Japan Coronavirus Cases Shoot Upwards…DUH…I Talk About Ancient Rome Dying Yet Again

Pure evil: late last night, Trump made a huge breakthrough, convinced the Federal Food and Drug administrators to OK the malaria meds for treating coronavirus patients but instead of making that the top story at the evil New York Times, the NY Slimes totally ignored this vital information on their front page today!!!!  This is criminal.  NY City is being hammered by this disease more than any place in North America yet this good news was utterly ignored by the rich bastards who are Bilderberg gangsters.  Arrest them all!


Fox News did have the story on their front page this morning, thank goodness!

Mainstream fake news is howling with rage at Trump now nonstop.  They are literally slavering like starving wolves, spittle all over the place, they should wear masks lest they spread the dreaded ‘dictatorship by communists’ disease.


Japan’s government definitely hid the number of coronavirus cases up until they cancelled the Olympics and the very next day, the numbers in Japan shoot upwards!


With the Olympics now off, many are voicing suspicion that the numbers are rising because Japan suddenly has no reason to hide them.


It is obvious.  The Japanese always lie about everything.  The government lied about Fukushima, for example.  The same hour it happened, I posted a story about how this was a now a major nuclear power plant disaster that would last a very long time and cause a lot of genetic damage and pollute the Pacific Ocean.


“In order to make an impression that the city was taking control of the coronavirus, Tokyo avoided making strict requests and made the number of patients look smaller,” former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama said in a tweet. “The coronavirus has spread while they waited. (For Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike) it was Olympics first, not Tokyo’s residents.”


This is exactly how China, Italy and NY City handled the crisis at the beginning.  They all did the exact same thing with the exact same results.


Experts have found a rise of untraceable cases mushrooming in Tokyo, Osaka and other urban areas — signs of an explosive increase in infections.


This means it is everywhere now.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Saturday that Japan is now on the brink of a huge jump in cases as it becomes increasingly difficult to trace and keep clusters under control.


Note here how the rulers of Japan acted exactly like the Democrats in America and the leftist regime in Italy, telling people right before the epidemic shot upwards, to go out and party, to ignore all the warnings, party in the streets and parks as normal!


There was less of a sense of urgency displayed recently when many people visited parks for cherry blossom viewing, and Abe was only hinting at an Olympic postponement. But in a phone call with International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach last Tuesday, Abe agreed to postpone the games until around the summer of 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.


A day later, Koike asked Tokyo residents to stay home weekends until mid-April, saying confirmed cases of the coronavirus had shot up to 41 in a day from 16 earlier in the week. On Saturday, Tokyo reported 63 new cases, another single-day record. Koike said that infections in Tokyo were on the brink of an explosive increase, and that stronger measures, including a lockdown, could be needed if the spread of the virus doesn’t slow.


Japan’s ruling elites did the same horrible things to the people by deliberately lying to them in the beginning.  Panic is the result as people learn the truth, of course.  As per usual, no one in the government will resign.


From Feb. 18 to March 27, Japan tested about 50,000 people, a daily average of 1,270 — fewer than the national daily capacity of several thousand. There was only a slight increase in the number of tests in the past week. In Tokyo, fewer than 2% of those who sought advice on a government hotline had been tested, according to health ministry figures. South Korea, by contrast, had tested about 250,000 people by mid-March.


By deliberately not testing people, the numbers looked good.  I must give kudos to South Korea for telling the truth and working hard to deal with it.  I wish the stupid Democrats destroying NYC were this smart!


Many Japanese experts say testing is not for everyone and should be conducted selectively in an attempt to save hospital beds for those who really need them. “Tests are primarily for people who are suspected of having the virus, and should be based on clinical judgment by doctors,” said Shigeru Omi, a former World Health Organization public health expert who is on the government-commissioned panel.


Luckily for South Korea, they did the opposite and tested many.  They set the standard which the other rulers don’t want because they really want us to die, I guess.  Japan’s rulers know for certain, they have way too many elderly who are supported by far too few young people.  This is a way to fix that problem.


Click here to see the full report of the UN WHO report.

Note this part of the report: ‘The potential economic and societal costs of noncommunicable diseases of this type rise sharply with age and will affect economic growth.’  The fast rise in elderly menaces all systems.

