A Long Article Detailing How Evil ‘Magic Words’ Are And How SJW Schools Are Destroying Civilization

The above video is by Sotomayor, a You Tube black male who went after the SJW gang and the Black Lives Matter gang making fun of both to the point, he was mostly removed from the internet like Alex Jones, etc.  This video was made by him making fun of the typical ‘gangsta rap’ junk churned out of Hollywood by cynical white power brokers working with ghetto gangs to exploit them to get richer.  This ‘song’ is aping the ‘music’ of these criminal ‘artists’ hired by powerful, rich white dudes.


Why am I yapping about this today?  Well, because of the news: yet another professor who is probably a left wing hater of Trump, is now self-flagellating himself today because he blurted out the word ‘n…ger’ in front of a room full of SJW students taking his course about ‘democracy and journalism’…HAHAHA…this is a 100% SJW course run by an obvious communist teacher!


He said the Magic Word and immediately, the Red Guard students ran out of the classroom to report him to his superiors who rushed in and punished him.  This is how China ran its schools during the Red Guard era run by Mad Madame Mao.

Journalism school claims professor ‘voluntarily’ stepped down after comparing ‘OK, boomer’ to n-word

The professor’s controversial comparison came in a capstone class on the intersection of democracy and journalism Feb. 11. Gade brought up the role of social media and technology in modern and contemporary journalism.


From Wikipedia:


A capstone course, also known as capstone unit or a senior thesis or senior seminar serves as the culminating and usually integrative experience of an educational program.[1] A capstone course, module, project, subject, or unit in the higher education context may also be referred to as a capstone experience, senior seminar (in the U.S.), or final year project or dissertation (more common in the U.K.).


So, these very stupid students were SENIORS.  They supposedly are full adults, not 18 year old brats.  I had more sense as a 16 year old freshman student.  These 21 year olds acted like little children.  They had to rat on the teacher who used a word he lectures about very carefully and since he lost his temper a bit, he used it properly instead of the SJW code way imposed on all white adults.


He broadly argued that the journalism field “should stick to its more traditional roots,” according to the Daily, which noted several of its staffers were present in the classroom that day.


Both students and…STAFFERS???…were waiting with bated breath as the poor professor mentioned ‘more TRADITIONAL roots’ for reporting the news.  OMG.  He stepped on a landmine there.  The students began berating him.


A student countered that journalists “have to keep up with the younger generations as they continue to change.”


The ‘change’ is for journalists to coddle and protect all SJW lunatics.


Gade responded that this was like saying “OK, boomer” to him.


He mentioned an insult the these SJW communist students toss at teachers (sic, there are no ‘teachers’) and this caused the Maoists to howl even louder (as they typically do):


The initial classroom laughter was cut short when Gade continued that “calling someone a boomer is like calling someone a nigger.”


The poor professor blurted out the truth.  If ‘n***er’ is an insult then ‘boomer’ is also an insult and the students used it as an insult.  In this queer, strange SJW universe, it is OK to attack white males for being white and male.  They all got twisted into knots when people posted anonymous signs on campuses this last year saying ‘It is OK to be white’.


The Daily’s assistant culture editor, Molly Kruse, told the professor that he should not use the word, prompting Gade to defend the comparison and then change the subject, according to the Daily.


So, the Daily Pravda editor was sitting there in this ‘class’ to learn how to be an editor and she did a splendid job of censoring someone, then abusing someone and then driving them out of a job while mocking him.  The NYT or the Washington Post will definitely hire her when she graduates with her ‘Mad Madame Mao Pravda’ degree.


Students who stayed past the class’s scheduled end time told the Daily that Gade “told the class he was sorry if he offended anyone.”


Grovelling to communists only makes their punishments worse.  They then have total disrespect and will double down on the punishments.  Occasionally a professor defies them, refuses to apologize and loses their job but move on to better things, still head held high.  The ones the grovel end up in serious distress.


Some “sought out Gaylord leadership immediately to voice their anger about the incident,” it said.


They know to instantly run off to Big Daddy in the Big Tower at the center of the school.  They excitedly ratted on the professor and then took immense glee in what happened next:


Administrators faced an ongoing boycott of Gade’s class if they didn’t act quickly: Some students told Kelley and other administrators the same day they would not return if Gade remained.


In the name of all the Dark Gods, why didn’t the President tell them to go to another school???  Nope, they keep the students who are simply animals to milk for more money and kicked out the professor because SJW professors are a dime a dozen and stupid, too.


Students voiced their concerns with Gaylord administrators in a meeting Feb. 13, demanding Gade’s replacement for the semester, the Daily said. “I know that there will be accountability and that professor Gade will be held accountable,” Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Belinda Higgs Hyppolite said.


The Maoist administrator in charge of keeping all the professors scared and hobbled ran outside to bellow, she was going to punish the man totally and inclusively!!!  OFF WITH HIS HEAD.

