The New ‘Far-UV Sterilray’ Influenza Germ Killing Lights Are Virtually Unknown Online!

Here is a video I found by the group of investors working with professors who are launching this new business.  It has ONLY 80 VIEWS!!!  The Next Pandemic…are we ready?  This is from last year!  I am just furious about this.  ‘We spend many billions to fight climate change (which is ridiculous) while spending nearly nothing on preventing pandemics’ says the creators of the new UV systems created by the Sterilray scientists.  Meanwhile, Israel claims they will have an inoculation shot ready in just three or four months.  GREAT NEWS: the company, Far-UV Sterilray just called me and we had a wonderful chat.


The company is very new, quite young and needs a big boost so we discussed how to do all this and they gave me their ‘GoFundMe’ website:

It is only a few days old.  The phone call was quite charming, we talked for an hour about how to design and run a campaign to get Congress to do something.  I will keep everyone apprised of future developments in this matter because I really would like to see these new systems used to sanitize public places.  I nearly died in the Hong Kong flu event and this coronavirus is worse.  This technology also stops transmission of the very pesky norovirus, too.


My grandson lost a number of school days and was briefly hospitalized due to that nasty bug!  And I couldn’t visit him there due to getting the bug, myself, from him!  It was awful. I am quite excited about this new technology.  Their business is so new, it isn’t even on the stock market yet.  Stocks are down due to hysteria and real economic headwinds caused by this novel virus!


There is more news about the coronavirus:

After 4 years of multi-disciplinary research funded by Israel’s Ministry of Science and Technology in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture, MIGAL has achieved a scientific breakthrough that will lead to the rapid creation of a vaccine against Coronavirus.


This possibility was identified as a by-product of MIGAL’s development of a vaccine against IBV (Infectious Bronchitis Virus), a disease affecting poultry, whose effectiveness has been proven in pre-clinical trials carried out at the Volcani Institute. MIGAL has now made required genetic adjustments to adapt the vaccine to COVID-19, the human strain of coronavirus, and is working to achieve the safety approvals that will enable in-vivo testing, enable the initiation of production of a vaccine to counter the Coronavirus epidemic…research conducted at MIGAL, it has been found that the poultry coronavirus has high genetic similarity to the human COVID-19, and that it uses the same infection mechanism, a fact that increases the likelihood of achieving an effective human vaccine in a very short period of time.


The US scientists are moving quickly, too.  But they have to then test it!  This is very slow.  I suspect someone is going to jump the gun and simply start using it on humans in say, China, which has been ravaged by this epidemic.  When people are dying, worrying about medicines not working vanishes.  Time is of the essence!


Speaking about time: Turkey suddenly decided…hello!…to shove out armies of people heading towards Europe.  These are mainly young males of military age who are now going to make things much, much worse northwards.

Orbán Vows to Protect Hungarians as Turkey Opens ‘Refugee’ Floodgate

This is exactly what borders are closing as fast as possible.  And the EU elites fiddle-de-dee while Rome burns.  They just think, the germs, the criminal elements, the chaos won’t come to their sheltered castles and guarded homes!  Think again.  It will.

Central and Eastern Europe haven’t forgotten how the Ottoman Empire brutally ruled them.  They are increasingly closing the borders and Slovenia is the latest country to go nationalist/strong borders.

Here in the US the DNC and especially the top DNC candidates for President want to destroy the US and have open borders right when another plague threatens us all:

I am utterly enraged about this.  How dare she?  They have endless funds for goofy DNC schemes and no money for protecting us from invaders who are carrying dangerous diseases.  From the Far-UV Sterilray website:


Who are we going to blame when the next pandemic begins? Is it going to be the World Health Organization that is debating now whether to announce the current Ebola crisis as the worst the world has seen?


Well, the pandemic is here.  And it came out of China.  Many, many pandemics come out of China.  China has a huge population of people who are closely related unlike say, the US which has an extremely mixed population.  Diseases have a happy home with lots of places of similar genetic materials to exploit.


Do we blame the airline company or the local bus company for bringing the sick person into our community who infected many of us and caused death to our friends and family? Global Public Transportation in 2017 carried 53 billion passengers for an increase of 9 billion in the last 5 years.


So true.  Crossing borders is a big business.


In the US, the American Public Transportation Association says passengers averaged 38 million per week or 10.1 billion in 2017. At a 2% infection rate, People would get sick at almost 4 million per week or 40 million in just 10 weeks! Health care facilities would be overwhelmed.


All forms of Public Transportation move people in tight quarters locally and around the world in times short enough for viral incubation without detection or symptoms. Airplanes all have low relative humidity during flight which means everyone on board is potentially inhaling exhaled aerosols from every passenger on the plane.


Now, the coronavirus needs dry, cool air to flourish.  This is exactly how planes are run, they are not warm at all and the air is extremely dry.  The light system I discussed today with the start-up that uses new-type of UV energy to make germs either fall off in numbers or even eliminate them can prevent this very transmission of germs!


