Victoria’s Secret Going Bankrupt Due To Thefts

One of the many things being utterly destroyed by SJW politics and the double standard/silly stuff this movement represents is fashion designs.  Fashions grow increasingly ugly and are imitating the worse impulses and worse sexuality of prostitution/cheap bar performances.  I did stripping many, many years ago.  We dressed to the nines and would then strip down, we didn’t look like cheap whores and then look even cheaper.  Well, fashion in general is collapsing like so many other systems now.


Victoria’s Secrets is going to stop selling at malls?  Like Apple stores, Victoria’s Secrets is attacked in malls frequently by mainly black robbers because it is easy to sell in the streets.  These stores are run by liberals so this means the liberals are helpless babies when it comes to security systems.  They are terrified of irritating black criminals in particular so black criminals visit Starbucks and these stores, for example, frequently.  White criminals do this, too because once a business decides it is evil to stop black criminals  they usually fail to stop any criminals and eventually go bankrupt or close their doors except to people making appointments.


Sycamore Partners is expected to buy 55% of Victoria’s Secret and take the struggling business private, the people said. L Brands LB, +0.00%   is expected to keep a 45% stake in the separate company, which will include the Pink chain. After shedding several brands in recent years, L Brands’ operations would be reduced to running the Bath & Body Works chain.


The stupid ‘fashion shows’ run by this once-fine store that sold cute stuff to young ladies seeking to be viewed as sex objects but now the fierce feminism has taken over and the army of gay guys working for the organization are more focused on S&M not ‘cute little chick hoping to attract male attention.’  So all the models look like dominatrix who can’t wait to rip a man’s little man off and laugh demonically while doing this.

All strippers know that a great way to not make money is to do the evil female dominatrix.  Pretending to be shy, looking surprised that one is stripping off clothing, accidentally losing things to the audience (kicking an item off the stage always does that little trick…oh god, reliving the past…) playing coy equals big fat tips!


Want to make money?  Play a game of making men look like heroes not zeroes works!  Never fails.  So, the models now look like starving steel workers who hate men and voila: business goes to the dogs and monkeys.  The other thing is theft.  Victoria’s Secrets stopped arresting shoplifters so these now steal everything all the time.



These videos are from various years.  It is a great model to show people how to not run a store.  It is obvious that the stores need very heavy security.  But that costs money.  In the past, I explained why the business model of selling stripper/streetwalker gear in the open so that ladies of the night can steal it more easily was a bad business plan.  Streetwalkers are already criminals so they don’t think twice about doing even more crimes!  Duh!


Wig sellers have the same problems.  So do drug stores.  Recently, giant chains like Walmart are taken to task for preventing black women from stealing hair junk:

Black women know very well, the reason the black products are locked up: the theft rate is very high!  Playing the innocent is deliberate by these women who know perfectly well why this is done.  This annoys me no end.  Mainstream media lets black women get away with this fraud.  In the above video, the black ladies being interviewed were all utter liars.  When the video overvoice stridently says ‘all electronics are locked up, too, ‘ this is being disingenuous.


All sorts of people try to steal electronic stuff!  But no whites want to steal black hair stuff.  And it seems few people are stealing ‘white’ hair stuff.


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4 responses to “Victoria’s Secret Going Bankrupt Due To Thefts

  1. Kerry

    Oh I’m sure revealing what Victor’s secret was had something to do with it.

    The store was for drag queens, it was ALWAYS for drag queens.

    But this brings us back to markets. They aren’t real. This store brand is being ALLOWED to fail. The same way K Mart, Sears and other brands were allowed to fail.

    If they were still useful, they would move heaven and earth to keep them open. Like McDonalds. A lot of brainwashing and other infrastructure involved with McDonalds that they don’t want to lose. So they prop it up no matter how it wilts.

  2. Petruchio

    I wonder how many Hetero women understand just how much Gay men HATE them! Gay men being friends with hetero women makes as much sense as a member of the KKK being best pals with a Black Civil Rights leader. The gay guys think it’s really funny to have a hetero female as a “friend”.

  3. Petruchio

    I read an article that said theft was a big problem at The Home Depot stores too. It’s a sign of the economy. People can’t afford stuff, some of these people will just STEAL it.

  4. Yup. Theft happens when you cut staff. I remember when Home Depot had more staff.

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