Belinda’s name can’t be real.  But she is real!  Here is her amazing and very popular (HAHAHA) Twitter account:

She has only 26 followers????  This is hilarious.  She sure is popular!  Here is her most recent posting, a lady I knew personally many years ago, darling radical Maoist lunatic nutcase, Angela Davis:

This creature was hired to patrol the professors and any stray students who are not full SJW lunatics and she works very, very hard at doing this dirty job.  She is actively destroying the school she works for and this is typical across all schools now a they all rush to censor free speech, prevent any real examination of social forces at work and hire only communists to teach students how to be like this:

This is what Bernie Sanders wants to do in his tottering old age.  These very stupid professors and students learning pure ideology never learn what went wrong.  Bernie Sanders infamously crowed this week that communists teach people how to read and therefore are not evil.

These are Bernie’s heroes.  The lower classes are urged to ‘force the rich to share the wealth’ which always ends up, invariably, with communist dictators hogging all the food and wealth and literally getting very fat while millions starve to death.  For some reason, leftists never figure this out.


Here is the AAUP professors writing about freedom of speech many years ago:


A. The Professional Standard

The professional standard of academic freedom is defined by the 1940 Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenure, which was developed by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the Association of American Colleges and Universities. It is the fundamental statement on academic freedom for faculty in higher education. It has been endorsed by over 180 scholarly and professional organizations, and is incorporated into hundreds of college and university faculty handbooks. The 1940 Statement provides:


Teachers are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, but they should be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter that has no relation to their subject. . .


The professor in today’s story was hired to teach about the magic words and how media should use it, namely that media forbids all people from using magic words except for SJW leftists and black power radicals who can use any words they desire in public, at the top of their lungs.


College and university teachers are citizens, members of a learned profession, and officers of an educational institution. When they speak or write as citizens, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline, but their special position in the community imposes special obligations.


HAHAHA.  Where in the heck is this professorial organization today????  Vanished, buried, shot at sunrise by authorities, of course.


As scholars and educational officers, they should remember that the public may judge their profession and their institution by their utterances. Hence they should at all times be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for the opinions of others, and should make every effort to indicate that they are not speaking for the institution.
AAUP, Policy Documents & Reports 3-4 (9th ed. 2001) (hereafter “Redbook”).


Now it is ‘crawl on the belly, cry and beg for mercy while angry students (I typed ‘stupids’ and then noticed it) beat them mercilessly.’  The Institutions are now Insane Asylums run by the inmates.  Young people enter as fairly normal humans and leave, if they don’t flee and many men are fleeing these ‘schools’, as Mad Madame Mao clones.


Here is a ruling from the McCarthy Red Scare era:


Courts, including the United States Supreme Court, have relied on the 1940 Statement‘s definition of academic freedom. See, e.g., Roemer v. Board of Public Works of Maryland, 426 U.S. 736, 756 (1976); Tilton v. Richardson, 403 U.S. 672, 681-82 (1971).


In Keyishian v. Board of Regents of the State Univ. of New York, 385 U.S. 589 (1967), the Court held that faculty members’ First Amendment rights were violated by a state requirement that they sign a certificate stating that they were not and never had been Communists, and by vague and over broad restrictions on verbal and written expression. In so ruling, the Court opined:


Now they have to swear they are truly communists or they are fired.


Our nation is deeply committed to safeguarding academic freedom, which is of transcendent value to all of us and not merely to the teachers concerned. That freedom is therefore a special concern of the First Amendment, which does not tolerate laws that cast a pall of orthodoxy over the classroom. . . . The classroom is peculiarly the “marketplace of ideas.” The nation’s future depends upon leaders trained through wide exposure to that robust exchange of ideas which discovers truth “out of a multitude of tongues, [rather] than through any kind of authoritative selection.”


Now that the Maoist communists have taken over many universities and are now imposing Maoist socialist rules on everyone, they want censorship and go even further, teaching students to hate the First Amendment and orchestrating demonstrations against the First Amendment.


I was a rather prominent (for my very young age) agitator for First Amendment rights back in the 1960’s.  I literally put my own life on the line of fire in order to give speeches.  The change in ‘Free Speech’ came not last year or ten years ago, it first appeared in Berkeley, California at a ‘Stop Fascism’ mass conference in August, 1968.


The Maoists took over and were waving their Little Red Mao Books at us all.  They shouted down all speakers who were not Maoists especially the more moderate communists who were Trotskyites (long stories about the war between the two communist communities) and I was in the middle being neither so both attacked me!  I told them they were all nuts and the Peace movement would collapse due to them and Nixon would be the next President so they tried to kill me.


That is how ‘free speech’ operated even back then.


The social movement of college politics going from the right wing to full blown communism started at Berkeley and New York University in Manhattan and of course, in Chicago’s top university back in the 1960s where Obama parked himself in latter years.  I lived at all three places in my childhood and early adulthood.


Free speech is totally dead now.  We live in a censorship world.  Here is a glaring example:

It is much more than that and leaving out the entire definition is leftist ideology at work.  This ‘offensive’ word is NOT OFFENSIVE AT ALL…Black males in particular, love to use this word on each other all the time.  It qualifies as a word of companionship, a word of belonging to an insider group.  It is quite magical.


