Liberals Ignore First Gay CIA Head, Liberals Also Ignore Coronavirus Dangers

Trump is full of surprises.  Right when the stupid idiots running the Mainstream Fake News and the SJW Democrats in Congress (and the several open communists) attacked Trump for being friends with Putin yet again, Trump trumps them all by appointing the very first OPENLY gay man to a high position in the government, to run the messed up CIA.  HAHAHA.  So, what did the gangsters running DC and NYC and California do?  Well…they refused to report this news!!!  HAHAHA.


Way down in the ninth paragraph, The Times wrote this: “Mr. Grenell, who has pushed to advance gay rights in his current post, is also thought to be the first openly gay cabinet member.”


Grenell is the first openly gay Cabinet member, period. Fact. And not even a hard fact to confirm.


The Washington Post also buried the historic news, and then didn’t even get it right. “Grenell would be the first openly gay member of the Trump Cabinet.” Uh, that would make him the first openly gay member of ANY Cabinet.


These idiots, these fools, these ignoramuses cannot report even the simplest news stories without changing it, dropping off important facts or openly lying about whatever it is.  This mental health issue is so vast and so terribly dangerous, they should be locked up in a hospital due to being able to start WWIII, for example, thanks to their paranoia and inability to see reality.


Now, they are openly attacking a gay man.  This exactly like when they attack Republican ladies for being Republicans.  Black Republicans are treated worse.  They are abused in astonishing ways, this includes open racial insults.  This is the rule of thumb: anyone of any sort who supports Trump is to be mindlessly attacked.


Little old ladies, elderly gentlemen, little black girls, big black men, young white teen girls, middle aged Asian men, puppies and guppies and toy poodles, whoever supports Trump is immediately and viciously attacked by the leftist piranhas.

Somehow, these rare fish live in South America, it appears many have managed to immigrate to the US over the last 200 years and terrorize us here.  They swim in special schools like ‘Yale’ and ‘Harvard’ which are secret fronts for the species to infiltrate and then attack.  Beware, you can tell by their very big eyes and sharp little teeth and they are short tempered so handle them with care.


Right now, these dangerous fish are attacking the Log Cabin Republicans:

Here is proof that fake news will not report real news:

Note that all the top stories but one mention ‘gay’ but the anti-gay (HAHAHA) New York Times refuses to use that forbidden word in their headline’s word salad!  I now must assume the NYT is anti-gay due perhaps all their Muslim staff?  How about it?  This is actually serious.  The Washington Post didn’t even bother with a headline, it is no-news to that no-brain paper.


As for the insane headlines about how Putin is Trump’s buddy in the showers, Trump answers that:

The DNC bots then flooded Trump’s twitter with the usual garbage they spew daily, all of which are lies or defamation of character which is the only thing the DNC gang knows how to do, they are utterly incompetent with the business of running cities or states they dominate.  This is now mental derangement of a high order.  Don’t arrest these lunatics, send ambulances for them.


The New York Times is the NY Slimes and got yet another ‘anonymous’ to ‘spill secrets’ and I want the entire CIA dismantled because it is now rendered utterly useless but then, I called for that in 1964, too.


Meanwhile, China is now in full economic collapse:

The coronavirus is hammering China’s economy.  Since we run a huge trade deficit with China, we get out of this on top of things and it reminds our politicians, we cannot export all our production, this is insane I have been against this since day one and it is about time people figure out the obvious.


The Coronavirus has now escaped controls in South Korea and is now spreading there:

This church where the virus hit believes in End of Times and expects this.  A lady there had a fever, refused to let anyone test her for the disease and thus, spread it inside the church.

We are in a dangerous situation here with the politicians in America playing stupid games with politics instead of cooperating with Trump on anything.  BORDER SECURITY is HUGE in an epidemic!!!  DUH.  Since the entire political base of the DNC are cities with serious financial and health problems already, hello!  They are the places where this disease will hit the hardest, too.


The Democrats have to stop worrying about political power and flying private jets while wailing about ‘global warming’ which isn’t happening and concentrate on the real danger to life and limb: colder climate conditions and plagues from hell.


