Shoot Out At Mar-A-Lago And Soros Attacks Zuckerberg, Will Try To Destroy Facebook

Police chasing an SUV chased it into the Mar-A-Lago compound in Florida which is Trump’s main retreat site.  Shots were fired to stop the criminals.  It appears to be a case of criminals, typical in Florida, driving aimlessly around to avoid cops only to get entangled into a huge mess.  It also shows that the security at Mar-a-lago should be beefed up.


So far, this made little news only to be picked up thousands of miles away which is typical for global news these days.  After three hours, this is what has shown up as news, only three stories:

More are finally showing up most of which are local news.  The mainstream news has to figure out how to pitch this story before reporting it as political dictates.  Will it make people more sympathetic to Trump while the DNC desperately lunges at him, trying to destroy him?


HAHAHA.  Bilderberg news is focused like a laser on attacking Trump and attacking Rand Paul, too.

There are endless stories doing this.  The NY Times is in full hysteria right now!




HAHAHA.  I am seriously going to laugh to death now!  Damn!  So, George Soros himself, that old devil, wants to destroy Mark Zuckerberg!  This is so delicious.  Why?


Because Zuckerberg will ‘get good business’ if he is in control of Facebook!  Soros wants to bankrupt Facebook while attacking Trump and Trump supporters. This is the Soros ‘get woke/go broke’ business model.  HAHAHA.


So, time for Zuckerberg to demand Soros be arrested for fraud?  I’m sure that making threats against Mark should trigger some army of lawyers working for Zuckerberg.  If I were him, I would be digging like crazy to take him down now.


Well, by making this a huge front page editorial at the evil NY Times, one of the slimiest newspapers on earth, so slimy birds protest if used as cage liners, this paper has thrown down the gauntlet now and is in collusion with Soros!  Just amazing news today.  I can’t resist laughing hard.  More NYT funny news:

So, Sanders loses to Trump, Trump gets fun times at the Super Bowl and…terrorists will take over Sesame Street which is in lower Manhattan, I kid you not, this is where it started in a group of brownstones back when I lived there and had my first child and could have put her on the show since I knew some of the staff back then.


Well, now it is run by lunatics who hate America.  Fun times for small children!  Everything is hilarious now.  Back to not funny news tomorrow.

Brexodus!  Love it.  The Bilderberg gang is spitting bullets now.  My stupid Senator Schumer:

He wants every Senator to explain why they are voting which is ridiculous.  All the DNC clowns can yap to their heart’s content but not forever.  We could lock them in a hospital and let them rage there while offering drugs to soothe them.


The saddest thing here is, we have heard these fools endlessly now.  Time to shut up.  But no, they want to continue whining…boo hoo hoo.  All the way home.



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4 responses to “Shoot Out At Mar-A-Lago And Soros Attacks Zuckerberg, Will Try To Destroy Facebook

  1. snoosebomb

    OT ; my nutty reasonable prediction , Hillary will have Sanders shot and she will blame Trump

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  3. Or Sanders will slip and fall on ice that doesn’t exist due to ‘global warming’ and crack his skull. Hillary will rush over to assist him, trip over him and break her skull on the ice and Prince Harry will come over and pose over their bodies while holding a rifle (like in Africa).

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