart’ people are worried about it being slightly warmer than the Little Ice Age.

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