Britain Brexiteers Cheer Freedom! Big Party!

Brexit is happening right now in England.  The huge flag-waving massive crowd gets to hear Farange cheer on this great democratic mandate ever seen in England…Hooray!  ‘We will leave the European Union!  We did it!  We changed the landscape of the country.  We are celebrating tonight for we know this is the single most important moment of the history of our nation and it is something to celebrate.’


Farange continues his great speech: ‘No longer will our Prime Ministers be talked down to, we can make our own laws and be accountable to the people and be a proud nation!’  Yes, this is a revolution.  As the square filled with celebrants this night, ANTIFA showed up but retreated when they saw how many thousands of patriots showed up and when the ANTIFA gang made loud noise, young lads singing ‘Hey, Tommy, Tommy Robinson’ the police showed up and ANTIFA fled.


‘For the first time in history, the People defied the Establishment and won!  They won tonight!’ and yes, the elites are shaking in their fancy imported shoes.  The royals are cowering under their massive beds in their massive palaces, their participation in the Bilderberg gang known more and more by the mere masses.


The pedophiles, the parasites of the royal clan are a disgrace.  They should be leading cheers for sovereignty but they had global sovereignty and indeed, hostile intentions towards the native Brits who are the vast bulk of the country.


The BBC which is mostly leftist traitors, is snapping mad at the Brexit citizens and is snarling that the negotiations for freedom are not done at all, there are supposed years of ‘negotiations’ which the EU is going to make as nasty as possible only….THIS WON’T HAPPEN.


This is simple: Trump is already reaching out to Boris and the British patriots and offering to make trade deals and other deals like security deals to protect Britain!  HAHAHA.  I predicted this and it will happen, no ifs, ands or buts.  The EU Marxists will find out, they have been outwitted and outgunned.  And behind these clowns who ran Europe into the ground, all the farmers and workers in France, in Germany, in Italy, in Spain, they are revolting against the Bilderberg gang against the global warming scam, against the demands they be reduced to starving, freezing peasants to please a gang of super rich, super nasty royals and power people who hate European and American and Australian citizens and want them disarmed and helpless and overrun by hostile foreigners waving foreign flags!


Hooray, we are countering the Bilderberg gang!  They are on the run now.  Farange’s speech was short, to the point, sweet and also menacing, that is, any foolish official playing a double game to undo this freedom will be pulled down and kicked to the curb and this includes media giants who hate citizens, hate white males in particular, hate patriotism, hate free speech and the right to bear arms.


And now the bells are ringing!!! IT IS DONE!!! Everyone is going NUTS!!!  Deafening roars!  All the rich and powerful, every blasted horrible ‘royal’ is shaking with fear, hiding from the People.  Fools, all.  If they led, they would be carried as heroes not viewed as parasites.


They even sang ‘God Save the Queen’ and she is too stupid to not be there.  Fool. All of them are fools.  Time is running out for them.  If the blasted Queen doesn’t want nationalism, she will get nothingism in return.  I am just amazed.  I can figure this out, but Her Majesty can’t figure this out at all.


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11 responses to “Britain Brexiteers Cheer Freedom! Big Party!

  1. Hell Soonish

    “Trump is already reaching out to Boris and the British patriots and offering to make trade deals and other deals like security deals to protect Britain!”

    Britain already runs a trade surplus with the US. Maybe Trump will let them double that? Fat hope. Only path is down.
    Security deals… to protect Britain… from WHO? More like mafia boss collecting protection money from Britain.

    Yay it’s all done. Then what? Britain will never again rule the seven seas. It can’t even regain it’s industrial base. It will just have mountains of debt and an aging population. A tourist destination is the best outcome it can hope for. Now that it is out of EU, where will the tourists come from? China probably, but not really, since all flights are stopped.

    Where is Britain going? Nobody knows. Cheer and celebrate while you can.

  2. Pete


    This virus was possibly designed at Bio-Lab in Wuhan.
    Bio-Weapon accidental release?

    “Oh my god. Indian scientists have just found HIV (AIDS) virus-like insertions in the 2019-nCov virus that are not found in any other coronavirus. They hint at the possibility that this Chinese virus was designed [“not fortuitous’]. Scary if true.”

    — Anand Ranganathan (@ARanganathan72) January 31, 2020

  3. Britain runs a trade deficit with GERMANY. The Brits would love to have trade with the US instead at this point in time. Right now, we can’t sell to them due to EU RULES.

  4. Zeke

    Do we live in such a dystopian world now where the only thing to ‘celebrate’ is the ripping up of ‘Agreements’.
    Mostly achieved by prior generation. The surly mocking unappreciative destroyers of Agreements. (The fickle Brits voted to stay (remain) 67% vs. 33% leave in 1973.)
    The absence of Agreement is Disagreement. Not just Farage – Putin is smiling.

    Throughout the West, governmental entities are fracturing and breaking apart.
    Except for Russian Federation and China which are annexing or otherwise enlarging their territory.
    Putin and Xi are smiling.

  5. Hell Soonish

    Yes Elaine, I’m sure the UK ppl can’t wait to trade their well engineered German cars for gas guzzler SUV and pickup trucks made by US. Wonderful. Right.

  6. Just like us, they can buy cars from ANYWHERE on earth including Germany. I would adore Germany refusing to sell cars in Britain. Watching suicidal Germans is endlessly amusing. But they will not. Not at all. DUH.

  7. Suusi M-B

    Elaine The UK runs a deficit with everyone. The UK has used devaluing the pound to maintain competitiveness since the war. Only it is only ever call devaluation if the labour party do it.

    So the UK is out of the EU. The Flag waving nationalists have had their day. Of course now they will have to make it work.

    It is quite something to jump out of the EU frying pan into the US fire.

    One thing that I do know is that negotiating out of weakness is a fools game, and trying to play the EU off against the US is really stupid.

    As for cars I am highly unlikely to ever buy a US built car. Frankly I like French (Renault) and German (VW) cars

  8. You just illustrated why this had to happen. I am gobsmacked this obvious answer to the problem of perpetual trade deficits isn’t figured out. This is rather funny, luckily the majority of Brits are smart enough to figure this out!

  9. Mow

    Quote of the day (origin unknown):

    We’ve Descended Into Some Sort Of Bizarre Hell-World In Which Piers Morgan Is A Voice Of Sanity

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