Washington Post Wants To Kill Democratic Voting Entirely, Replace With Rich Bilderberg Elites Choosing Candidates Instead

The DNC leaders allowed a man with zero primary votes to be in last night’s ‘debate.’  There is no ‘debate’ there is ‘do we agree on everything?’ debate.  The DNC race is based 100% on offers of goodies to voters.  Meanwhile, now that Trump isn’t being impeached by politicians, he is releasing prisoners just like Obama. When Obama did this, the Democrats and Bilderberg gang cheered.  When Trump does this, they go crazy and scream about ‘law and order’, this from people running cities into the ground due to encouraging criminals to run riot.


BREAKING NEWS: The Washington Post changed the headline of its demand we have no more voting in primaries:

HAHAHA. It is hilarious how mainstream media lies and lies and lies.  Changing a story midstream like this while not explaining why is funny.


Azari then suggests preference primaries, a process by which voters would rank candidates they prefer, but that elites would ultimately decide moves forward to the nomination.


Hello!  This is exactly how communist ‘elections’ are run!  Duh.  California already is trying out ballots whereby the two top primary candidates are on the ballot but if the Republican candidate has fewer votes in the GOP primary, they are left off the ballot!  This is true communism at work.


“Preference primaries could allow voters to rank their choices among candidates, as well as to register opinions about their issue priorities — like an exit poll, but more formal and with all the voters,” Azari wrote. “The results would be public but not binding; a way to inform elites about voter preferences.”


Good lord…these are naked communism dictatorship talking points.  The public can react but they have no say, the elites decide what to do and has zero reason to reflect what the voters claim they want!  HAHAHA, again: we are seeing naked communists desperate to destroy democracy and simple voting systems.


The point is to build a way for party elites to understand what their base is thinking, and to allow them to bargain so that these different preferences and priorities can be balanced.”


‘Balance’ is commie speak for ‘We tell you what to do and if you starve or freeze to death, too bad.  Die!’  The ‘balancing’ act by the elites of the DNC will be all about what they desire, not what voters want or wish.  Since the jet set/mansion living elites want to cut us off from fossil fuels while they, themselves, get to be energy gluttons, we can voice our desires and they will ignore our desires.


All communist regimes are run this way.  The communist leaders are fat, happy, comfortable, have everything they desire and their own people starve and freeze to death.  These brutal, dictatorial monsters are running the DNC now and are angry that Sanders is a real ‘communist’ instead of an ‘elitist communist’ like they are.


Now on to Roger Stone: the trial was a farce, the judge was unfair, the jury was rigged, time to pull the plug on that mess.  I actually want this to go to the Supreme Court and have the legal business judged and the criminals, that is, the State that prosecuted Stone, be put in prison eventually.  But poor Roger is quite elderly and we do have to take into consideration his advanced age.

The elites framing him are very sick puppies.  They cannot imagine this boomeranging on themselves.

DEEP STATE GETS COLD FEET: Emergency Meeting of Federal Judges Over Barr and Trump Indefinitely Postponed After Group Called Out by Trump

These DNC judges were about to go out on a limb in order to stomp on the elderly man but I think they got cold feet.  Trump dared them to do this and do it illicitly which is how the DNC operates.  But Trump is popular and they are not popular so I expect them to back off now.  This won’t stop Trump, he wants to take down the judge and the head of the jury and send them to prison and I agree 100%.


What they did with this rigged trial was a crime.  Aside from elder abuse, it was politically designed and motivated and its goal was to destroy the conservative movement and like with the Sandman child, was a warning to all that cross the DNC and you will be framed, abused in public, humiliated and even killed.


This sort of disgusting abuse is now how the DNC operates openly and they have no idea how bad they are and how this can backfire on themselves.


The ’emergency meeting’ of federal judges to discuss the intervention by Attorney General William Barr in the sentencing of Roger Stone and President Trump’s criticism of the proposed sentence was indefinitely postponed Wednesday. The teleconference meeting of the leadership of the 1,100 member Federal Judges Association, comprised of sitting federal judges, was originally set for Tuesday, then was put off a day until Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. EST. The group’s president, Judge Cynthia Rufe (a Bush 43 appointee), had initially said the meeting “could not wait” until the FJA annual meeting in April.


These stupid female judges clearly show how their female feelings, not legal rules, is paramount.  How dare they do this!  How dare they use their silly goose feelings to put an innocent man in prison.  The way this elderly man was arrested was a crime and I said so at the time he was viciously abused while being arrested before the crack of dawn.

Trump pokes these frantic female lunatic judges in passing to their great annoyance. Arrest them all, just arrest them, at dawn, in their nightgowns, all these crazy females.  Talking about crazy people, the Boy Scouts has finally died thanks to liberals and gays.


The Boy Scouts of America, one of the country’s most venerable youth organizations, has filed for bankruptcy protection as former Scouts sue over past sexual abuse and the nonprofit’s legal fees climb.


Filed early Tuesday in Delaware, the Boy Scouts’ long-rumored Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition comes as the organization faces a wave of lawsuits from scores of men who say they were abused as children in Scouting programs after several states — including Pennsylvania and New Jersey — broadened or eliminated their statutes of limitations for child sex-abuse crimes.


Around 100% of the sex allegations against Boy Scouts are lodged due to homosexual abuse of young boys.  The Boy Scouts sought to fix this by…


In recent years, the organization has moved to broaden membership, opening its doors to openly gay scouts, openly gay scout leaders, and girls.


Doing it openly didn’t work, either.  Pushing girls into Boy Scouts didn’t work.  Duh.  They just wanted this all to die off totally.  All that business about how to fold a flag or do patriotic ceremonies, down the drain and not one liberal cried one tear about this.  Nay, they celebrate mainly people who stomp on the flag, burn the flag, boast about their wild sex lives, yes, killing off movies, sports, comics, schools, etc. is going to work just great in the long run.


All this reminds me of the Decline and Fall of Rome.


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3 responses to “Washington Post Wants To Kill Democratic Voting Entirely, Replace With Rich Bilderberg Elites Choosing Candidates Instead

  1. AT

    Blagovich got his sentence commuted, dutifully thanked Trump, and then proceeded to trash the criminal justice system and our system of (semi) independent investigation and prosecution. He sounded unrepentant and like the same scumbag we heard on tape eight years ago. Nice one.

  2. And Hillary runs around whining and isn’t in prison, too. HELLO, I hope you see reality some day. I will also note many here and elsewhere constantly claim the justice system is crummy. Liberals, in particular, want riots and crime to flourish while at the same time, demanding all sorts of liberal laws be fiercely punishing people who say the wrong words like calling a man dressed poorly as ‘female’ ‘sir’. Oh, that gets you severely punished!

  3. You lose your job if you use the wrong pronoun! In liberal countries like Canada, YOU GO TO JAIL for using the wrong pronouns!!!

    Damn, liberals are nuts.

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