Breaking News: 7,000 People On Week Cruise Locked Down In Italy Due To Coronavirus

A tourist trap ship in the Mediterranean Sea offshore Italy is now docked and passengers kept in isolation, all 7,000 people due to two Chinese getting sick with the coronavirus!  Boats are patrolling the dock area to prevent anyone from fleeing the ship.  This news is just beginning today.  Stopping this virus is like nailing the stable door shut a week after the horses scattered to the four winds.

The Costa Smeralda vessel is currently being held in port at Civitavecchia, 35 miles north of Rome, after a 54-year-old woman from Macau came down with a fever.  The passengers were on a seven day tour:

Meanwhile, in China, foreigners are finding it harder and harder to return home:

Now seven cases in Australia and rising.  Here is an Irish teacher still in Wuhan:

The graphs show the disease shooting straight up in number.  It is now all over China.  This shows the futility of avoiding a disease that is of this sort, easily transmitted.  Even if one is careful, over time, care slips and bang: one is hit by the germs.


In the above video from Australia, they talk about the former immigration camp on Christmas Island which is several hundred miles from Australia, which is now being used to house people coming out of Wuhan.  There are also now around 100 children there in the reopened camp.

When I recovered from the Hong Kong flu, I avoided contact with people not because I was afraid of giving them a disease but the exact opposite: I was very vulnerable to germs and had to be very, very careful to not touch or be too near people who could infect me!  So it is with the victims of this disease.


The Japanese took home people from Wuhan and…had no quarantine!  That was irresponsible.  So, the most recent news from Japan is…3 Japanese returnees from Wuhan test positive for new coronavirus!


The three, who have been hospitalized — one in stable condition and two without symptoms — were among 206 people brought back Wednesday from the city at the center of the deadly outbreak of the pneumonia-causing virus.
It is the first time outside China that a person without symptoms has been confirmed to have been infected with the virus, according to Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases.


A further 210 Japanese were flown back home on Thursday on a second government-chartered flight, with some displaying symptoms such as coughing, according to the health ministry.


And this is why people coming out of China have to be put in quarantine.

Breaking news: Senator Tom Cotton is calling for an immediate shut down of all flights from China to the U.S., warning that Beijing is lying about the full extent of the coronavirus outbreak.  He posted the above tweet an hour ago about Russia shutting their borders to China.


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11 responses to “Breaking News: 7,000 People On Week Cruise Locked Down In Italy Due To Coronavirus

  1. Ken

    The videos make a very important point. The Chinese culture values cleanliness. Their cities are clean, even prior to the outbreak. And even more so now. If this disease had broken out in one of the notoriously filthy western cities, like Paris, London, LA or SF, things would be worse.

  2. Zeke

    This thing ramped up really fast.
    Going from a low initial number, the infection spread graph takes on the ‘hockey stick’ profile.
    Now Russia has closed it border with China and thousands are quarantined on cruise ship.
    That’s 0 to 60 mph in a few seconds.
    Just 7 weeks until Spring. That should help.

  3. Kerry

    Those medical masks always make me laugh. They do absolutely nothing! They are completely out of context in the street.

    If people really are concerned with exposure, there should immediately be injunctions against medical staff wearing their scrubs to and from their medical jobs. Those scrubs are not street wear. You have to change into them when you get to work. Many of them don’t wash their hands as often as possible either. THOSE are some of the main problems.

  4. Petruchio

    Worth a mention here. There was a 7.7 earthquake near Cuba, reports today indicate.

  5. Jim R

    Stopping this virus is like nailing the stable door shut a week after the horses scattered to the four winds.

    The Japanese took home people from Wuhan and…had no quarantine! That was irresponsible.

    So, which is it? Can people alter the course of this epidemic, or can they not?

  6. lou

    off topic,
    Take a look inside the longest drug tunnel ever found on California’s US-Mexico border….almost a mile long.

  7. All this is quite true. And I am pointing out the difficulties of stopping contagious diseases. I am a huge fan of doing vaccinations! This terrible disease should be capable of stopping via vaccinations. I hope it works!

  8. Seraphim

    You can detect in all reports a frustration that the Chinese took the appropriate measures in the shortest possible time to tackle the situation and cannot make an issue to blame China.

  9. lou

    Can’t Make This Up! (Democrat-run) New York State Is Now Mandating “Stargazing Permits”

  10. Zeke

    Why lie?

    There is no charge in NY state for “stargazing”.

    NY state parks are closed to vehicular traffic at night – for legitimate reasons.
    NY state is permitting at limited times, vehicular after dark access, to view the night sky in a light pollution free area.

    The startling thing is how, in a Frank Luntz world, the proliferation of sites of they who would distort words to yuck it up by ‘virtue signaling’ their own mental superiority, unaware of exposing themselves as morons.

    The truth can often be a little more complicated and harder to grasp for the moronic mentality than the quick but distorted tag line.

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