Plague Hits Cuomo Clan In New York

The New York POST is a great paper, they actually carry news.  The New York Times, on the other hand, is a rotten Bilderberg news paper that peddles nothing but lies, morning, noon and night.  The cover of the NY Post is clear enough including the real goat story.  The NYT editorial front page clearly shows how evil and insane these monsters really are.

The wretches at the NYT interview each other:


Bret Stephens: Gail, I’m having a weird disconnect.


These brats are always disconnected from reality.  Frankly, they are insane.


On Friday, I rode my bike all the way up to the George Washington Bridge. The weather was perfect and New York had never looked so glorious. The next day, which was dank and rainy, Donald Trump raised the possibility of quarantining New York, along with parts of the tristate area.


Much of this winter which continues, was dank and dark.  It is dank and dark today, too.


I experience this presidency as a cross between Stephen King’s “It” and “The Truman Show.” Nonetheless, Donald Trump’s popularity is rising. What gives?


What gives is, not everyone is utterly insane like the creeps the NY Times owners hire.


Gail Collins: I still adhere to the rule that there is no situation so bad that Donald Trump can’t make it worse.


HAHAHA.  Right.  Unlike with you idiots.  You guys can’t report real news or you would all blow up.  So you stick to fake news.


Bret: If he had been the designer of the Titanic, there would have been fewer lifeboats.


The rich and powerful have ‘lifeboats’ but if the staff who works for them imagine they will be rescued, too.  Forget about it.  Ask the Titanic dead, most of whom were lower class workers and peasants.


Gail: Or his minions would have forgotten to check for holes.


What is not very funny here is, the NYT and their buddies in the DNC didn’t make a peep during all of January and most of February about the real news from China nor the news that Trump was moving rapidly to deal with the Chinese communists deliberately lying about the coronavirus.


The NYT was consumed with trying to impeach Trump!  This is all they had on their front page every single day and I noted this at my real news service back then, too.


But even as we’re seeing him flounder, people want to believe they have a leader who knows what he’s doing in this crisis. So it’s not surprising his polls have ticked up.


The mainstream media right now in this very editorial continues to attack Trump nonstop at the top of their lungs.  The hatred we all have for these deranged, evil elves is huge.  This is very dangerous.  People want the NY Times dead.  This isn’t ‘we disagree’ but rather, ‘you want to kill US, we will kill you’ rage.


Although actually Trump’s popularity hasn’t risen all that much considering the intensity of the situation. Certainly nothing compared to what we saw with George W. Bush after 9/11.


OK: about 9/11.  The NY Times and Bush Jr. and many other BILDERBERG GANGSTERS lied to the US people.  They lied over and over again.  They then deliberately orchestrated a frame-up on Saddam and Iraq based on totally false information.  This was a war crime.


The war with Iraq was very short and the mess continues today and it has destroyed a huge hunk of the Middle East and continues to broil away and nothing was fixed, nothing was saved and these gangsters used 9/11 as an excuse to attack and destroy several other countries, too.


All of this led to diplomatic and economic failures.


Bret: Not a perfect comparison. You can fault George W. Bush in any number of ways, but he did not spend the months before 9/11 repeatedly telling the public that there was absolutely no threat of a terrorist attack on our soil or boasting that he had it all under control, or claiming Osama bin Laden was a liberal hoax to delegitimize his presidency and wreck the economy.


Good grief.  Here is reality, both these silly reporters who have zero brains didn’t remember:

HAHAHA.  The NY Times wrote an article on 9/11/2012 about how Bush Jr. was ‘deaf to 9/11 warnings!’   HAHAHA.  Brain rot at the NYT is ferocious now.  It took me less than 2 seconds to find this information because I knew how and where to find it.


Gail: Excellent point.


Gail: Maybe it’s just national attention deficit disorder. People do hit a point where they just can’t cope with coronavirus discussions 24-7.


These dimwitted dummies think they are super smart.  The dumb Bilderberg gangsters at the top are in deep trouble, hiring dumb staff to deliver fake news is blowing up in their faces.  HAHAHA.