With the rise in robot technology humans were less necessary for running systems.  The elites pushed birth control and abortion and began eliminating men as necessary economic forces in families so the divorce rate shot upwards in the middle classes and the poor never even bothered with marriage so that the out of wedlock birth rates of blacks in America, for example, has now skyrocketed to nearly all births.



I will translate this: the State will take care of the childless/one child elderly.  We all know how that works: they will kill them.  The present system is still limping along due to enough baby boomers who had normal families, still trying to struggle along, badly but still operational.  But this is rapidly collapsing.  Why should the younger generation tolerate higher taxes to keep the elderly, who are not their own parents if they even know who their fathers are, for example, why keep them alive?


The inevitable answer is, ‘Let them all die.’  There is no way around this.

And here is the key graph in this report: the very same population dying in hospitals this spring due to the coronavirus are the populations in the graph below:

And the fix for this problem is how Mother Nature operates: you cannot go to infinity slowly, there is a thing called ‘event horizon’: once the scales are tipped, the systems collapse.  the above graph shows the scales tipping.


Now on to a very favorite topic of mine: the Decline and Fall of Ancient Rome.  I pondered on this ever since around age 12.  I have extensive readings on this topic, my bookcase has quite a few books and now we can see this online in various studies and news stories.  Here is one to celebrate reading today that was published two years ago, it has an appropriate top banner that echos the study in interesting ways!  ‘The Next Pandemic’ advertisement for a story about the coronavirus is very ironic at the top of the page.

This story is from two years ago.  It talks about things I talk about endlessly here.  Namely, COLD CYCLES are KILLER CYCLES.  Warm cycles means more people live and prosper.  Cold cycles lead to ‘dark age’ events.


It turns out that climate had a major role in the rise and fall of Roman civilization. The empire-builders benefitted from impeccable timing: the characteristic warm, wet and stable weather was conducive to economic productivity in an agrarian society. The benefits of economic growth supported the political and social bargains by which the Roman empire controlled its vast territory. The favorable climate, in ways subtle and profound, was baked into the empire’s innermost structure.


And what, pray tell, was this ‘favorable climate’?


The end of this lucky climate regime did not immediately, or in any simple deterministic sense, spell the doom of Rome. Rather, a less favorable climate undermined its power just when the empire was imperilled by more dangerous enemies—Germans, Persians—from without. Climate instability peaked in the sixth century, during the reign of Justinian. Work by dendro-chronologists and ice-core experts points to an enormous spasm of volcanic activity in the 530s and 540s CE, unlike anything else in the past few thousand years. This violent sequence of eruptions triggered what is now called the ‘Late Antique Little Ice Age,’ when much colder temperatures endured for at least 150 years.


I noted before on my blog how cooler temperatures, our position vis a vis the Local Star which we call ‘the sun’ causes more volcanic eruptions when solar output is less than during warm cycles.  This causes volcanoes to erupt.


This phase of climate deterioration had decisive effects in Rome’s unravelling. It was also intimately linked to a catastrophe of even greater moment: the outbreak of the first pandemic of bubonic plague.


Ancient authors mentioned this in the Bible.  They are called the Four Horsemen.  Not only is there death and destruction, there is also invasions by barbarians.  These all go hand in glove 2,000 years ago and even now, today.  Note the flood of young, violent foreign males into dying empires today.


Even when this article was published by the Smithsonian Museum, the Bilderberg gang and their tools in the media and government continued screaming about ‘global warming’ but due to it not warming, had to change it to the nonsensical ‘climate change.’  The climate is changing.  It is getting colder.


Some amusing videos (actually, not) to enjoy (after all that dark talk about eliminating the elderly):


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26 responses to “Japan Coronavirus Cases Shoot Upwards…DUH…I Talk About Ancient Rome Dying Yet Again

  1. Kerry

    I think this is mostly a false flag exercise.

    I’m in the middle of the city and it is RARE that I hear any emergency vehicles. If people are supposedly on hands and knees crawling in sickness, why aren’t there sirens?

    The toilet paper nonsense. There was toilet paper in my neighborhood until just before the day they started the slow down. What does that tell me? My neighborhood wasn’t worried. Not untl they started to mess around with the supply chains in order to create panic.

    A foot account on the ground on one of the channels I watch on Youtube claimed to have walked past Javits center to see all the plague victims being wheeled in. NOT ONE! Just personnel hanging around and having smokes.

    There are numerous videos on Youtube of people fighting with medical personnel for claiming false deaths, mislabeling deaths or illness in order to pump up the plague numbers.