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14 responses to “Liberals Ignore First Gay CIA Head, Liberals Also Ignore Coronavirus Dangers

  1. AT

    DNI is not DCI; that honor remains in the hands of Trump’s handler.

  2. Petruchio

    Why is his being Gay qualify him for ANYTHING? Grennell’s title will br “Acting Head of Intelligence”. It’s a quota system. You can’t discriminate against Gays, but you should hire them because they are??? What the HELL kind of sense does that make??

  3. Moe

    This is what we to look forward to if Pete ‘Buttplug’ is elected.

  4. epictetus

    @2 Petruchio

    Placing a homosexual in a prominent place of authority makes complete sense — if you look at it from the right perspective. If you want someone who’s completely blackmail-able, i.e., controllable, that’s your best choice . He’ll give Schlomo whatever he wants.

  5. You can’t blackmail someone who is out in the open. Sheesh.

  6. lou

    5–if they are not a pedophile, yes. My understanding is all of the beltway is compromised by mossad, etc.

    meanwhile, she wants to choose her critics.

  7. epictetus

    There’s a good chance that a person who has a deviant sexual practice (paraphilia) has other(s) too, esp. if they are someone who has been promoted up into positions of power. So while man-on-man anal intercourse may be quite admirable according to our present culture, some of those other deviant practices aren’t quite as celebrated or even accepted just yet.

  8. Petruchio

    @#5 Elaine: If the gay man likes little boys–like Republican Denny Hastert–they can STILL be blackmailed. Also: a Hetero married man caught on film cheating on his wife can still be used for blackmail. Maybe the Cheatin’ Hubby can’t afford a Divorce. Maybe he’s a “Family Values” type of image Politician. So just because Gays can now be openly Gay doesn’t mean they can’t be blackmailed.

  9. I am still 100% right: you can’t blackmail a gay man who has adult gay sex with adults and is even married, for example. That is plain silly. ANYONE can be ‘blackmailed’ but only if they are doing something ILLEGAL. This gay man working with Trump has nothing illegal in his record. See?

  10. Petruchio

    “I see”, said the blind man. As he picked up his hammer and saw.

  11. LOU

    This guy got so famous, fast,
    Despite a voice that sounds like Kermit the Frog and a tendency to cry uncontrollably on camera as if he’s had PMS for the past 40 years, Canadian academic Jordan Peterson was able to become internationally wealthy and famous because hordes of young men gullibly swallow his self-help advice like a gaggle of ducks gobbling down arsenic-laced croutons. And despite a reputation for tackling tough questions, he actually avoids them because he is to masculinity what Junior Samples was to physical fitness.

    His acolytes were undoubtedly shocked to learn a year ago that Peterson had entered rehab because he was so hopped-up on antidepressants and Klonopin that he could barely wipe himself. The level of betrayal they must have felt to learn that their self-help superstar had trouble helping himself was probably akin to the deep disappointment that millions of heavy-metal fans felt to realize that Judas Priest’s lead singer was gay.

    Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila—who wears skimpy tops and makes videos about eating meat—has announced that Western doctors didn’t have the “guts” to put her dad through a straight benzo detox. Instead, she and her husband had to shlep his weeping hulk to Russia:

    He was put into an induced coma for eight days and had the most horrific withdrawal I’ve ever read or heard about. He almost died from what the medical system did to him in the West….So, finally Dad is on the mend. His sense of humour is back. He’s smiling again for the first time in months, but he has a long way to go to recover fully. He spent four weeks in the ICU, he has neurological damage from the benzodiazepines, which is hopefully temporary….He’s still taking anti-seizure medication, and he can’t type or walk steadily yet. Still, this is a vast and rapid improvement./takimag

  12. Peterson NEVER EVER claimed he was perfect, far from it. He never claimed to be Superman. When one wants to learn about life, going to someone who has lived life and made mistakes is…how we learn.

    The far left has this thing about how they are always perfect even when they are utterly insane and doing goofy, stupid things.

  13. And they called themselves ‘the Village People’ due to living on the Lower East Side in Manhattan years ago. A number of them died of AIDS. The cast for that group has changed a dozen times over the years. The founder of the group died of AIDS.

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