Interesting Development: Coronavirus Is Being Spread By Asymptomatic Disease Carriers

Now it becomes clearer and clearer: coronavirus, this relative of the common cold, not only does not kill the vast majority of patients, some people can carry the germs yet show no symptoms, not even a fever.  As the puzzle pieces fall into place with this latest epidemic, we can see how it is related to other flu outbreaks over the history of flues and how this means that it will follow the same path as all of these in the past, that is, be very devastating to some people at the beginning and then pettering off to nothing except to become yet another ‘common cold’.

Common colds kill patients even this year.  The above picture shows zero coronavirus deaths while it does show the statistics that up to 41 MILLION people will get the flu/common cold and of these, HALF a MILLION will be hospitalized and 40,000 might DIE.  We all accept this annoyance and yes, even ‘ordinary’ flues kill.


We now know this week that people with coronavirus can do quite well.  It is not instantly fatal nor even makes one ill, it makes selective people ill.  All flu/cold viruses kill some people every year.  Scientists try to fix this by creating flu shots but when they do this, they have to guess which ‘family’ of germs will break out and spread rapidly.  This year surprised them all by a very new mutation of the common cold running riot in China, killing young people as well as the usual elderly.


This scared everyone and with good reason!  But it also reminds me of the dangerous Hong Kong flu: the very first people to get it were all quite young, it came out of the Vietnam jungles, I am betting, and it spread easily at first.  I nearly died!  But a year later, few to no young people died of it.  I have told the CDC in the past that this surprising element should be examined and broadcast.


Asia bears the brunt of all these flu/cold outbreaks due to high population levels and poor sanitation.  The cure for all this is for Asia to clean up how they handle food and animals because these come from human/wild animals/livestock situations.  This takes me to California and NY, two major states that suck in massive foreign populations due to the ports and airports: both states are now totally run by insane Democrats who created such conditions that their power base cities of NYC and LA/San Francisco are now portals for all sorts of hideous diseases as they let in armies of ill illegal aliens and allow drug addicts to live on the streets and back alleys, spreading diseases.


San Francisco is now infamous as an open sewer!  It has medieval levels of filth.  Rats run riot in New York and LA as the filth from third world countries spreads like thick goo over everything.  Right now, Bernie Sanders is leading this pack of diseased lunatics, demanding open borders and more filth and disease.  Even now, mainstream fake news refuses to connect filthy cities run by sanctuary Democrats as a health hazard to everyone inside the USA.

All the postings about the connection of illegal aliens and spreading dangerous diseases is from conservatives.  Not one searched item if from mainstream media giants.  Usually, Google puts them ahead of everyone else no matter how precise one does proper search words to avoid mainstream media fake news, so if there isn’t even one top story from CBS or NYT or NBC or Washington Post, this means they all killed this story I am seeking.


And surprise, surprise!  They are hiding this!  The CDC does have a chapter on this matter, ‘Newly Arrived Immigrants & Refugees’:


More than 1 million immigrants obtained legal permanent resident status in the United States during fiscal year (FY) 2016 (October 2015–September 2016). There were 5,378 children adopted internationally and 84,989 refugees admitted into the United States during FY 2016. In addition, more than 6 million people entered the United States as nonimmigrant, long-term visitors (including students, temporary workers, and exchange visitors staying longer than 6 months). Some will likely require some form of health care during their stay. US health care professionals are therefore very likely to interact with foreign-born people at some time in their career.


I used to cross borders illegally in Europe.  During the student uprisings there, the governments blocked student from moving from city to city so we did this in artful ways, in my case, going over mountains or swimming rivers (it was summer).  So I understand how to illegally cross borders.  Now, one of the functions of immigration controls since the 19th century, for crying out loud, is to prevent foreigners who have diseases from entering and spreading germs!


The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) mandates that all immigrants and refugees undergo a medical screening examination to identify inadmissible health conditions. An authorized panel physician in the applicant’s country of origin is responsible for performing the screening examination before departure. Applicants who adjust their immigration status after arriving in the United States undergo a medical screening by a civil surgeon.


See?  It is still the law!  The Democrats have been screaming all about how we should have open borders and let in any and all diseased people no matter what!  Simultaneously, we see one country after another desperately trying to stop the coronavirus via shutting down borders and travel!!!  Yet the Democratic candidates for President are yelling about the need for open borders!


And not one media giant is screaming that this is suicidal!  Eh?  Yes.  They are that insane.  Or rather, pure evil.


Applicants from outside the United States who apply for a US immigrant visa are required to receive all age-appropriate immunizations before immigration. Panel physicians administer vaccines according to CDC’s Vaccine Technical Instructions. These instructions are based on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations, with some modifications for immigrant populations. For example, immigrants are not required to complete all doses of a multidose vaccine series as long as they have received the next dose in the series before arrival in the United States. Encourage new immigrant arrivals to complete their vaccination schedules according to ACIP recommendations after arrival in the United States. CDC’s Vaccine Technical Instructions are available at


The catastrophe of illegal immigration is obvious.  And it is totally ignored by the DNC which wants endless voters who are helpless and will vote for DNC rule that gives them some tiny goodies in exchange for the elites living amazing lives where they live in tremendous comfort and fly private jets, etc. while telling us that people doing this are destroying the planet earth by overheating it…as we all freeze to death, of course.


This, in a nutshell, is the present insanity going on.  Bernie is the DNC candidate and he is total open borders and free ranging diseases.  Great.  Vote to die!


