Trump Forced The Food And Drug Authorization To Enalble the Use of Hydroxycholoroquine Medicines In The National Stockpile NOW

The Food and Drug Authorization woke up to reality and decided this evening, they will enable the use of hydroxychloroquine meds from their stockpile!


Trump pushed very hard today, behind the scenes!  He did it!  He finally forced everyone to begin doing sane things in DC and sane things about this epidemic.  Bravo!!!  I was getting very, very angry about the dithering, stupid, annoying goofs who prevented instant actions.  We have to try and try to do things that might work.  We can’t wait for perfect solutions that only come after everyone is either dead or bankrupt.


The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, decades-old malaria drugs championed by President Donald Trump for coronavirus treatment despite scant evidence.


The agency allowed for the drugs to be “donated to the Strategic National Stockpile to be distributed and prescribed by doctors to hospitalized teen and adult patients with COVID-19, as appropriate, when a clinical trial is not available or feasible,” HHS said in a statement, announcing that Sandoz donated 30 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to the stockpile and Bayer donated 1 million doses of chloroquine.

Three officials told POLITICO that FDA’s planned move would facilitate more access to the drug by allowing more manufacturers to produce or donate it.


The leftists are FURIOUS.  The article by Politico is stupid, it sneers about the drugs and is very annoying, snide and above all, stupid.  Hell’s bells! We have to try anything and everything lest we slide further off the cliff and fall to destruction!!!


This insanity has to stop.  Let us experiment!  And on with the massive push to let us use the vaccine even if it isn’t perfect, less than perfect is better than DEATH.


Trump has pushed to experiment with new therapies and not wait on the usual clinical protocols, given the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus pandemic. Asked by a POLITICO reporter whether his agencies should wait for more evidence on anti-malaria drugs, the president on Friday stressed the need for speed, alluding to disagreements with infectious-disease specialist Anthony Fauci — one of several officials who has privately counseled the president not to rush on unproven medicines.


Choosing between DEATH and ‘sort of not perfect’ is an easy call for me.  As for arthritis patients, etc.: they are protected from the disease!  But don’t want the rest of us protected?  Isn’t that charming of them all!  Arthritis is annoying.  Coronavirus can be FATAL.  A huge differential.  Keeping people with achy joints happy compared to keeping people ALIVE is an easy call.


“I think Tony would disagree with me … [but] we have a pandemic, we have people dying now,” Trump said, adding that he’d recently spoken with FDA and been frustrated by the agency’s pace.“They indicated that we’ll start working on it right away. It could take a year,” the president said. “I said what do you mean a year? We have to have it tonight.”


Hooray.  All this is due 100% to Trump twisting arms!  Someone had to do this and I am very happy Trump was willing to do this.  We have to throw everything possible at this disease!  We can’t dilly dally and wait for perfection, we need to have everything and anything happening NOW, not a year from now, but NOW….I have written often about the importance of ‘now’.


It is life and death, death is the closing of the door on ‘now’ and it becomes ‘NEVER.’


By the way, the few comments at Politico about this news were snide, nasty, anti-Trump and sneers about how this won’t work and who cares and other fatalistic garbage the left feeds on like rats eating a rotten corpse.  Yuck.


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7 responses to “Trump Forced The Food And Drug Authorization To Enalble the Use of Hydroxycholoroquine Medicines In The National Stockpile NOW

  1. AT

    “. . . As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK. . . .“

  2. LOU

    off topic…someone mentioned a you tube channel here, a year or 3 back.
    An old woman in Israel who talks Kabbala -Zohar or whatever.

    whats the name of her channel?

  3. Hell Soonish

    Trump has finally gotten a grasp of the situation, which is a relief. It’s not about hydroxychloroquine, that thing helps but is not a cure. It’s that he finally realize that hundreds of thousands are about to die. He needs to plan according to that scenario.

    100k to 2 mil death is only from this current version of coronavirus. RNA is unstable, and experiences 35000 times more mutations than DNA. Coronavirus is an RNA virus, thus will mutate quickly, especially given a huge infection sample.

    Get ready for version 2, 3, 4 of coronavirus at some point. Immunity to current version after getting infected may not work against the new versions.

    Then there’s the social unrest that can follow when the gun nuts, the thugs, the insane, the evangelicals, and cults of various flavors simply snap and go on rampage.

    Trump has much coming his way. But they do say, crisis is the time for one to grow and rise to the challenge. I sincerely hope he can make it.

  4. The insanity of demanding withholding the drug that might work due to it being needed for people with arthritis discomfort drove me up the wall! I was furious that ‘doctors’ would recommend that a million people die so we can have comfortable people who have something that isn’t deadly!

    The inability to understand what requires action, what matters the most was infuriating and signs of a dying civilization that can’t figure out simple logic events.

    By the way, evolution will kick in again as the ‘strong’ survive a plague and the ‘weak’ die. We call this ‘living in interesting times.’

  5. CK

    There are approx. 3,000,000 Americans with RA and Lupus, how many of them have been admitted to hospitals or tested positive for Sars Covid 2019?
    It was known in 2005 that what they are now calling the Trump Cure worked against Sars Covid 2005. The 2005 Coronavirus was pretty much a damp squib so the research was memory holed.
    Also the mathematics of death have to be considered. First as the deaths from this disease are concentrated in those of us of advanced years, the excess deaths will have a salubrious effect on the currently broken/bankrupt Medicare system and to a much lesser degree on the in the red Social Security system. Solvency through the mass death of your citizens. Second are all the huge underfunded pension liabilities from states and corporations and unions. Each extra old fart that dies from this disease this year is one less claimant going forward. Solvency through the mass death of your beneficiaries. Third of course is the fact that old farts have homes and art collections and portfolios and savings that will be apportioned to state death and inheritance tax collectors and the remainder to their children and grandchildren. Solvency through getting out of the basement. Fourth of course is the fact that old folks with assets voted very strongly for Republicans, and if enough of them die now they won’t be able to vote for them again. It is not a surprise that Michigan has decided through legal threats at doctors who prescribe the Trump Cure and other liberal states have as well to try and prevent a known cure from being made available.
    Just so it is understood, there is no Nobel Prize in medicine for using an 85 year old generic drug to stop an epidemic. And there is no huge per pill profit in using a $6.00 a day drug cocktail for 6 days versus an $1100 pill for months on end or a annual flu shot that doesn’t work.
    Gilead pharma ( partially owned by George Soros ) created Harvoni the hep c CURE. And Goldman Sachs Investment Advisory denigrated them for it because if you cure someone they no longer need your $1100 a day pill.
    Curing a disease means no profit/cured person. Much better to follow the lead of the Diabetes drug manufacturers and keep the diseased hooked on insulin or Trulicity or Ozempic or any of the other very expensive non-cures.

  6. Yes, I just wrote about the Great Culling today then read your comment. Good comment!

    Yes, I have discussed their need to clear the decks while pretending to care for everyone. They can’t be callus like the Chinese dictators who openly kill off millions of people without batting an eyelash.

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