Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco Official In Charge Of Sanitation Arrested For Kickbacks (NOT Super Dirty City!)

The man known as ‘Mr Clean’ who is tasked with cleaning up the streets of San Francisco and tackling its homelessness crisis has been charged with corruption, after an FBI probe.


He isn’t being arrested for fraud.  He is accused of soliciting bribes just like a huge number of Democrat politicians like the ones arrested by Giuliani in NYC many years ago.  They do crummy jobs, running DNC cities and at the same time, are open crooks!  This is NORMAL for them all.  The more they yap about how we need more ‘social spending’ the more they are openly looting voters.


Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco’s Director of Public Works, was arrested by the FBI for a series of alleged public corruption schemes, authorities said on Tuesday.


In his role, Nuru, 58, is tasked with keeping the city of San Francisco clean, including cleaning up trash, removing vandalism, repairing sidewalks, and tackling the city’s homelessness crisis.


He is so good at this, the city became totally filthy, it is now one of the dirtiest cities on earth!  NYC was turned into a cesspool by Democrats years ago.  Giuliani cleaned it up and in return, the voters voted for DNC filth and voila: the clean city returns to being filthy and dangerous again! Victory!


In 2004, before entering the public works office, it came to light that his nonprofit organization the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners was forcing employees to support the campaigns of then-Mayor Gavin Newsom and former District Attorney Kamala Harris.


HAHAHA, using an urban garden scheme which is nearly 100% a white liberal thing to start, using this to loot voters is funny.  And he had to force employees to campaign for Pelosi’s son and black Harris.


Then in 2011, Nuru was accused of sexism and racism against black women in a workplace lawsuit. A settlement was reached before the case went to court.


So, Nuru is a black racist!  HAHAHA.  Yes, Muslims do this racism thing, too!  Isn’t that dear?  Proof the DNC is filthy and unhealthy and disgusting is easy to find! The NYT today is full of liberal trash stories, literally litter time with the dirty DNC:

‘Recycling’ doesn’t work in any DNC run criminal operation!  DUH!  One of the first things I tackled in NYC way back in 1978 was…TRASH.  I formed an alliance with the trash men in my neighborhood, visited their home base, we PAID them to collect trash by giving them awards for doing a good job!!!  That is, there was an award if a crew was clean.


They suddenly were spotless.  They were intensely careful in collecting trash.  They would stop by my brownstone to show me how clean things were, it was amazing.  And then word got out and the politicians squelched this.


Well…this scheme of mine was NOT in a rich neighborhood, it was in a very poor one for my ‘hood was a slum, very much a dangerous slum, not a rich place.  Yet the small goodies we showered on the crews like a case of beer, for example, worked wonders.


This was technically ‘bribery’ but I considered it a reward for going beyond the minimum, for excelling.  Anyways, want a filthy city, vote DNC.  Want evil incarnate, be a royal:

Andrew is now under fire for being a total creep.  Both men in the above video hung out at Pedo Island with another creep: Bill Clinton.  When will he go to prison, too?

The Daily Mail has turned on the royals.  Guess what?  The Royals are suing the Daily Mail!  HAHAHA.  Here is another screenshot and this is increasingly amusing to me: (By the way, the rat ad was at the top of the story which I find funny, too)

The Queen thought pulling her evil son from view would be enough but he is always at her side as she totters along, on the edge of her grave.  The Daily News is actually carrying real news about the royals now.  They still fawn on half of that noxious family but the dam is breaking.  The entire concept of the royals is silly in the first place.


Their only claims now are, ‘We bring in TOURISTS.’  Seriously, they are a Disneyland operation only it is done in a horrible and destructive way due to being literally ‘entitled’ which from day one, is a word created many years ago to describe royal tyrants.  They are referred to via a ‘title’ and not a ‘name’.

Above is a story on the front page of the NY Times.  So, bringing peace to the Middle East is an ‘election issue’ and not ‘peace’?  HAHAHA.  Note the ‘Muslims muted’ side bit to this headline.  The NY Times is a parody of itself.  Even stupider NYT headline:

HAHAHA.  So, black voters vote like robots for whoever wins in Iowa?  I hope black voters figure out they are simply a useful fool for the DNC leaders including ‘half black’ Obama.  They march to the polls to vote the same way every time and get peanuts in return.  Time to rise up and stop this!  Vote different for once!

