Bilderberg Bloomberg Buys More Hollywood Bums To Attack Trump Voters

Michael Douglas has said that he and his recently deceased father, star Kirk Douglas, both went “all in” for the Bloomberg candidacy. So, the dead still can ‘vote’, eh?  We now have proof, Bloomberg who has tons of loot backing Hollywood garbage we complain about and which is destroying cinema, all the actors and directors know who the real Boss is: a Bilderberg gangster like Bloomberg!  This is very obviously a Bilderberg gang business: buying votes.  They do this in Europe, too.


Here is this corrupt actor, earning his Bloomberg Big Bucks, campaigning in a rich neighborhood, protected by an armed undercover guard.  Bloomberg and his buddies want to disarm everyone else while, as I keep pointing out, they remain heavily armed.  I just learned that this son of Kirk Douglas was disowned by daddy.  So this explains why he needs more money and is flacking for Bloomberg?  Maybe.


“I mean, he may not win the contest in stand-up comedian, but you can’t be everything to everybody. So I just admire this guy so much. I am really happy to be out here,” Douglas said in likely response to Bloomberg’s mostly panned debate performance. “If ever there was an expression for a candidate, ‘Mike gets it done.’ This is Mike Bloomberg. I’ve never seen a guy who accomplishes more and doesn’t ask for a lot. He’s not a showboat. He just takes care of things. He sees a problem, and he gets it done.”


This all sounds very scripted.  It is scripted!  These are actors who read scripts and their job is to pretend they are what they are pretending to be.  I do note in all the comments to all these sudden revelations by actors seeking employment, is 100% NEGATIVE.  Many people hollering, ‘I will never, ever watch another movie with these nasty actors again.’


I note how this rising boycott of all things being manipulated by the Bilderberg gang is working.  Businesses doing this garbage are losing money.  They may still exist but have ceased growing or are now shrinking.  This is particularly dangerous for Hollywood whose entire income depends on fan bases wanting to see their movies and buy their fan junk they peddle.


The death of Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who and now Marvel movies should set off alarm bells, the entire comic book business outside of alternative comics, is going rapidly bankrupt.  Football is no longer as popular though the players have shut up lately hoping everyone forgets.  Meanwhile, the Olympics is preparing to die on the altar of pleasing leftists and enabling communists like the Chinese dictators.


Well, China is now collapsing due to the coronavirus which has escaped Asia and is spreading across the planet.  It will follow the course of all previous, similar diseases and is acting exactly like the Spanish flu, the Hong Kong flu, etc.

‘The media fact checks Trump’s jokes because they have no sense of humor’, says Greg Gutfeld panel on Fox News joke panel ‘It is not an election, it is a renewal of a TV series.’ My old college friend, Geraldo, correctly says Trump is gigantic and squashes everyone and everything around him, a Godzilla politician. Everyone else even little Bloomberg seems smaller around him.


The latest lame attempt at taking down Trump was when desperate Bilderberg gangsters hauled out yet more anonymous CIA operatives to say that Putin, for some unexplainable reason, wants Trump to be President and therefore, this means Trump is a Russian tool. This has to be the most pathetic attempt at ‘red smearing’ someone and like previous attempts, is insane since the ones peddling this fake story are…leftists who would support Putin if only he was a leftist which he isn’t at all.


Not even slightly.


Trump is now in India and has been received rave reviews there by the populace.  I suspect if he went to England finally, he won’t be popular in London but then, London isn’t popular in England.

Trump’s speech wherein he talks about South Korean movie winning ‘best movie of the year’ in Hollywood.  This move by Hollywood to poke Trump and patriotic Americans in the eye worked: everyone is now ready to totally ignore the Oscar shows.  This show had the lowest ratings, ever and now, like Miss America who is now Ms/Mr America and dead and now gone, going woke means going broke.  They can’t figure this out.

the Greyhound corporation won’t cooperate with Federal officers enforcing immigration laws?  Haul them into court.  This is assisting lawbreakers who enter our country utterly illegally, bringing…DISEASES.  How on earth was any country in Europe, which is now being ravaged by the coronavirus, and North America keep out contagious diseases?  130 years ago, our ancestors figured this out and forced people to be examined at our borders to prevent diseases spreading!


And here is a screenshot of Fox News front page today:

Bernie has decided to tell the truth which is refreshing: he is a communist and he loves communist dictators and sees nothing wrong with all this at all.  Also, Trump asks Congress for money to deal with the coronavirus.  Since the House is infected with Trumponavirus, they probably will dither and make demands and goof off because they want us all dead, anyways.


