NASA Lies About Weather, The Sun, Everything Now

A blast from the past, this amusing cartoon is from 2017!

NASA continues to push the fake global warming scam.  Because it is going below zero F tomorrow, I decided to get very angry and attack NASA.  My dad is one of the founding fathers of NASA and I grew up inside the astronomer side of the government systems and know a lot about space, observatories, climate and what scientists say to each other at home and at work, being there, all ears, since birth.


NASA is now run by ideological idiots who think we are going to roast to death even as our local star, as my astronomer grandfather used to call the sun, our local star has cut down on its energy output and things are rapidly getting colder now.  I am bringing up the 2017 cartoon by Scott Adams to illustrate how NASA has jumped the shark and flipped out:

If you click on the above answer by Michael Mann, you can see his Twitter thread about Dilbert making fun of him.  It is shocking reading, Mann has no sense of humor like all good SJW communists.  It is an eye opener, indeed.  Here is the official NASA story about ‘climate change’ being ‘preventable’ which is utterly insane:


In the absence of major action to reduce emissions, global temperature is on track to rise by an average of 6 °C (10.8 °F), according to the latest estimates.


It is falling.  Proof is everywhere.  Snow in places where it never snows, for example, is an excellent way to see it in action.


Some scientists argue a “global disaster” is already unfolding at the poles of the planet; the Arctic, for example, may be ice-free at the end of the summer melt season within just a few years.


For the last 30 years they have predicted there will be no ice at the North Pole any day now.  Every year, they shove it forwards with the same lunatic prediction that never happens.


Yet other experts are concerned about Earth passing one or more “tipping points” – abrupt, perhaps irreversible changes that tip our climate into a new state.


We are on the downslope of the Interglacial.  We are not seeing hotter weather.  All Interglacials are very short and all Ice Ages are very long.  There is no disputing this fact so…these fake scientists simply don’t mention this troubling detail.  Now on to the fake graphs they love to shove into our faces:

NASA is filled to the gills with radicals who hate civilization and use open lies to spook people into committing economic and social suicide.  The above graph from NASA is fake.  The red line that is, is fake.  The yellow line is exactly what the real temperature line should show: the peak temperatures of the last 100 years was from 1925-1950, it declined rapidly in the 1960’s and then went up a little bit in the 1990’s and now has been dropping for the last ten years!


I know this due to being alive since 1950!  I remember deep in Arizona on the border of Mexico, in the early 1960’s it began to snow…a lot!  Snow then vanished after 1980 and now…it is snowing frequently in the desert again, exactly like in the 1960’s.


More frightful, it is snowing in the Sahara Desert!  Turkey is buried in snow this week.  Saudi Arabia has repeated snow storms this winter.  It snowed in New Delhi, India, too, this month.  This isn’t ‘global warming’ unless half of the planet isn’t planet earth!


NASA has decided that if they make fake graphs, this makes global warming real.  It was way below 0F here on my mountain this last week and tomorrow it will be below 0F again.  This is not ‘global warming’ because my mountain is part of the globe and to be ‘global’ something has to be literally ‘global’ not ‘well, I live where it is warm so the entire planet is warm’ sort of ‘global’.


Globalists in the Bilderberg gang do love to attack people claiming ‘it doesn’t have to be global to be global’ and that it is all about statistics and charts.  Well, they make these stupid charts and…they are very poor at being honest about the underlying data they use.  If you use fake data you get fake graphs and charts.


No. The Sun can influence the Earth’s climate, but it isn’t responsible for the warming trend we’ve seen over the past few decades. The Sun is a giver of life; it helps keep the planet warm enough for us to survive. We know subtle changes in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun are responsible for the comings and goings of the ice ages. But the warming we’ve seen over the last few decades is too rapid to be linked to changes in Earth’s orbit, and too large to be caused by solar activity.


We do not know that ‘a subtle change in earth’s orbit’ causes Ice Ages.  I believe that the sun’s energy output shifts due to various causes we still don’t understand, it could be the vicinity of certain stars near our solar system causing disturbances that cause the sun’s output of energy to rise or drop off.


