Free, Free At Last, Almighty, Free! Farange Freed Briton From EU Dictatorship

Farange speaks 26 minutes . 1 hour 40 minutes in the above video.  The hostility and rage aimed at him by EU globalists.  They even pretended all of Europe is marching AGAINST the EU dictates, the global warming scam, the wild immigration of hostile populations into Europe!  Huzzah!  England is now free at last.


Here is Farage’s final speech, it just showed up on You Tube after I published the story:

Here is Farage a day earlier, chewing out the EU rulers who impose rules on all of Europe with the victims having zero say.  Watching the hostile globalists whine and lie was fun, I nearly laughed to death.  But still am alive!  Hurray!

When Farage finished his brave, nationalist speech, saying goodbye to the looting expedition of the globalists, he and his supporters waved the British flag.  The Germanic lady chairing this meeting yelled at them in think accents to ‘Put down those flags!  Stop!  You cannot wave flags here,’ (which is a lie).  The British patriots just laughed at her and yelled goodbye and left.

Put down your flags and leave, goodbye . No deal is better than a bad deal…Farage said.

The leftists who are Brits all waved EU flags and were cheered by the globalist leftists.  They yelled that Brits wanted to be invaded and controlled by foreign powers.  Yup, typical treasonous activities just like we see all over the place on the left.

Farage, full of energy at night in Europe is happily chatting about how today went and how pleased he is.  ‘No more being talked down to, no more bullying by these people.’  The leftist globalists are just freaking out and cannot figure out why real people refused to follow them all off the cliff.


These lunatics want to KILL US.  They want us to freeze to death, die of diseases, starve to death.  They openly talk about there being too many of us pesky people.  And I take them seriously, the list of people murdered by leftist beliefs is gigantic, it is in the many millions.


Farange gets a phone call and chats with a leftist who is furious Farange waved his British flag!  They really thought they could eliminate national identity, these creeps.  In America, soccer players throw down our flag and stomp on it, sneering.  Then leftist corporate entities praise them for disrespecting our flag.  Trump’s rise in power is because of these anti-American traitors carrying on how much they hate the USA and want us eliminated.


And this is a turning point, even immigrants have to figure out, when they hope to be in a new country, they must support that country, not undermine or destroy it otherwise they are invaders, not friends.



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2 responses to “Free, Free At Last, Almighty, Free! Farange Freed Briton From EU Dictatorship

  1. Suusi M-B

    And replaced it with a US dictatorship.

    Frying pan and fire springs to mind.

  2. Good grief. HAHAHA. So, becoming a sovereign nation again is bad? I hope you are not in the USA. So many people misunderstand ‘sovereignty’ and this is a shame. It is one of the most important things for intergenerational survival.

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