Democrats Want To Destroy America Strangle Coal, Oil, Gas

It is going down to zero F tonight on my mountain which is very cold for so close to Ground Hog Day.  The elites are still pushing the global warming scam uphill.  They plan to fly all over the earth, howling with rage and fear that we are roasting to death.  Meanwhile, the planet and the sun and the cosmos refuses to cooperate so the ‘scientists’ are forced to up the lying to the point of collapse of the entire system of ‘science’ which is criminal.


The globe above shows ocean temperatures.  A lot of the very warm ocean waters are actually quite cold just warmer cold than normal.   But do note the swash of deep blue very cold water running exactly next to the hottest water on earth: the Gulf Stream running up along the East Coast.


Note how both are intermixed!  This is causing huge storms to strengthen greatly and then hammer Canada and England.  Right now, floods are continuing and worsening in England:

It is astonishing, how much rain is falling in England.  But if we look at the globe below, we see right where the Gulf Stream/cold upwelling is happening is where vast storms running from the Gulf of California all the way to London, England, carves heavy rain across the planet.


This is not ‘global warming’ this is a pattern familiar to me from the 1960-1980.  During that time, I lived in Arizona, California, Kansas, Germany and New York.  I saw the strange weather in all these places with the overall effect being…VERY WET.  Yes, floods in Arizona, no less, and snow like we see this last three years there.


Here is another view of this stream of wet, wet weather:

Mr. Heller has many graphs and charts and archived material about this weather pattern we are now in which is very much like the earlier cold cycle 30 years ago.  The NY Times in 2014:

Our winters were supposed to be shorter and shorter.  Instead, they are longer and longer.  We had blizzards in October three years in a row up where I live.  We had blizzards in April, too!  We have an extended ‘warm’ period in midwinter which happened in the 1970’s, too.


Instead of drying up like the 1930’s warm cycle, we see the classic cooling/wet weather like the last cold cycle.  Why ‘scientists’ can’t see this is obvious: they are literally paid to NOT see this and to instead, lie about all this.  Lying about obvious weather is a sign of either insanity or corruption and in this case, it is definitely corruption.


The very rich know perfectly well what is happening.  But they want to exploit global warming fears to maintain power and even destroy the working class who are being beggared by global warming taxes and rules.  Thus, the riots and marches in places like France.  There was a huge march in France today…and only Russia carried the news.

I am amazed how thoroughly this news is hidden in the so-called first world countries!  Over the last year, I have watched in horror as the French uprising has been mostly hidden from view.  Far from once a week, it is now daily.  And hidden every day, too.

And Australia is eliminating all coal power while Asia doubles down.  So much for ‘global warming’.  Asian governments cheerfully demand the US and Europe and Australia cease using coal.  This is dangerous and insane.  As well as suicidal.


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9 responses to “Democrats Want To Destroy America Strangle Coal, Oil, Gas

  1. Ken

    On the whole (and ignoring current temperatures), this winter in the Midwest has been milder than in the recent past. According to some stories I’ve read on-line, most of the east coast has also been spared the brutal winters of the last couple of years.

    Elaine needs to move off of her mountain! She has chosen to live in a very cold place. Perhaps she could move to a nice warm weather state.

  2. epictetus

    Can confirm. Here in Southeast PA, we have had one of the mildest winters (2/3 done) in the last decade or so. Meaning very few days of extreme cold, and little snow or the typical nasty “wintry mix” of sleet and snow. Dare I say it’s been rather pleasant…so far.

  3. Both COASTS are fine…inland: Ice Age conditions. The newest blizzard is heading towards North Carolina and Virginia which were, until now, not so cold.

    See, your sliver of land on the coast is NOT THE WORLD. It is ‘local’. The idea that one’s home is the universe is amusing but not useful. There is no ‘GLOBAL warming’ there is lots of individual ‘local warming’ but this is offset by an awful lot of very dangerous weather. And tomorrow, it is going to cold again in Arizona’s southern half of the state.

    The northern half gets snow every year. The southern half should not. But now is. THAT is an indication of something getting colder as is the repeated snow storms in the Sahara Desert.

  4. epictetus

    “See, your sliver of land on the coast is NOT THE WORLD. It is ‘local’. The idea that one’s home is the universe is amusing but not useful. ”

    Who said that? I was merely commenting on the weather. And Ken reported that the midwest has been warm this winter, too. Your condescending response is insulting.

  5. HAHAHA. Define ‘Midwest’. It runs from the Gulf of Mexico to HUDSON BAY, you know, Canada, that is. All the ‘bread basket’ economies are in this long swath of land except up at Hudson Bay, of course.

  6. It it was warm in say, Arkansas, that is below the Ice Age cold line whereas Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota are in that death zone and…were very cold this year with an early winter. Also, look at my ‘freeze’ maps posted frequently this winter.

    Freezing weather all over except the very edge of the coastlines.

  7. lou

    is Pennsylvania the coast?

  8. EASTERN Pennsylvania is very close to the coastline. Very, very close. Just like southern Arizona is very close to the Gulf of California. My family used to drive down there to go sea fishing frequently when I was a child. It didn’t take very long to reach the ocean.

  9. I wonder, does anyone look at maps anymore? I love looking at maps of all sorts! I find this fascinating. Also, look at the pictures I post here. That helps greatly. You can see the ‘cold’ area on the maps is everywhere EXCEPT both coasts and of course, the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of California regions. It really helps to carefully examine what I post here. It is fun, too, I try my best to make it really really easy.

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