Trump is definitely backing Stone in his quest for justice.  The judge just doubled down…AGAIN…furiously denying him any justice, refusing stand down due to being exposed as biased with a biased jury.


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. federal judge on Sunday denied a request by Roger Stone’s lawyers that she be removed from the case in which she last week sentenced the long-time adviser to President Donald Trump to three years and four months in prison.


U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson had been accused of bias by Stone’s attorneys in a filing on Friday that called for her recusal. Stone, 67, was convicted on Nov. 15 of lying to Congress, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.


His lawyers are laying the groundwork to take this to higher courts.  Good for them, I am glad they are pushing ahead.  This sort of ridiculous double standard sort of punishments meted out based on one’s political views has to stop, now.  This happened in the past!  It happened to me.  When the police arrested me many years ago, this triggered a riot, I was blamed for this but being a clever little teenager, I was most careful to yell to the crowd to NOT riot, to stand down and I would address them later when bailed out.


So they didn’t press charges.  On the other hand, many people playing hardball politics today don’t take much care and get in trouble. The main difference is, if they support Trump, they are charged and punished and abused and harassed whereas if they are ‘liberals’ (sic) they are protected, coddled and praised for the exact same things or worse, allowed to be openly violent and scream for people to assassinate Trump, etc.


Not one Hollywood weirdo has gone to prison for demanding people kill Trump.  This is nauseating and it is due to the unfair legal system run by California and NY Bilderberg gangsters.  I want them all arrested and charged!  One last lunatic moment in history, the ‘Let them eat cake’ variety:

All people who fly every week with private jets or first class should be executed because they are causing global warming and thus, are mass murderers.  Right?  Of course! They, themselves, are saying this openly: people consuming large quantities of fossil fuels are evil and destroying the earth.  Ergo: stop them now and the only way to do this is to evidently, kill them?  That is the logical conclusion of this.


The Bilderberg gang is now too stupid to figure this out.  They will, eventually, when angry mobs go hunt them all down.  More even funnier news from the Guillotine Network News:

Since the very rich are destroying the planet earth….and all humans are being threatened by these monsters who live in palaces and have gigantic offices in gigantic cities and who consume gigantic amounts of energy and are heating up the planet…arrest them all.  Confiscate their properties!  Bernie wants to do this!  HAHAHA.  Confiscate his multiple houses, too.  Good lord, this is hilarious.  It gets even funnier:

Trudeau, in between flying all over the earth, acting a fool, is a global warmist lunatic who wants Canada to be even colder than -57 F in winter.  Evidently, he is all for using fossil fuels now.  I swear, these globalists are utterly insane.



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7 responses to “Bilderberg Bloomberg Buys More Hollywood Bums To Attack Trump Voters

  1. epictetus

    I come here for the alliterative article titles. Maybe even better would be “Bilderberg Bloomberg Buys More Hollywood Bums To Batter Trump Voters” or “Bilderberg Bloomberg Buys More Hollywood Bums To Bombard Trump Voters.”

  2. epictetus

    Also…To support EMS’s point here. I generally respect him as a director and I’ve been planning to see his latest, “Richard Jewell,” but now that Clint Eastwood has voiced support for Bloomberg, I’m like “Meh, why bother?”

    Clint Eastwood –> Mike Bloomberg — LOL WHAT??

  3. HAHAHA. The letter ‘B’ takes over the headlines! I discovered the news that Kirk Douglas disowned his son which is why Jr. is out trying to get Bloomberg votes. He is paid to do this, he needs more money so he can live in luxury.

  4. Petruchio

    Paul Steyer, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. These are the three Billionaires who own the Democrat Party. I don’t think it’s a big deal that Kirk Douglas left Sonny Boy Michael out of Kirk’s will. Michael Douglas is worth $300 + million. Sonny Boy doesn’t need money. And, these guys are Actors/Actresses, not geniuses. They are entitled to their opinions but people give them more credibility than they deserve.

  5. epictetus

    Yeah but Dirty Harry??
    …BTW ‘Kirk Douglas’ = Issur Danielovitch.

    Just sayin’ is all.

  6. You know, most actors lose all their wealth quickly? It is quite common. Very common. Athletes lose their wealth in lightning speed, usually after only a few years.

  7. Petruchio

    Mike Tyson. the former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World made $300 million from his Boxing career. He lost almost all of it. He got down to about $800,000 before he started to face reality. You find this with NBA stars, NFL stars. Music stars, same thing, especially the Rappers.

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