New York Politicians Continue Wailing At Trump, Demanding HE Save Everyone!

Bilderberg news reluctantly admits Trump is right, there is some meds that help us survive this virus.


Will they kill all news about how to save ourselves?  They are now scared, even the Crown Prince of England is sick with this disease!  They can’t run off to their various castles and mansions to hide.  So finally, reluctantly, they are letting Trump function again…barely.  For they are still menacing him with an ‘investigation’ of how he is doing things while under full fire by…the Bilderberg gang!  This lunacy continues…


After repeatedly mocking President Trump for suggesting on March 19 that hydroxychloroquine could be an effective treatment for coronavirus, media organizations have begun acknowledging that the drug — now approved for emergency use to treat coronavirus by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — may be useful after all.

The above tweet recalls how the DNC didn’t get ready for anything, nor did the GOP.  Trump is an outsider with BOTH.  He has done a hero’s job pushing for fixing the wall facing Mexico, for example.  He, alone, did what he could while being impeached, to also deal with this disease while the media and politicians called him names and said he was stupid.


Now, NY Governor Cuomo is wailing for help while…attacking our President.  He is demanding the President save everyone who hates him with a hot passion.  NY City is the hot epicenter of this disease and no politicians in this insane, stupid, nasty city are apologizing to Trump, on the contrary, they doubled down with the dumb.


Senile old Joe Biden decided to choose this moment in history to attack our President who has been stymied endlessly by DNC  politicians and media, to attack the President for not being prepared enough due mainly to the DNC gang not stockpiling enough meds and tools for epidemics!

This is a speech I could have given long ago.  Free trade meant stripping the country of all manufacturing.  DUH.  Then we learn the downside of doing this.  The Chinese knew this since 1986.  They figured it out!  They boasted to me that they figured this out, back then, I told the State Department but obviously, it was not figured out by our leaders and mainstream media and our bosses who wanted cheap labor.


From 2011, my own news service:

From last August when the Bilderberg gang was working tirelessly to destroy Trump via help from China.

Former head of NY Fed Reserve is a traitor, demands bank wreck economy so that the Chinese can win in their fight with Trump!  Arrest Dudley and charge him with treason, now.  The DNC supporters are hysterical enough to plot to destroy our economy in order to destroy Trump and then continue destroying America with one way trade with China.


Dudley urged Federal Reserve officials not to lower interest rates as a backstop while the president continues his battle against China. Trump has recently increased tariffs on Chinese goods and has called on the nation’s central bank to sharply lower interest rates to help fight the trade war against China.


Now on to Russian news:

The EU has attacked our President nonstop.  At least the new Prime Minister of England has been friendly!  So we send aid to England.  Germany?  Nope.  Auf Wiedersehen!  In Europe, Middle Eastern populations of all sorts are doing the same exact thing I discussed earlier today: totally ignoring the rules about going about in the streets.

While arresting and terrorizing and putting in jail or even beating citizens, the aliens roam freely and the governments in all of Europe are terrified of stopping this.  In the US, in the major slums….NEW YORK CITY, ANYONE! is the same.  This is causing great rage in the population that is obeying the rules.

Now for something completely different, Mark Dice mocks all these stupid, nasty, obnoxious, lying politicians in New York, my darling state:

Cuomo just said, ‘Seize resources is the wrong word…we are going to share.’  HAHAHA.  The communist manifesto!


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5 responses to “New York Politicians Continue Wailing At Trump, Demanding HE Save Everyone!

  1. Kerry

    There is no EPICENTER of anything but of lies. They are using these lies to bring down NATIONS (not just the US) because a small group has decided they need a new societal structure.

    According to the CDC we are actually lower in flu deaths since 2017.

    What does this tell us? When the statistics take a strange curve away from the previous years?

    Is Flu and Pneumonia suddenly disappearing? Or are they shaving some things off the top to GIN UP a fake outbreak?

  2. AT

    The “tell” is the con job is when the death rates from othe causes in the last month or so goes down, while “coronavirus deaths” go up. It tells you that people are dying with coronavirus, not because of it.

  3. snoosebomb

    chinee ‘sho do make fine bio-weaponze , don’t take much,, victoms shoot self in foot

  4. snoosebomb

    this is what WW3 looks like

  5. JimmyJ

    Some bright spark called it “WWC”.

    Rhymes with 3, get it?

    Which sounds cute until you can’t help but picture toilets and diarrhea (WC), which actually seems suitable as well, since diarrhea is one understated symptom of this.

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