ALL Ice Ages end suddenly.  The hike in temperatures is gigantic.  Also, all Ice Ages end suddenly only when it is the coldest.  So, it is very, very, very cold and suddenly it gets very much warmer.  Also, all warm cycles are warmest right after the end of an Ice Age so the Egyptian Warm Cycle was warmer than the Minoan Warm Cycle which was warmer than the Roman Warm Cycle which was warmer than the Medieval Warm Cycle…etc.


One of the “smoking guns” that tells us the Sun is not causing global warming comes from looking at the amount of the Sun’s energy that hits the top of the atmosphere. Since 1978, scientists have been tracking this using sensors on satellites and what they tell us is that there has been no upward trend in the amount of the Sun’s energy reaching Earth.


I hate stupid astronomers.  This pisses me off.  I was born literally in an observatory and though I am not an astronomer, I grew up in a household run by astronomers and lived next to or literally inside observatories (my parents had seven kids and allowed me to live in the observatory for my own peace and quiet).


1978 is when the present mini-warm cycle began!!!  The sun was putting out more energy!!!!  DUH!!!  How very clever of these idiots to use that date as the beginning of their stupid system explaining the weather.  Why did the cold cycle of the 1960-1980 happen?  Eh????  They won’t say because they are liars and con artists.


A second smoking gun is that if the Sun were responsible for global warming, we would expect to see warming throughout all layers of the atmosphere, from the surface all the way up to the upper atmosphere (stratosphere). But what we actually see is warming at the surface and cooling in the stratosphere. This is consistent with the warming being caused by a build-up of heat-trapping gases near the surface of the Earth, and not by the Sun getting “hotter.”


The higher atmosphere is cooling off due to a drop in solar energy!!!!  I am very pissed off now.  The surface WAS ‘warmer’ for a while but in the last decade, it has been obviously much colder.  Winters are getting significantly worse.  The oceans now are beginning the cool, the southern hemisphere oceans are definitely cooling off now which is why Australia is dry.


When temperatures were stable, these fake scientists claimed it was getting hotter and now that it is obviously cooling off which is why snow is falling regularly in the Sahara Desert each winter, these clowns claim it is getting hotter which has to be fake because a hotter climate does not have blizzards in Saudi Arabia and Baja California at the same time at opposite ends of the globe.


The present ‘unusual’ (another lie!) solar activity energy output isn’t unusual at all, it happens all the time.  The ‘cooling’ part of the cycle takes a decade to show up as very cold.  The only other thing that cools the planet and can do it suddenly are volcanic eruptions.


These cause huge plunges in warmth because it isn’t mere solar reduction of energy to the surface, it prevents actual light to show up, period, trees stop growing, crops fail, it is a catastrophe for everyone on earth.  This is not like the sun stopping sun spot activity which is much more subtle.

NOAA’s ocean temperature map is interesting.  Zero to little solar energy is hitting the oceans at the North Pole including UNDER ICE.  Hudson Bay is covered with ice as is most of the Great Lakes!  Note the blue line beginning to well up across the Pacific Ocean from Chile heading towards Asia: la Nina is growing, this is a cold cycle, not an el Nino warm cycle.


Note nearly the entire Southern Hemispheric oceans are colder than normal and it is SUMMER going into Fall there.  Why is it, when the sun shone nonstop on Antarctica, the oceans remained stubbornly cold?  The white line at the bottom is the ice sheet around Antarctica.  It isn’t melting.


Hot or cold oceans has a lot to do with the living Earth: geological forces.  We sit on this ball of lava.  Lava is very hot.  Periodically, it erupts via volcanoes.  These change the climate, too.  All this is very simple to understand but won’t be understood by propagandists seeking government money.


Note how Baja California is surrounded by very cold water.  It is snowing in Baja California and these are connected.  The huge snow storms this year moving across the US from Baja California and then up through Arizona/Mexico to Texas and scooting along cold fronts up to New England and then across the Atlantic Ocean to hit poor flooded England: this is all due to cold water off of Baja California, not global warming.

Indonesia is surrounded by cold water and look:

I guessed right: rainy season is in the summer, not the winter.

It is supposed to be bone dry right now in Indonesia.  Less than an inch of rain at any time.  Cooling cycles are all about more rain and snow and and warm cycles see more droughts.  In the Midwest this week, they are being flooded by endless storms.