    I’m not saying there is no illness, I am saying that most of this is a huge psy-op and all to institute their changes for society. Mainly to push every one into their SMART cities idea and a virtual workforce.

  2. Kerry

    The future society from the words of the powers themselves.

  3. Nina

    In Asian societies they have this special cultural trait called “saving face”. This is very important to most Asians, even those who have lived most of their lifes in Western countries. The worst thing you can do to a Chinese, Vietnamese etc. is to put them in a position that makes them appear bad, stupid or weak. Then they will “loose face”. It is like losing your pride and your honour.

    So when other countries and people now accuse China of being responsible for this epidemic, the Chinese feel like their honour is being attacked, and they “loose face”. So they begin to deflect blame, and accuse others in response.

  4. Zeke

    Corrupt expanding Empires overreach. Far flung military invasions and occupations. Perverted self promoting elites provide bread and circuses to public with increasingly cruel specticals.
    Refugees from the exploited, destabilized colonies flood into the power source. The elites plunder the treasury for their personal use.

    US has military bases in xx number of countries throughout the world. US has bombed, regime changed, destabilized, or invaded yy countries throughout the world.
    Resulting in ‘Vietnamese boat people’, Korea town, influx from Central and Latin America.
    Mostly Billionaires and crime families deplete the treasury for self and friendly donors.

  5. AT

    Trump is in an awkward dilemma:

    Whenever he directly uses a power, as chief executive, to order an executive agency (like the FDA) to do anything, he runs the risk that ultra-liberal federal judges who hate him will bend over backwards and re-write the Constitutional balance of powers in that small niche, and tell him he can’t order it done.

  6. Jim R

    a number of theories have been advanced about Rome —
    1. lead plumbing poisoned ’em and made them stupid.
    2. imperial overstretch — conquered too many far away places, couldn’t manage them.
    3. peak wood — they cut down all Europe’s forests to build things and as firewood.
    4. the idiocracy dynamic — when life was too easy, they became weak and inbred and stupid.
    5. their farms wouldn’t feed them as soil nutrients depleted.
    6. corruption on corruption on corruption. . .

    to which you add:
    7. weather — hmm, maybe.

    of course, we can see a lot of those features at work today. not all, but a lot.

  7. Kerry

    CBS caught using Italy footage and claiming it is from NY.

    Completely empty hospital in Brooklyn. No one even lining up to be tested.


    There is MORE! LOOK! People from everywhere, all over the world, posting videos of completely empty hospitals. Most of them craving business, they will probably be hijacking people off the street soon in order to drum up some drug sales.

  8. KHS71

    My son in law is coming home today from a two night stay in a hospital (Heart issues). He said very few were in. No visitors were allowed. My daughter talked with him via a camera phone.

  9. Floridasandy

    Cases are not deaths.
    All tests start at a baseline of zero
    We have the most diagnosed because Wevhave performed the most tests by far, not to mention China hides everything
    Millions get the flu, most don’t die, and economies continue to function
    Antibody tests are here, so maybe the jig is up
    I always that the toilet paper shortage was a joke on us
    We will see who is laughing in the end

  10. Florida

    In Florida, our weather is hot. People are out with nobody sick and no coughing or symptoms of illness
    Dr Fauci, that Big government POS, just said this will come back every year likely so why the lockdown if their own resident genius said this won’t be contained (just as the flu isn’t)
    Ask how many were quarantined during AIDS, when it had a 100 percent death rate. It was a literal death sentence and people killed each other over the spread. Yeah, I want his advice on absolutely nothing
    We have a tiny death rate and a massive business shutdown , totally unwarranted. Hospitals not busy here, walk in clinics not busy, just businesses being shut down, sadly
    NY is sitting on their ventilators, unused.

  11. lou

    6—You forgot their bringing in Blacks. Are true Italians 4% Afro DNA?
    Why do you think Portugal and Spain went under?

  12. Nina

    Spotlight: Partisanship, federal-state divergences complicate U.S. efforts in COVID-19 battle

  13. Evil tio

    Some tips from Airstrip One.

    If you don’t have a home delivery service and think it might be a good idea, sign up now for accounts for at least two different stores, then use them asap. Reason being they will become overloaded and not accept new accounts and reject inert ones.

    Toilet paper, buy some. For insurance you may wish to go to the hardware store and buy some of those large blue hand wiping rolls and a decent pair of scissors. You do not want to call and engineer to clear your pipes so cut any paper to the same size as regular.

