Instead Of Warming, It Gets Colder And Is Almost March

North America is in the grip of cold that will last until into March.  This is no ordinary cold, it is super cold.  Last night on my mountain it was zero F.  Tonight is warmer…10F.  Good!  Record cold all over the place.  Along the fringe of the far south and West Coast, it will be warmish.  But as always, we see amazingly cold weather.  This winter set many records in Siberia, for example as well as the Sahara!  Nonetheless, the Bilderberg gang is doubling down on the global warming scam and all the DNC candidates are convinced we will roast to death.

Brutal Arctic Cold set to Engulf North America over the next 10 Days

19 Feb 2020 – Now, two more waves of anomalous Polar cold look set to sweep the continent in the final 10 days of February, 2020.  Over the past 7 days alone, the U.S. (CONUS) set a total of 600 new all-time cold records vs just the 239 for heat, according to the official data from filthy warm-mongers NOAA.


A lot of political power is focused on convincing fools that we will roast to death unless we tax CO2 so that peasants no longer can use it leaving it all for the very rich who fly private jets and live in gigantic multiple palaces.  This is class warfare taken to ancient levels set a thousand years ago.


And according to the map below, my old stomping grounds in Tucson, Arizona will see massive winter storms which are very unusual.  Spring is drought season in the Mojave Desert.

The above temperature maps show how very cold the entire continent is this week.  This is normal…for January.

All the readers of the weather news who lived in the Southeast were recently boasting about a ‘mild January’ well, cold January is back with a vengeance.  Here is news from England which is led by suicidal lunatics who believe we will all roast to death so people must freeze to death to save the earth:

They are also reducing to zero


Together with a mooted ban on gas-fired boilers and gas-fired cookers — both extremely popular in the country — the new, green-obsessed administration appears to be signalling that an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle and that his hearth now belongs to the government…it will hurt lots of rural households where the glow of a coal fire is still a welcome respite from the damp and misery of a country winter; and also working-class communities in areas like the north of England, where coal is still a source of convenient and cheap energy.


This push off the cliff nonsense will lead to open revolt.  People really, really, REALLY dislike freezing to death.  Also, starving to death is very unpopular.  If a population is disarmed by dictators, they will freeze and starve to death.  England recently disarmed nearly all the people trapped there so they can no longer fight the Government.  This is true in North Korea, for example.   And China.



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10 responses to “Instead Of Warming, It Gets Colder And Is Almost March

  1. timothy carroll

    England recently disarmed nearly all the people trapped there so they can no longer fight the Government. This is true in North Korea, for example. And China.


    Meanwhile, Creepy Uncle Joe has more plans for gun control. And his liberal supporters SCREAM for the government to confiscate all guns.

  2. Jim R

    and over in Europe, they are using freight helicopters to move loads of snow onto the trails at ski resorts because there isn’t any natural snow there now.

    @timothy carroll,
    Someone needs to ask creepy Uncle Joe what is the difference between a mass shooting that lasts 45 minutes with a couple dozen of victims, and a mass shooting that lasts 4 seconds . . .

  3. Kerry

    @Jim R


    Just about every one has shown to be a hoax. All of them suspiciously taking place next to a MILITARY BASE with COMBAT SIMULATION capabilities. Kids purporting to be dead in a shooting then miraculously appearing in photos with Obama after the fact. WOW. Mexican illegals happily posing in videos with fake ass blood wiped on their jeans. Fake photos of the “shooter” that looks like a different person in each photo or it looks computer generated. BULLSH**!

    All a psyop to take people’s guns away. I’m glad no one is buying it anymore. Get a clue.

  4. Kerry, you continue your slide off of the cliff of reality.

  5. Kerry


    So says the one who speaks to dead people in the dead zone!

    2019 El Paso Shooting

    RIght near FORT BLISS

    It boasts a lovely mountain setting filled with mock villages and other simulation capabilities.

    OH LOOK who else is there…DEA, BORDER CONTROL and the FBI!

    Border patrol interesting. Now who did the “shooter” target in the fake El Paso shooting? B fricking S

    Look, happy but confused family shopping in the middle of a huge mass shooting.

    The shooter’s name is Crusius and a “white supremacist. They ALWAYS have to pay homage to one of their own.

    All this is just 2 seconds of search engine foo. I could find more jackassery if I really wanted to do it. It’s easy. THEY HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH!

    Oh look.

    Sandy Hook back from the dead! I think you need to go and mediumshipper this bunch of liars.

    Look, they even stooped to giving the ONE EYE on this child’s face.

    They had to make the kid look like Jack Nicholson playing the Joker JUST TO MOCK US!

  6. Jim R

    The “mass shooting” to which I refer does not make the list of mass shootings, because the shooter only killed one victim.

    It was in the news recently, as there was security camera footage of the whole thing. Here in Texas. Some lunatic with a gun walked into a church service, and got one shot off before an armed parishioner shot him. Four seconds later. I have no doubt that it really happened.

    As for events like the Las Vegas shooting, with all the holes in the story and mysteriously missing security camera footage, I have no idea what that was about. Witnesses said there was more than one shooter.

  7. Everyone gets to learn how the Gates of Death work via dying. We visualize what this is like being humans, using human metaphors. Animals use their own ‘imagery’ and yes, animals are very aware of what death is and how it is, instinctually.

    We know that elephants regularly travel to where one of the herd’s bones lie and move the bones about in a loving way, moaning with each other. So humans being able to mess around with all this should be no surprise.

  8. Moe

    From Dmitri Orlov: The Global Warming Apocalyptic Cult

    Behind a paywall but easily accessible at $1 per month. (What, you can’t afford $1 per month to read one of the most lucid contributors on the Internet? Send me your email so I can donate some funds to you, poor dear).

    Excerpt: “The global warming ideology, along with the apocalyptic cult it underpins, is a short-term solution to preserving the psychological stability of Western society. It offers an acceptable explanation to the expanding crisis in the physical economies of these societies. It also provides the moral foundation for the strenuous yet futile attempt to steal resources from the unclean fossil fuel-rich nations who are refusing to save the planet and to redirect these resources toward virtuous ends such as wind and solar installations.”

  9. The cult is doomed to freeze to death due to cold weather.

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