Sure enough, we are seeing floods repeatedly in the Midwest as the climate cools.  England is being flooded, too.  I remember this happening back in the 1960s and 1970s which is why I am certain this is global cooling at work.


What annoys me no end is how this stupid propaganda is destroying science.  Anyone disputing the data and evidence with the government agents and the Bilderberg gangsters are called ‘climate deniers’ while the people flinging derogatory names are all ‘climate LIARS.’

This is North America this morning.  Much of the continent is buried in ice.  This is, of course, Canada and the Northeast and Northwest I am talking about, the same places where glaciers rule during Ice Ages.  Storms running up and along this cold northern ice sheet are very wet and will cause floods where there isn’t a layer of ice and snow.  Little of this ice is melting, far from it, the temperatures will go below zero again tomorrow.



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20 responses to “NASA Lies About Weather, The Sun, Everything Now

  1. Zeke

    Funny Dilbert cartoon. Made me laugh.
    Many a true word spoken in jest.
    Dilbert and both “The Office” versions show office life – as I also experienced it.

  2. Jim R

    Move on down to Occupied Mexico, then!

    No snow down here.

    ELAINE: it is snowing in Mexico.

  3. Petruchio

    Do they still worry about the Ozone Layer? They used to warn us peons about the soon-to-disappear Ozone Layer. And this was all supposedly caused by people using aerosol sprays, like women who were using hair spray.

  4. Moe

    @1 Zeke

    The key to the cartoon is the second-last panel. Running filtered climate models through known faulted economic models is guaranteed to produce false results (how would one do that anyway?). Adams was not making his observation in jest, he has made this same observation on his YouTube channel, in fact he has declared his lack of faith in economic models and Adams has an economics degree.

    On ‘Climate Change’, AKA Climate Warming, Adams has a nuanced perspective, balancing the arguments of both sides, and I don’t recall him arriving at a determination.

  5. Jim R

    @Pet #3,

    No, they have ‘cured’ the ozone layer. Or at least, the ozone is back — in fact, I have seen articles claiming that this is a bad thing (TM). Can’t recall for what reason it is bad. Whether this recovered ozone layer is a result of any environmental regulation (starting back in the ’70s), or whether the earth’s ozone goes through natural cycles we do not understand, I do not know.

    But, I have read that the ozone is back, and the wicked ‘ozone hole’ is much smaller now.

  6. Zeke

    Ozone in the breathable atmosphere is a pollutant.

    O3 is a highly unstable tri-atomic molecule. It ‘wants’ to get rid of its 3rd Oxygen atom and return to the stable O2 form. The extra O molecule attaches to something else it comes in contact with. It’s caustic, and oxygenates or burns what it contacts. Eyes, lungs, skin, etc.

    At the stratospheric level, there is little for O3 to interact with (in the absence of some aerosols, etc.) so its caustic aspect is not a problem.
    O3 at the stratospheric (ozonosphere) level acts to block some of the Sun’s radiation waves.

    So – the same O3 molecule is harmful at the breathable atmosphere level and helpful (essential?) in the higher atmosphere. Thus the sometime confusion.

    The Montreal Protocols 1987 et seq, (a sort of international treaty but not really) banned chloro-flouro carbons as used as refrigerants, in air conditioning, and in aerosols as these were seen as interacting with and depleting the ozone in the upper atmosphere.

    That was international cooperation that may have solved the problem. Of course, opponents may say that is a hoax – but they say everything is a hoax.

  7. Shawntoh


    I was skeptical at first and then I found this…

    Saint Catherine in Egypt had snow on January 10, 2020. Here are the photos…

    Saint Catherine has the highest mountain in Egypt and the rest of Egypt experienced heavy rains at that time.


  8. Jim R

    yesyesyes, Zeke, I know what ozone is.

    of course, it is also a (minor) greenhouse gas. not important because of its short half-life in the air.

    at sea level, it is a pungent acrid component of smog — stray hydrocarbons create ozone and nitrogen dioxide as byproducts as they react with oxygen and sunlight.

    like I said, there was some notion floating around that the high altitude ozone was produced by some naughty human activity, but can’t recall the connection. the bad old freon has all dissipated, apparently.

    and there are a few eccentric individuals who run small ozone generators in their homes. they think it freshens the air —

  9. Yes, smog is bad. Part of making the air less smoggy and with people heating homes with other energy systems instead of wood and coal, there is a great deal more sunshine so….SUNSHINE makes things WARMER!

