London Daily Mail Daily Attacks On Trump Fizzle As Desperate Lies Easily Refuted

All of these clips are from the Daily Mail in England which is a country being totally ravaged by this disease outbreak as is now all of Europe, far worse than the US.  The Daily Mail hates Trump and attacks him as nonstop as US media giants and for the same dumb reasons.  Nothing he does is good, he is always responsible for everything but gets credit for nothing.  A stupid formula.  But the stories I am highlighting shows how the present hysteria is gripping the masses due to misinformation or sheer stupidity.

This is a wrong headline and is being pushed by liberals to minimize the true nature of this virus.  It kills people who are already basically, dying.  If you have lung disease, a stroke, Alsheimer’s or diabetes, you will probably die of the coronavirus.  If you don’t have these, you will mostly be merely sick to some degree.  If you have cancer or heart disease, you will also die if you have coronavirus.


This is extremely important information to know.  It is part of the developing triage push.  The sane thing to do is, triage people. Don’t waste energy, time and resources trying to keep dying people alive when they are already triggered to die due to deadly health conditions!  Also, people are going literally insane and doing very nasty things like kill their partners or themselves due to fear of the disease, for example.


Irrational hysteria cause endless difficulties.  This is very common.  People, when fearful or under pressure, can ‘blow a fuse’ and do irrational, destructive things.  All my very long life I have watched this happen over and over again.  It is normal for some humans to break under pressure.



It is now coming out: China hoarded everything possible when the coronavirus broke out.  Hoarding is bad.  It makes everything freeze up.  Much of the hoard never is used. This is an eternal rule of nature.  Now, China is sending back to the countries, the stuff they hoarded and claiming they are being ‘humanitarian’.  Well, thanks for the returns!  Sheesh.



The ‘reconsidering’ story illustrates what everyone on earth was doing for the longest time: living in denial, telling the wrong advice, head in the sand, etc.  Nearly all of these clowns then turn to blaming Trump and Americans.  This is a sign of insanity.  It goes to show, people never really grow up, even the ‘smartest’ people revert to childish thinking processes when pressured.



The above story illustrates childish thinking by the Daily Mail staff: Trump called upon his friend who owns the Walmart organization and asked him to step up efforts to make masks as fast as possible and the owner agreed!  This is called ‘GOOD NEWS’ normally. So the DM decides to make it sound like ‘bad news’ by using clever wording.


Walmart is making these masks for the Feds to DISTRIBUTE.  Oh my! That is so, so evil!  Who else will distribute them?  He also told states they can do this, too.  That is, ask various entities and businesses to also do this, inside of the states!  And some have.  Other organizations have asked people to make these as group projects, too. And they are!  The US has a long proud tradition of volunteerism, not statism like in Europe which is much more passive.

And the brutality in China roars onwards.  Those poor wild bears!  Trapped in tiny cages and milked for something that has zero medical value!  This is so disgusting.   I wonder if liberals will notice.

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