‘Fredo’ Cuomo, the CNN brother of our governor of NY has the coronavirus now.  He is reduced to peddling his lies from his basement den, cut off from everyone on earth.  Good riddance.  Maybe he will now report real news periodically like maybe the weather…NO…he can’t even do that.

The death toll rises and rises and there is little we can do until the lunatics running our nation figure out the obvious and release the vaccination so we can choose to test it, ourselves.

NYC is by far the worse off.  It is crowded, a huge hunk of the population is troublesome, kept going at government expense to be a political power tool used by the Bilderberg gang. Toss these people some spare change and free housing and they will terrorize the taxpayers and the government can then save them from the criminals being funded by the Party and we have a vicious circle of misery and high taxes.


Well, this is crashing down, now.  The teeming slums that is the base of power for the Democrats is collapsing in NYC rapidly.  No shock to me!  And the crash is extending into the elites like the Cuomo gang.  Bang!  They are now being hit, too.

In England, it is the same story.  The disease is hitting the rich and the poor but the poor most.  It has taken up residence in all slums and these tend to be close by the powerful just like Manhattan is surrounded by slums.


Fun pictures of the tugboats that patrol the NY Harbor escorting the Navy medical hospital ship into NY City yesterday (and the Bilderberg media refused to report it at first, of course):

Workers are being worked literally to death:

The Real Rulers are now clueless. They still hope to gain more power via infecting us with a terrible disease.  This is insane.  I am furious that all the good things happen DESPITE the hard efforts of the mainstream media and the DNC to make things worse and worse.


This lunacy has to end, somehow.  All the lunatics hoping to get richer or more powerful should figure out by now, this isn’t going too well for them.  The rage people have about all this, the knowledge that every time Trump pushes solutions forwards, the gang doubles down on the attacks and tries hard to undo whatever Trump does.  This cannot go on and on while systems die.  One by one, systems are being destroyed and this lunacy continues.





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6 responses to “Plague Hits Cuomo Clan In New York

  1. Lisa

    The zombie apocalypse has already happened. They all dwell in newsrooms and look for brains because they have none of their own.

  2. Kerry

    That picture was taken from ONE video by a crazy man who could barely speak clearly. Most NY hospitals have private areas where they load bodies because people pass every day not just during a pandemic. So why switch it to outside? WHY?

    Oh, because they are suddenly overwhelmed?

    Even though no one is lining up to be tested and admitted for a pandemic virus? No one dropping off their loved ones to be wheeled into emergency?

    The media is using this one video to DESCRIBE ALL of NY. Which is FALSE.

    The media is falsely reporting the situation in order to create CHAOS.

    According to this video, med staff claim they aren’t allowed to test. So what are all those tents for outside most hospitals?

    Actual testing site, where they claim it isn’t what the media is stating.

    Interesting info on the test.

  3. KHS71

    Fredo is 49 and should come through it without too many issues unless he is hiding an under lying health issue. Some people thick this is a fake to increase his viewing numbers at CNN.

  4. Zeke

    Queens remained the hardest-hit borough with 13,869 cases, followed by Brooklyn at 11,160 and The Bronx with 7,814. Manhattan had 6,539 and Staten Island 2,354.

    At least 8,549 people have been hospitalized.

  5. Kerry

    8549 = 26 – 8 INFINITY – EIGHT BALL – CHAI.

    Black Number Magic

    LOOK at the videos I posted. How did these phantom 8549 people get into empty hospitals? What did they sneak them through? Maybe they are going through secret entrances. Because they sure aren’t going through the testing tents which are EMPTY. And they aren’t going through the front doors. And they aren’t arriving in the emergency entrance.


    ALL OVER THE WORLD? WHERE are the patients coming from?

    WHERE IS fricking COVID Waldo?

  6. Literally, these sick people in Queens ARE ‘coming from all over the world’: illegal aliens. It took me less than ten minutes to figure out what was going on once I got the data of the death/sick rates from NYC this morning, at dawn.

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