These aerosols contain the pathogenic bacteria and viral particles that a sick person exhales to make others in the area sick. The United States Air Force, in a weapon of mass destruction study, showed that HEPA filters do not effectively capture very tiny live viral particles. They begin to pass viruses immediately when exposed to incident viral exposure.


Since infectivity of Type A virus, as well as measles and TB, is dependent on just breathing in a few viral particles, most filters, paper masks, and handkerchiefs do little to protect people. A few sick people can exhale tens of thousands of viral particles in less than 30 minutes.


Yes, the paper face masks didn’t work in Asia.  People in many Asian cities frequently wear these paper masks in winter.  It is very common.  Yet the most sick people are exactly from these cities.


The only tool that is destructive enough, fast enough, and easiest to commercialize is the Excimer Wave™ Sterilray long life lamps. These have been demonstrated to have single-pass kill capability achieving destruction of over 10,000 viral particles in 1/8 second as the air passes the lamp. This wavelength is shown to rupture the sidewall of bacteria and segment spores as well. One lamp in a room canister will prevent all the occupants from inhaling enough measles virus from an infected person because of its “single-pass kill” capability.


Similarly, lamps in the ventilation system of all Public Transportation vehicles will provide the maximum degree of protection to all riders and is the only proactive means for reducing airborne bacteria and viruses as they are introduced into the air by human exhaling.


To date, Public Transportation companies have not shown the will or the need to install Excimer Wave™ lamps, even to protect their own staff and crew. It will take time to get this new Technology installed, but if we don’t start soon, we will all suffer greatly in 5 to 10 years when (not if) the big pandemic hits. We speak from our heart because we all are in the cross hairs of the Great Pandemic to hit our world! Please watch Bill Gates pandemic videos on YouTube;


They are probably unaware there is a working system to irradiate and thus disable toxic germs that is easy to install.  I hope this changes.  I have advised the company how to get more attention and improve their sales pitch.  It was fun, working with them today.


This video has only 8,000 views.  The Columbia University Irving Medical Center has only 3,000 followers!


In the study, aerosolized H1N1 virus—a common strain of flu virus—was released into a test chamber and exposed to very low doses of 222 nm far-UVC light. A control group of aerosolized virus was not exposed to the UVC light. The far-UVC light efficiently inactivated the flu viruses, with about the same efficiency as conventional germicidal UV light.


“If our results are confirmed in other settings, it follows that the use of overhead low-level far-UVC light in public locations would be a safe and efficient method for limiting the transmission and spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases, such as influenza and tuberculosis,” Brenner said.


At a price of less than $1,000 per lamp—a cost that would surely decrease if the lamps were mass produced—far-UVC lights are relatively inexpensive. “And unlike flu vaccines, far-UVC is likely to be effective against all airborne microbes, even newly emerging strains,” Brenner added.


A thousand dollars is pretty steep for home use.  But the main use would be out in public places, anyways.  More news:

The DNC machine continues to work nonstop to not protect us but instead, import criminals and germs.  They are absolutely fixated in preventing Trump from protecting us from obvious dangers.  I am just amazed, even in the teeth of a very dangerous international disease, the DNC can only think, ‘We need to import more illegal aliens so we can impose a dictatorship like the one in California, on everyone in America!’


Arrest them all.


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21 responses to “The New ‘Far-UV Sterilray’ Influenza Germ Killing Lights Are Virtually Unknown Online!

  1. Nina

    MOSCOW, February 28. /TASS/. The World Health Organization assesses the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus as very high, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday

    Just keep the borders open. Let mass movements of people continue, and let armies of young male migrants invade us. What could possibly go wrong? The EU keeps us safe.. *cough*.

  2. Nina

    GENEVA, February 28. /TASS/. More than 20 vaccines are being developed across the world, and the first results are expected in a few weeks, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a briefing on Friday.

  3. Yes, this is moving fast and I hope the competition will force them to issue a vaccination early. I was literally one of the earliest very young children to get the polio shot at the Univesity of Chicago when Salk asked for volunteers for testing and almost all the professors handed over their own children and it worked! A friend of mine, my age, got polio and was severely disabled all her short life. I felt very bad about Sarah.

  4. Ken

    I recently installed a new furnace/air conditioner unit in my home in Florida. It has an ultraviolet light in it, which irradiates the air before it goes into the vents and then into the house. So this idea is not new.

    ELAINE: what is new is this can be out in the OPEN, not kept away from humans and other animals. This is a significant difference.

  5. Shawntoh


    Brilliant blogging as always! Please forgive my shifting to another compelling topic as I wanted to ask what your impression is of this development between China and the USA…

    “U.S. Navy says Chinese warship fired military grade laser at U.S. aircraft…”


  6. Zeke

    Jonas Salk developed anti-polio vaccine and did not attempt to personally financially benefit from it.