    Who would have imagined that!!! HAHAHA. Sheesh, these ‘scientists’ piss me off more and more every day. Now that we don’t have thick smoke over our cities, they are now hotter and thinking this is due to us exhaling CO2 is pure lunacy.

  10. Zeke

    Except you got it backwards. It wasn’t that high altitude ozone was being “created” by human activity.
    Rather, that human activity was DEPLETING the high altitude ozone layer, creating or enlarging a ‘hole in the ozone layer’ thus not acting as a shield but letting more of the sun’s rays and energy to bombard the earth’s surface and creating more ground level ozone. Cloro floro hydrocarbons were blamed. The Montreal Protocol, etc. banned them for most uses.
    Ozone can be created in a lab environment by bombarding a closed clear glass container of the O2 in ordinary air with ultraviolet light. Glass, stainless steel and teflon is used because they will resist the corrosive effects of O3. O3 will eat thru rubber and most fabrics, etc.

    Anyone who is considering generating O3 in a home environment outside of a lab would be making a BIG mistake. They will pay with their health and ultimately with their lives.

  11. Jim R

    yesyesyes, Zeke, I know what ozone is.

    and I didn’t get it backwards, but you are apparently conceptually challenged. I’m not going to repeat, and I don’t have a handy link to the article. like I said, the bad old freon is gone.

    as for those home generators, they don’t make very much O₃.

    Elaine, one of the biggest causes of smog in Los Angeles was car exhaust. they are never quite 100% efficient. but the LA smog is much less now, thanks to modern fuel injection, electronic ignition, and catalytic mufflers.

    as for the CO₂, it is still a scatterer of infrared. the work of the 19th century scientists was not wrong. but of course, the effect is slight, and the globalists’ hysteria about it is essentially religious in nature. also of course, the high priests of this religion think it does not apply to them. . .

  12. Zeke

    no,no,no Jim R – you did get it backwards. You are incapable of admitting you were wrong.

    Here’s a direct quote of what you wrote: “… I said, (which you didn’t say, btw) there was some notion floating around that the high altitude ozone was produced by some naughty human activity, but can’t recall the connection ….. ”

    That’s backwards. The high altitude O3 was not being produced by human activity. It was being depleted by human activity. (Release of aerosols and refrigerant gases rising up to ozonosphere.)

    You seems to have a bloated ego problem whereby you can’t admit you were wrong along with a lack of veracity problem whereby the truth doesn’t mean much to you.
    You are more deserving of our pity than our dislike.

  13. Zeke

    It’s a topic on conversation on the streets and in stores: ‘What happened to winter?’

    No snow. I never used my snow shovels. Never wore my winter coat even! Temp. was 60°F a couple of days ago! Upper 40°s is common now.

    Some meteorologist on Internet are claiming that this exceptionally mild winter has more to do with the jet stream (settling in to a locked pattern over a longer period of time) than with ‘climate change.’

    And ‘individual results may vary’ in that outside the jet stream affected area the weather can be a completely different story.

    So, adjacent to the jet stream a person might experience winter as living in a snow globe atop a mountain. They’re not nuts; their winter experience is different maybe due to the localized effects of where the jet stream settles in.

  14. AND in many many many places it has been record cold, blizzards nearly nonstop and a terrible time and this covers many many many thousands of miles of the planet’s surface.

    Congratulations on being warm. Move a short distance away, turn northwards to see what an Ice Age looks like. And yes, in North America, this is all about the jet stream.

    It does ‘settle into place’ regularly and then slips eastwards (westwards in the southern half of the planet) across the Atlantic Ocean to Eurasia.

  15. Jim R

    Here’s an interesting article. The comments are hilarious..
    I wonder if Greta likes to ski?

  16. She melts snow wherever she goes! Sort of like Satan.

  17. Zeke

    As sort of mentioned here. She’s an angry puppet of her parents. It’s a form of child abuse.

  18. Lou

    rich guy is moving toward Canadian border…someone mentions,

    Outdoor farming above 40 degrees latitude will be difficult in a grand solar minimum

  19. Today it actually got above freezing finally! Amazing, the ice hasn’t melted but the snow has…

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