And…Indians are going to vanish from our culture.  Blacks maintain thug culture so they continues onwards.  But Indians are vanishing.  This is dangerous, I remember the cowboy/Indian entertainments pre-1968.  Indians were often the ‘bad guys’ and…everyone I knew wanted to be Indians!  When playing, when seeing them, we all wanted to be Indians.


I even lived for a while on a reservation and…wanted to be an Indian, big time! A sister of mine played one as an extra in movies.  Now, it is all about ‘don’t dare to talk about/love/fantasize/etc. about Indians.  It will be verboten.  This will backfire.


And again: we have a white female running in the DNC who falsely claims to be an Indian and abused this to gain profits and power by lying about it on resumes and…she isn’t in prison for fraud!  Where are the Indian tribes who are angry about whites exploiting them?  Warren is obviously one of these nasty people!  Hello!!!





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5 responses to “Mohammed Nuru, San Francisco Official In Charge Of Sanitation Arrested For Kickbacks (NOT Super Dirty City!)

  1. Huge anti-Macron demonstrations continue now even during the work week.

  2. Kerry

    “And…Indians are going to vanish from our culture. Blacks maintain thug culture so they continues onwards.”

    This is because almost all Indians (including myself) refused to play the victim card. They had to use an actual Non-Indian (Marlon Brando) to make it look like there was some Native Power psy-op movement back in the 70s. Since they couldn’t be used, they were ignored. Permanently.

    All those Indian goodies with college tuition and the rest? Taken by people like Elizabeth Warren and any other elite that can claim blood percentage. Somehow the fact that they aren’t a part of any tribal association doesn’t stand in their way of the freebies.

    Maybe I should have lied, then I too could have taken up space at Harvard or Yale and drooled my way through 4 years of study.

    “Giuliani cleaned it up and in return, the voters voted for DNC filth and voila: the clean city returns to being filthy and dangerous again!”

    It isn’t as simple as this. You haven’t been in the city for many decades. Bloomberg was selling valuable public land (mainly the ones that contained libraries in expensive neighborhoods) and other public owned places at a discount to his crony friends. This is one of the reasons why the entire city has been bulldozed down and big, ugly,modern glass box towers have been built. Many beautiful beaux arts era buildings GONE. So fast, community teams couldn’t get them protected fast enough as landmarks. De Blasio promised oversight in regards to this theft. Well he didn’t, and now he is trying to allow illegal aliens to overrun all of NY for voting fraud.

  3. You are correct, they have been destroying the elegant older Manhattan especially in the last 20 years. Those towers are scary, bad stuff. When the power is out…it is terrible.

  4. Zeke

    Yes. And many of those Towers are empty. They were not meant to shelter humans. They were meant as tax shelters, wealth preservation entities, and money laundering conveyances. Many are titled and held in the name of nested offshore LLCs.
    With the destruction of currencies by the Central Banks, the wealthy have moved to asset protection strategies of ownership of stocks and real estate to escape the predations of the Central Banks which are destroying the wealth of the Common Man.
    Prior to 9-11, most NYers hated the WTC Towers. They were monstrous, outsized, out of scale, ugly, characterless and rose out of the destruction of viable neighborhoods. It was a Robert Moses type concoction that Jane Jacobs tried to warn us about.
    Post 9-11, those feelings were set aside.

  5. Petruchio

    “So, Nuru is a black racist! HAHAHA.” LOL!! When it comes to being racist, blacks take a back seat to NO ONE. They hate Whitey, of course, but they also dislike Hispanics. And Asians. And NO GROUP hates Blacks more than….wait for it, BLACKS!! Native born Blacks tend to hate Blacks who are recent immigrants to this Country. I have seen this go on. You might be shocked to hear the racial slurs coming out of th mouths of Native Blacks towards Recent immigrant Blacks.

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