    A humanitarian effort seems opposite to the likes of a Martin Skarreli and ilk.

  7. KHS71

    UV disinfection has been around for many years. They run the cleaned up effluent through them just before it goes out to the streams. It kills the e-coli bacteria to meet regulations. I worked in wastewater treatment plants for almost 15 years before retirement.

    ELAINE: The significant difference is, this new radiation device is HARMLESS to humans and animals and ONLY goes after the germs so it can be used out in the open, safely. This is a huge difference.

  8. lou

    Diseases have a happy home with lots of places of similar genetic materials to exploit.–I have read the opposite. The less mixed a peoples DNA, the healthier. The momre mixed, the more prone to illness. So I dont know.

  9. lou

    China — lack of sanitation, animals kept together [mammals and birds] and close to people…People that are cannibals [yes, you read that] and eat bats etc.

  10. Pete

    Great Information on UV light Elaine!

    I just came across this video from the ISS
    and wanted to post it here.


    Commentaru on possible video of UFO near ISS

    Raw Feed

  11. Did you know that the lower orbit of our planet has lots of space JUNK?

  12. Jim R

    @Pete #11,

    Elaine is correct, that is a piece of space junk. It is only a ‘UFO’ if you are ignorant, and don’t know what it is.

    I don’t have a handy link, and too lazy to go look it up, but your ‘unknown’ (to you) object is a Japanese experiment module that was formerly attached to the ISS and was recently detached and tossed away to burn up as it crashes back into the earth’s atmosphere.

    The place in the video where it appears to rise up is simply due to the fact that anything ejected from the ISS goes into an elliptical orbit, and from the viewpoint of the ISS, will appear to bob up and down until it encounters some air and burns up. And, yes, it burns up on purpose — there is already too much junk in low earth orbit.

  13. Jim R

    When the ISS tosses out a big piece of junk like that, they track it with cameras for a while to make sure it doesn’t come back and hit the ISS on the ‘up’ side of its elliptical orbit.

  14. Yes, very good information, Jim, thanks for posting it. I have been so busy with the coronavirus to look closer to that story.

  15. Pingback: Washington State Nursing Home Heavily Infected By Coronavirus In Last 24 Hours | Culture of Life News

  16. Jim R

    Big Clive unboxes a germicidal tube from Ebay:

    I am inclined to take the marketing statements of ‘Sterilray’ with a grain of salt.

    UV-C is ‘hard’ ultraviolet. Also known as ‘vacuum UV’ because it is strongly absorbed by air. Specifically it is absorbed by oxygen in the air. Its germicidal properties have been known for 100 years. And it has the following well known properties:

    1. it makes ozone.
    2. air strongly absorbs it.
    3. it can power many kinds of chemical reactions.
    4. it is destructive to all biological materials.

    So yeah, sure, use it to disinfect your bathroom if you like. But know these facts. . .

  17. And…this is NOT the same at all. What makes it wonderful is, this doesn’t destroy everything. It is significantly weaker.

  18. Jim R

    Look, you can’t have it both ways. You either have ozone-making, germ-killing, chemically active rays, or you just have a pretty purple lamp.

    Ions are just atoms that are either missing an electron, or have an extra electron, instead of an exact match to the positive charge of the nucleus. X-rays, cosmic rays, and rays from radioactive atoms are referred to as ‘ionizing radiation’ because each ray has enough energy to knock an electron off of an atom and send it flying.

    Ions also form in chemistry, for example when salt dissolves in water. It turns into a mixture of Na+ and Cl- ions, because the chlorine is greedy and steals electrons from other atoms, and sodium does not care about its outermost electron and tends to lose it.

    Long wave radiation (infrared) photons do not have enough energy to kick electrons from their atoms. Infrared can jiggle the atoms around and warm them up, but it does not cause ions to form, nor does it directly drive chemical reactions. It might cause a fire if the chemicals are ready to react, however.

    Ultraviolet light sits at the transition between regular visible light and ionizing radiation. It usually does not kick electrons completely off their atoms, but it does send atoms into excited states, where an electron is put into a higher orbital. And this is how it makes chemistry happen — the excited states are much more likely to attack nearby atoms, making ozone for example, as excited electrons try to find a more stable ‘ground’ state.

    Of course, it is this chemical activity that kills the germs. And if you have enough of it to kill germs, I would not recommend prolonged exposure to your skin and eyes. The only thing that makes UV-C ‘safe’ is that it bumps into so many other atoms on the way to your skin, and is stopped.

    There is either enough UV-C to kill things, or there isn’t. And it won’t have any effect from the other side of the room. Or from six inches away.

  19. It is called ‘Being careful and using the right amount’. Just like heating a house with a warm stove versus burning it down. The harm level is significantly lower. Of course, you can get hysterical and think no system is good and want nothing. But then, when you are dying a horrible death due to germs, think ‘Well, at least I am being good!’

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