Collapse Of Face Mask Availability: China Produces Most Used In World


Global Surgical Mask Shortage Spells Doom For U.S. Amid Coronavirus Pandemic — TAIWAN CUTS OFF EXPORTING MASKS, THAILAND LIMITS EXPORTS!!

China produces roughly 50% of all face masks in the world.  Now, exporting these is impossible. Either they are being used up inside China or the factories must close due to the coronavirus hysteria.  On top of this, many are now suspicious that the Chinese government’s secret labs near where the virus began, might have created this monster infection.


BREAKING NEWS (if real): Chinese news reports that production of the masks is soaring now, this news came in just in the last 2 hours after I wrote this story today:

This is also reason #1,000,000,000 why exporting production is suicidal.  This removal of industries to China to exploit cheap labor was engineered by our own rulers, the Bilderberg gang.  I was host to the very first Chinese student delegations sent to America.  I also had one Chinese professor live with me, too.


I watched close up how they discussed how to take over all systems.  They were all very enthusiastic about ‘free trade’ and how ‘capitalism’ works, I gave them discussions about all this but above all, I showed them how all this works in the real world, allowing Sheng in particular, who became the person in control of Shanghai trade systems, how trade works in NY harbor and the many businesses there.


If factories in China continuously fail to operate at full strength, the global supply chain for even the most specialized products would cause large-scale global disruption.  At any given time, these countries could easily cut off the U.S. supply chain, leaving Ameritech Prestige as the last line of America’s defense amid biological warfare.


And that happens to be the plan!  Only something bad happened inside China.  China’s government is on the verge of collapse now.  Far from being more secure, they are suddenly exposed.  If the Chinese begin to suspect this plague happened due to playing with the genetics of diseases of bats in a research facility really close to the market where this started, heads will literally roll.


“We make 7 percent of the [global] mask supply,” Bowen explained on Steve Bannon’s “War Room: Pandemic” podcast. “China has steadily been taking away our mask business. In a few years, it will all be owned by China – they sell the mask for less than I can buy the material.


The government of China subsidizes all this precisely so they can undercut competition.  This is illegal in the US but legal in China.  This is very deliberate, too.


“America’s hospitals want to save money. The way America’s hospitals buy products – it’s all rigged. GPO, group purchasing organization, bid these things out. They’re looking for the low price, that’s China. That’s why all this happening.”


The fact that police and male gangs are running riot in China, attacking the Chinese people is not going unnoticed.  Word gets out!  Overseas Chinese pass information to inside Chinese.  It gets much worse:

This ‘buy only on time, don’t store stuff’ is stupid.  Ask any squirrel.  One always has to prepare for the possibility of disruptions due to weather, volcanoes, riots, wars, etc.


China currently produces approximately 600,000 of N95 masks daily, according to figures from the Ministry of Industry. Hospitals do not stockpile these high-quality masks and typically have enough to last just two weeks.


“We are not the only manufacturer of N95s,” Bowens said. “We are the only surgical mask manufacturer still left in the USA –that’s no small thing because the N95 supply rests on the foundation of the surgical mask supply and if it collapses the N95 supply will immediately collapse.”


Trump was attacked nonstop by the Bilderberg gang in Congress and media when he tried to stop China from destroying all our industries.  They even accused Trump of treason of all things and tried to impeach him again and again.  They still scream they will impeach him, soon.


These same clowns are responsible for our massive trade deficit and our loss of US jobs and loss of control of what we use every day to keep our systems running.  This is treason, as I keep pointing out.

Death with dignity is code for killing patients.


Not content with simply making life very dangerous and difficult, the Democrats now want to kill us all off when they think it is time for us to go.  This is a real issue.  It is also Hitlerian.  The Nazis believed the Master Race should eliminate the less useful humans.  The very first people gassed in gas chambers happened before WWII.


The Nazis went to the mental hospitals and literally murdered people with brain damage or inherited mental health issues!  The definition of who gets gassed then grew and grew and grew until millions of people were being gassed.  This is called ‘the slippery slope’.

Athiest Dawkins Says ‘Eugenics Would Work’

Misunderstanding evolution, the difference is obvious to me: evolution works via the struggle to have babies and raise them to be adults who then can mate with others.  It is free choice: female birds examine male birds to see if they are fit mates by having the males dance, build nests, sing to them, bring them food.


This is all a big test to see if the male will work as a fit mate and keep the babies alive and well.  Weak babies die due to no one able to stop this.  I do say, mother animals do trie hard as possible to save their babies and are very upset when they fail.


This is why, when my sheep had babies in distress, the Mistress of the flock and the upset mother (yes, sheep do have leaders!) would seek me out, baaaaaing loudly and frantically and then lead me to the trapped lambie.


Wild sheep can’t do this so they endure the loss of their young with stoicism.  But when able to get humans to help, wild animals do like this.  Wild elephants are known to be happy when humans pull their babies out of pits in Africa, for example.

Far from ‘survival of the fittest’ elephants want to cooperate and interact to save the helpless.

Dawkins worked hard to dig himself out of the hole he put himself.  No elephants around to save him, though.


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2 responses to “Collapse Of Face Mask Availability: China Produces Most Used In World

  1. Zeke

    Last week I bought some at the “Dollar Store” – just in case.

    Probably don’t do much good but probably won’t do harm – and blister pack only cost $1. So …..

  2. lou

    99 cent store…some things from there are good but thier rubber gloevs and other, not so good.

    meanwhile, former Pfizer VP has wiki page removed over epidemic,

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