Black males bellow this word all over the place.  They love using it.  They also pretend to be angry when anyone else uses it. Liberals created this mess by punishing only white people while petting black males for using this magical word.


I used to chat online with Sotomayor years ago.  He has been heroically pushing back on this strange word salad mess and here is a peek at the search engine showing all this:

He mocks other blacks for spitting out the verboten word and of course, is persecuted for doing this.  His videos no longer appear at You Tube, he is censored even though not one loud mouthed, foul, anti-woman black male who hates Trump is banned!  Nope, easy to find them online.  They are everywhere.


I just found this astounding article by a ‘professor’ (sic) at a ‘university’ (U Michigan!) writing a very racist article about herself being black and tormenting a white young (gay?) male by forcing him to say ‘n$$ger’ to her.  Yes, the money sign here is deliberate, blacks can get rich by accusing whites of saying the magic word:


October 2004

Eric is crazy about queer theory. I think it is safe to say that Eve Sedgwick, Judith Butler, and Lee Edelman have changed his life. Every week, he comes to my office to report on the connections he is making between the works of these writers and the books he is reading for the class he is taking with me, African-American autobiography.


This poor sap.  Sent to school to ‘learn’ he is actually gay now and he gets to visit his ‘professor’ frequently to get affirmation of all this.


I like Eric. So tonight, even though it is well after six and I am eager to go home, I keep our conversation going. I ask him what he thinks about the word “queer,” whether or not he believes, independent of the theorists he admires, that epithets can ever really be reclaimed and reinvented.


This is how brainwashing works.  Note she decides that tormenting this boy is more important than eating dinner.  Eating brains is more fun, evidently.


“‘Queer’ has important connotations for me,” he says. “It’s daring, political. I embrace it.” He folds his arms across his chest, and then unfolds them.

I am suspicious.


SHE is suspicious?  I am suspicious of her for obvious reasons:


“What about ‘nigger’?” I ask. “If we’re talking about the importance of transforming hateful language, what about that word?” From my bookshelf I pull down Randall Kennedy’s book Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word, and turn it so its cover faces Eric. “Nigger,” in stark white type against a black background, is staring at him, staring at anyone who happens to be walking past the open door behind him.


The poor child is scared.  She is daring him to say the verboten word.  I bet her face was sneering at this point.


Over the next 30 minutes or so, Eric and I talk about “nigger.” He is uncomfortable; every time he says “nigger,” he drops his voice and does not meet my eyes. I know that he does not want to say the word; he is following my lead. He does not want to say it because he is white; he does not want to say it because I am black. I feel my power as his professor, the mentor he has so ardently adopted. I feel the power of Randall Kennedy’s book in my hands, its title crude and unambiguous. Say it, we both instruct this white student. And he does.


Good lord!!! This is pure evil.  She exalts in tormenting this poor kid who will be severely punished if he says the wrong words so he is forced to say the wrong words so she can AMUSE herself and note how this gives the monster female ‘POWER’ over the pathetic white gay male.


It is late. No one moves through the hallway. I think about my colleagues, some of whom still sit at their own desks. At any minute, they might pass my office on their way out of the building. What would they make of this scene? Most of my colleagues are white. What would I think if I walked by an office and saw one of them holding up Nigger to a white student’s face? A black student’s face?


She worries someone would catch her at this obnoxious and I dare say, criminal activity which is called ‘mind rape’.


“I think I am going to add ‘Who Can Say Nigger?’ to our reading for next week,” I say to Eric. “It’s an article by Kennedy that covers some of the ideas in this book.” I tap Nigger with my finger, and then put it down on my desk.


“I really wish there was a black student in our class,” Eric says as he gathers his books to leave.


Her victim wants more blacks in the class so they can mock, terrorize and abuse him.  Quite a few gays tend towards self flagellation.  Exploiting this, the ‘teacher’ figuratively grabs the kid by the balls and twists them gleefully.  This is what our schools have become and this event happened nearly two decades ago.  It is now much, much worse.


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3 responses to “A Long Article Detailing How Evil ‘Magic Words’ Are And How SJW Schools Are Destroying Civilization

  1. Petruchio

    “So, these very stupid students were SENIORS. They supposedly are full adults, not 18 year old brats. I had more sense as a 16 year old freshman student. These 21 year olds acted like little children. ” Watch how they act when they get out of College and have to start paying their Student Loan Debt. As for “acting out”, you aint seen nothing yet. When these brainwashed kiddies find out that they a.) can’t get a career-type job that pays really well and then b.) come to realize the only job they can get are the SAME jobs the High school kids work at after school. Add to that the grim reality that these former SJW College Students MUST make a monthly student loan payment and you have The Perfect Storm. Bitter, angry, former College students.

  2. Yes, and very dangerous, too. I am appalled by all this.

  3. Petruchio

    And the thing that hurts these former College kids the most is they have no choice but to move back home with Mom and Dad. This provides a daily reminder of how screwed they are. I worked with a female co-worker who is still paying her Student Loan She is 43 years old and has a $140,000 loan debt!!

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