    Bleach and rubbing alcohol are your new best friends, get some. It has to be at least 70%+ alcohol. Use bleach to disinfect incoming goods, leave for at least 15minutes wet. Get a hand dispenser or ten for the alcohol,

    Whilst you are at the hardware store get some disposable gloves and heavy duty wet wipes. Any mask is a good mask even if it stops you touching your face and if you don’t mind going full darth vader, some eye protection.

    You septics have more space so I assume you will have food storage covered. I know you all know what to buy but don’t forget flavour, some spicy pastes are wonderful.

    Good luck.

  14. Kerry

    Where are all the dying patients? Shouldn’t families be rushing their family members into the hospital? Shouldn’t there be loads of ambulances rushing corona drinkers into waiting hazmat areas?

    What a joke.

  15. Unfortunately, just one coronavirus patient can get many STAFF sick. I have a nurse living with me, downstairs. She tells me all about what is going on. She got a little sick with the common cold this week due to overwork. They sent her home for a week. She feels fine yesterday but can’t go back to work until Monday.

    This is all so very crazy and utterly hysterical now.

  16. Kerry


    WHERE ARE THE PATIENTS TO INFECT STAFF? If this thing is so wide spread. WHY aren’t there cars lined up bringing in people who need help? Who are going to need ventilators? I’m in the middle of Brooklyn and it is a rare, rare thing that I hear emergency sirens. On a regular day, I hear them non-stop.

    So why are the hospitals and testing sites empty?

    This is a false-flag. And the most simple answer is that we are in a slow military coup attempt.

  17. I will explain: no need for sirens now that there is little to no traffic. And they don’t rush due to not transporting people bleeding or with broken bones, etc. Driving slower is OK when it is someone who is sick but not needing rush attention.

  18. Kerry

    WHAT? Why are you continuing to spin in the wind? We are being told that elderly patients are in extreme respiratory distress. In such a state I would want to be rushed. If it was my relative I would want them to be rushed. COME ON!


    People should be seeing elderly patients being led into emergency even if in SILENCE.

    There ARE NONE!

    Explain the lack of patients. Where are they?

  19. Zeke

    Anyone who thinks this is some kind worldwide hoax pantomime flash mob performance for whatever reason would be a candidate for Bellevue if there were still any beds left available to non – plague victims.

  20. It is silly. I repeat: no need for sirens when there is no traffic. No need to rush because they have oxygen in the ambulance. It is not like BLEEDING TO DEATH. Then, speed is vital. Ditto, heart attacks. But fevers with more trouble breathing is not a ‘rush fast’ event.

  21. And the parking lots are empty due to NO VISITORS ALLOWED. Duh.

  22. Kerry

    I just finished watching a video of ELMHURST Hospital where NOTHING was going on. NOTHING. A whole block filled with emergency vehicles that weren’t moving.


    A steady stream of people looking for help for their ELDERLY relatives who cannot breath.

    OR are they being told they can’t enter because the hospital is not taking visitors?


    They have tents set up for testing too. EMPTY. Or are the tent testers telling everyone they are not taking visitors? REALLY? When testing should be immediate during a PANDEMIC?

  23. It is not ‘large numbers’ all at once. They trickle in. But they do NOT LEAVE. They stay. The beds run out over time due to STAYING LONG. See?

    My husband was hospitalized for two months this last summer. There were occasional empty rooms on his floors. Right now, they are running out of rooms and out of staff and out of materials because they come in and stay.

    Most hospitals kick you out after less than a week these days. Often just two days or so.

  24. It pays to look at the graphs I publish. We have 180,7000 cases so far. Only 6,200 have gone home, well. 170,000 cases are still active!!!! Serious/critical are now 4,000! 3,600 deaths.

    See? It relentlessly rises in numbers, few leave the hospitals, so the numbers climb.

  25. Kerry

    The graphs are ALL FAKE. They are LYING about the numbers and they are lying about who has the virus.

    HOW are they getting the people into the hospitals?

    A woman sits outside the Queens Elmhurst Hospital for an hour looking for the WAR ZONE.

    She should have at least seen people in distress running INTO the hospital. She didn’t see one. NOT ONE.



  26. You are hysterical now.

    I hope you figure out that reading ALL my stuff including the links, you will be surprised to learn all about how this is happening.

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