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13 responses to “Interesting Development: Coronavirus Is Being Spread By Asymptomatic Disease Carriers

  1. Ken

    The Chinese are claiming that this coronavirus problem will go away on its own once warm weather returns to the northern hemisphere, just like what happens every year to the “regular” flu season. Let’s hope they are right.

  2. Kerry

    This thing or variants of it has been around for years.

    7 years ago I experienced a cold spell so awful it really scared me. It came on very mild. Just a runny nose and a dry scratchy throat. No cough, no sore throat. But at the end of every day, I would collapse from exhaustion. The littlest activity would get me winded. As it got worse (and this happened gradually over the course of 3 weeks), I would get hot and cold sweats, loss of appetite, and congestion. At the apex of the “cold”, I could barely breath because of the congestion. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. And yet to look at me, I didn’t really look like an ill person. It was the strangest episode. Finally I passed out one night because I was so sleep deprived. That was when this weird cold broke and the congestion faded away.

    I don’t know what it was but it was scary and I never experienced anything like it since.

  3. Ken

    I, and a lot of people I know (including at work) got really sick back in November and December. The symptoms were similar to what you described. But the fact that we caught something bad doesn’t necessarily mean that this current coronavirus was the cause. I suspect that people have been getting very sick on-and-off over the years from all sorts of stuff unrelated to the coronavirus. Elaine, for one, comes to mind.

  4. DM

    Asia bears the brunt of all these flu/cold outbreaks due to high population levels and poor sanitation. The cure for all this is for Asia to clean up how they handle food and animals because these come from human/wild animals/livestock situations.

    Elaine. You have never been to China. The least you could do it go there via Google Earth or Google Maps. You may be surprised. You will not find the squalor and insanitary conditions that are easily found in the USA.

    Perhaps some of your Chinese insights come from old black and white Hollywood movies. I am not saying their sanitation is perfect, but neither is the trendy street food in the USA and the rest of the West. Do Sanitation Inspectors still exist?

  5. Zeke

    No one has a plausible explanation for this:
    Public health Epidemiologists used to talk of disease ‘vectors’ or nexus but doesn’t seem to be any with all theses cases popping up around the globe.
    Why Italy, why Iran?

  6. AT

    Almost two months after warnings of a grave pandemic, since we are seeing hundreds of cases rather than hundreds of thousands of cases, then, at this point, particularly in comparison to other flu like illnesses, it seems this virus is under control.

  7. Nina

    Many people, including chinese people, are rightfully angry at the communist regime in China, and how they failed to contain the virus in its early stages. Remember the doctor who tried to warn people, and was told by the communist party to “stop spreading rumors”?

    It truly laid bare the worst aspects of China’s command and control system of governance under the communist party. If your response to a dangerous health emergency is for the police to harass a doctor trying to blow the whistle, then your structure is obviously broken. The communist party favors restriction of information instead of transparency. We are now seeing the results of that strategy.

  8. Zeke

    TPTB, wherever they be, always hate whistleblowers, truth tellers, dissidents, disrupters, people with alternative points of view. People who don’t subscribe to the prevailing narrative fairytale. They present a danger. They rock their boat, world.

  9. Warning about epidemics is always a problem. When the norovirus showed up, we were told very little and I wrote about it because it started in the US in my grandchild’s neighborhood and he was hospitalized due to it, scared us all. It made me mildly ill but little children were in grave danger from it.

    My daughter changed a number of things including MOVING AWAY. China didn’t take this seriously the first month and by then, the cat had run off, the horses kicked down the stable doors, the dog broke its chain. I said back then, it was too late to stop.

    On the other hand, it won’t be massively fatal due to the fact, nearly all major epidemics don’t go on and on and on, they all fade away and improving sanitation helps this along.

    And…I never said the US was sanitary, FAR FROM IT. I complained about this nearly every week and I greatly resent being told, I didn’t notice this terrible truth. Good grief, this is why I avoid NYC and CA.

  10. Nina

    “On the other hand, it won’t be massively fatal due to the fact, nearly all major epidemics don’t go on and on and on, they all fade away and improving sanitation helps this along.”

    I hope you are right about that. I am worried about my elderly parents, my father has diabetes. The virus has arrived in Italy, and is spreading fast down there.

    The EU has just announced that it will not close the borders within Europe (Thanks alot EU, keeping us safe as always!), so the virus is now guaranteed to spread to the rest of Europe.

  11. lou

    9–Avoiding NYC—well looky,

    New York City plans to purge DNA crime records due to disparate impact.

    Bob Barrows, NYPD director of legal operations, said the deletions are necessary because “We don’t want to saturate the database.”

    You see, if there are too many computerized records, ???? wtf..

  12. Zeke

    At a city nearby, the Police Chief announced he would be running for Mayor.
    People were upset about the prevalence of street crime. Police were ordered to reclassify felonies of ‘attempted burglary’ as misdemeanor ‘vandalism of a door knob’.
    And voilà, puff, crime statistics plunged and the Chief of Police was elected Mayor.

    A whistleblower notified the newspapers – back when we had them and their investigative journalist.
    Nowadays, the ‘leader’ would condemn the whistleblower, demand he be ‘outted’ and claim the Lügenpresse was perpetrating a hoax.

  13. NYC was cleaned up by Giuliani and ME. I moved out due to the bad schools. Since then, the city is regressing. The mayor is a man who lived down the street from me, back then. He hates law and order and wants to destroy the city and is doing a great job at this. I hope all the anti-Trump rich people in Manhattan get robbed.

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