Lunatic Leaders: Lock Down Till Hell Freezes Over After Global Warming Kills Everyone



HAHAHA.  All DNC run states are locking themselves down like, until June?  Insane.  No shock.  The unnecessary 9/11 lock down was the test case.  Citizens obeyed the lock down.  Only Saudi Muslims were allowed to move about freely after attacking us.  I watched their private jets fly out of NY state from upstate airports since they couldn’t nakedly do this at NYC airports.  I actually watched this happen and wrote about it, online, at the NY Times forums which the NYT destroyed within a few months after 9/11.

The elite lady who runs the Kennedy Center.  Not one penny of the $25 million in free loot thanks to Chuckie Schumer, will go to the workers who were laid off.  This is the Bilderberg gang at work: workers don’t work, they are to go off and die!  While the Bilderbergers celebrate using taxpayer money for their extravaganzas.  Wikipedia:


Authorized by the 1958 National Cultural Center Act of Congress,[1] which requires that its programming be sustained through private funds, the center represents a public–private partnership. Its activities include educational and outreach initiatives, almost entirely funded through ticket sales and gifts from individuals, corporations, and private foundations.


90% of the stuff at the Kennedy Center is pure junk.  Culture has died long ago.  It is taxpayer supported fun times for the very top elites, not for the roiling masses of proletariat.  The modern junk that passes for ‘high culture’ is particularly jarring and annoying.  I think the entire charade should end.  Killing ‘high culture’ was done via literally killing the elites after WWI.  It is dead. Has been dead, all my long life.


I used to give speeches in Manhattan about all this, the death of the Fine Arts.  The death of the high arts has been very important to me even back in the 1960’s.  By the way, the bulk of the audience for these events in Manhattan like at Kennedy Center, are mainly the elderly who are the ones dying of this disease.


Now, the lockdown is equally national and for just as unjustified reasons.  We now know that the primary victims of this virus are the sick and elderly, locking down all systems totally so they collapse is insane.  I explained earlier this morning how this is the goal of the Bilderberg gang, they couldn’t believe they were able to fool everyone after 9/11 to sit at home, helpless, while the gang especially the Saudi members, freely moved around the planet.


So it is today, the British royals have gone all over kingdom come during the last three months even up to just the other day even after we learn the Crown Prince had this disease!


Costa Rica bans visiting the beach even when empty!

Note how in many of these places with draconian rules are also places where crime gets away with stuff all the time and the authorities barely bother them.

Some brainiac in Manhattan thought making the Empire State Building look like an ambulance alarm was funny.

And the muggers and shoplifters and assorted criminals seem unbothered by all the rules and regulations.  In third world communities inside modern cities, crime continues with the cops reluctant to patrol at all.


Many Italians want out of the EU.  Many in England want the authorities to stop being Big Brother to whites while letting Muslim/black communities to continue running riot as it is in France, too, and Germany and even Sweden, etc.

A lot of citizens are very angry about this cracking down on citizens while letting invaders roam at will, especially criminal aliens.

And it is happening here, too.  No one patrols the slums while the police delight in pushing around middle class taxpayers.  When NYC was burning down and going bankrupt, the politicians used the cops to do this, too.  No arrests in slums, constant hassles of people who paid taxes.

The Constitution is a mere piece of paper as Bilderberg gangster Presidents have said openly in the past.  The Supreme Court even said, years ago, we don’t need to count votes in an election, either.  And we can’t sue to force sane voting systems that are incorruptible, either.  We have been seeing the desiccation of the Constitution for many years now.

HAHAHA.  The mass of students now in urban schools are a pretty nasty crew these days.  Integration has totally failed and now all the hard working students live on the outskirts of big cities, virtually no sane parents live in cities if they have kids or can’t afford expensive private schools.


Some 15,000 Los Angeles high school students have not participated in any online learning since schools were forced to shut down in wake of coronavirus, new data shows.


On top of that, a further 26,000 of the 105,000 high school students participating in online classes have not checked in on a daily basis since institutions closed on March 16, although some of those students may have been assigned coursework that did not require logging on.


The figures, released by Supt. Austin Beutner on Monday, demonstrate how difficult the transition to online learning in wake of coronavirus shutting down schools, is proving. Last week, the district said it was investing $100 million in providing Chromebooks and tablets, as well as free internet access in conjunction with Verizon, to all students who did not already have it.


Two comments to the article reflecting nearly all the comments:


The problem is not the “difficult transition”. It’s that they don’t care. Neither do their parents.




I volunteer for the FDIC and the Federal Reserve Bank to make financial literacy presentations to schools around the metro. Every teacher, every single teacher, state the the hardest part of their career is: Lack of Parental Involvement.




In most cases Parent (singular).


And many of these ‘students’ in our big cities are now roaming the streets at night, looking for loot.  Speaking of LA:

“The cartels have suffered from COVID-19 due to the inability to get the regular shipments of synthetic opioids and precursor chemicals for the massive production of meth from China,” Derek Maltz, a former special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Operations Division in New York, told Fox News.


Bright side to social collapse, I guess.


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3 responses to “Lunatic Leaders: Lock Down Till Hell Freezes Over After Global Warming Kills Everyone

  1. lou

    That is quite a column.
    from quarantine to no fen fen via Mexico and China.


  2. Zeke

    Wasn’t it President W (RNC, not DNC) that facilitated the Saudis to leave US immediately after 911 and fly back to Saudi Arabia? When all other flights were grounded. Without even being interviewed by FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.
    The Bushes (imo crime family) had (has) extensive links to the Saudi royal family, Saudi oil, and even bin Laden.
    See Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911”.

  3. Zeke

    Despite being one of the richest countries on earth and in a much touted supposedly great economy –
    Wall Street and the so called “Federal Reserve Bank” and Banksters have reduced the non-Billionaire population to near penury and now in dire need, to wards of the state.

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