Bilderberg News Whines All The Time About Trump No Matter How Sane His Behavior

I think the ‘hate Trump’ gang is literally going insane.  The lead story in the London Daily Mail is a fine example of this insanity.  There was a meeting to coordinate all systems to deal with a dangerous epidemic.  The Bilderberg gang media giants then howled that there were only several doctors instead of nothing but doctors!  DUH.  There is more than just doctors needed to work with this, such as transportation issues, housing issues, sanitation issues, etc.


This constant juvenile behavior is causing the Bilderberg gang to go off the rails.  At the exact same time Pense is meeting with a variety of heads of various departments to coordinate them to work together, the EU officials are sitting on their rears, stupified, unable to do the simplest actions like sectioning off places that are being invaded by this disease!


Meanwhile, they attack Trump for doing the correct things.  Congress won’t give Trump funds to stop diseased foreign invaders crossing our borders illegally and then turns around and accuse Trump of not doing enough to protect us from foreigners bringing this disease into the US?  This is beyond insane, it is suicidal.

Panic attacks: this is beyond stupid.  This is a classic case of hysteria.  When the Hong Kong flu hit, it didn’t cause economic collapse.  As I also pointed out, the end result of all historical epidemics have been an increase in financial wealth of a society, not a collapse, oddly enough.  Most epic plagues like this happen when there is maximum population (overpopulation).

More interesting news: Project Veritas released yet another video showing how ABC news staff really think about all the lying and playing games.  Yes, they know they are doing this and can’t help themselves.  Yes, it is dumb.  Mainstream TV news is too hysterical, stupid and repetitious to be anything but a joke.  They should all retire and enjoy life for once.


Now on to the globe trotting un-royals who are now nobodies:

This is great news.  Spoiling royals and their spawn has to stop.  Make them pay their own way.  These two race all over the planet earth, whining about how evil it is that people travel all over the earth, first class, causing everything else to die.  So I want these two to stop doing it or at least do us a favor and die and thus, save the planet.  Crash a helicopter or a fast car or a jet, that would do the trick, kill two bird brains with one stone.

Bernie the Communist Sanders is now fading fast.  Biden is rising despite being obviously deranged from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.  I wonder if this news will make the fake news?  NAW.  Arrest Biden.  For taking bribes.


More coronavirus news:

And more nasty news from Iran which is suddenly forgetting about screeching at Trump and tossing rockets all around the Gulf:

All these nasty people who are religious fanatics hang out together and the men even kiss each other when they embrace so I expect more of the leadership to conk out.  We can thank germs for stopping a war.

I doubt anyone will take this up since the Chinese people are now highly suspicious of the State’s intentions and I certainly don’t blame them.  The brutal dictatorship did what these do all the time: be hamfisted and violent when wanting to do something, anything.  Finesse isn’t something dictators understand.

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