Suicidal Democrats Double Down Dumb Attacks On Donald Trump

The level of obnoxious entitlement of the Bilderberg gang never ceases to shock and amaze me.  The stress of lying nonstop is destroying Pelosi, her rebuilt, botoxed mask of a face is melting like the Wicked Witch of the West that she is as Trump dumps water on her head every week.  After piling on a mountain of goodies to the ‘save America from coronavirus’ bill, she has the audacity to attack the President yet again.  This mindless dog of a woman reminds me of yapping doggies:

Looks just like my little Skyler only grey instead of yellow!  She yaps and yaps and does absolutely nothing like the Da…mn Blasio of NY infamy.  California and NY have been turned into cesspools by the leftist elites.  They think they are super smart yet walk around mountains of feces and spent needles with dangerous diseases and armies of angry, hungry sewer rats and they dare to tell the rest of us, they should rule us all and abuse us all.


Bad news: Trump extends the coronavirus guidelines to April 30th! This is insanity.  It isn’t possible.  By then, the dangers of social and economic collapse are greater than the disease.  This disease already has ways of fixing it so we have ‘normal’ deaths instead of super deaths.  No need to test the vaccine to infinity and of course, the variations on the malaria meds that appears to make symptoms tolerable should be imposed wholescale now.


I don’t rule this country or the world but I do know that anyone with any brains who wishes to do this should do this!  It is very simple! The other solution stinks.  And worse, the other solution (doing nothing about stopping the disease except by strangling all businesses and social systems!) is fatal.  So why have a solution that not only doesn’t stop millions of people from dying but also kills the economy, too????  That makes no sense at all!

The fake liberals are attacking the President for not doing enough after they attacked the President, trying to impeach him while the virus was killing thousands of people…hello!  THEY have been doing the stupid things, the wrong things!  The fact that they refuse to take responsibility for their irresponsible and reprehensible behaviours is infuriating.



So, many more thousands died of this virus in China?  Most likely, no communist government in history has been honest about anything at all.  Also, Trump is more and more popular on TV especially when he talks about the coronavirus mess.  So mainstream TV is going to slit their own throats and cease covering him?  HAHAHA.  See?  They really are malicious and insane!  Arrest them all.


Note how they struggle to make it look like Trump, who has to worry about all systems, is stupid while a doctor who only has one goal, is super smart and we should obey the doctor who hasn’t the faintest idea how economic systems work or fail!


Some of the Senators are getting totally pissed off now.  And I am happy about this, I hope they get very motivated and stop thinking there are no solutions when there are solutions:  we know very few young people die of this stupid virus, it appears much, much less dangerous for young people than the Hong Kong flu which hammered young adults more than anyone else!  Time to release 50% of the population from quarantine!


NY City is unique in that it is stuffed full of people in bad physical health due to living in NYC which has very dirty air and water and streets, etc.  These people will be hammered by any disease due to living in like Calcutta conditions!  We can ignore the mass death rate in the gigantic, teeming, filthy slums.  This is reality!  We can’t stop reality.  Killing the entire nation due to the NYC/Detroit/Baltimore/Camden etc. slums is insane.  These cities are generally unproductive and many are huge overhangs on state budgets and house mainly people who are dependent upon the state for living conditions and whose schools are hell holes that teach very little and cost very dearly!


900 NYC cops have the coronavirus of 38,500 is 11% out sick,  NY City is led by only Democrats, the Senators of this miserable place are both hardline Trump hating hags, the governor of NY has some tiny sanity and is cooperating every other day with our President only to go nuts again the next day and so on.


My state will have to just limp along.  Keep them all in quarantine in NYC and nearby areas while the rest of us live normal lives, thank you.


Going nuts in Germany:A German state finance minister took his own life after expressing “despair” over how to handle the economic fallout from coronavirus, an official said.


Thomas Schaefer, who was the finance minister of Germany’s Hesse region, was found dead by suicide Saturday on railway tracks at Hochheim, which is near Frankfurt.


State governor Volker Bouffier said Sunday that the 54-year-old had become consumed with how to handle the coronavirus crisis sending the global markets into freefall.  He said Schaefer was particularly concerned about “whether it would be possible to succeed in fulfilling the population’s huge expectations, particularly of financial help.”


This is what happens when people can’t think.  It never ceases to amaze me, how people simply stop figuring out things!  I spent nearly 100 years trying to figure out things day in and day out and frankly, I enjoy this!  I get real pleasure.  The bigger the challenge, the more I think and the more I try this that or another solution until something works!

Under stress, chimps evolved rapidly to be very nasty, fighting ferociously for survival.  This is how evolution works.  Survival of the fittest as we are being reminded right now.  Many humans don’t want to struggle to exist.  Alas, this is reality!  Humans evolved from apes that killed animals to stay alive during the Ice Ages, for 3 million years.  Now we have gangs ranging through ‘civilized cities’ acting like apes in jungles and the same evolutionary forces are at work, too.  My own ancestors were very unpleasant people to meet, especially when my ancestors were ‘hunting’ which is why the Norman nobility forbade hunting to peasants lest they evolve back into fighters instead of slaves!


Who wants that now?  We have to fight the rulers who have decided to let us all die not of disease but social collapse!


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