US Drugs Offshored to China/India Means We Have Problems!

This story is Russian news.  Evidently, our ‘ally’ India has put a hold on the malaria drugs so they can have them for India.  This is the obvious downside to globalism and offshoring our necessities and other things we need hither and yon.  I definitely want us to resume making important products we need all the time especially in emergencies.


The federal government has already accumulated some 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine in its national stockpiles, and is seeking to acquire more, even though the drug’s effectiveness against Covid-19 is still being tested and remains questionable.


29 million doses and we have well over 350 million people.  Not a good match.


“After a call today with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is giving serious consideration to releasing the hold it put on a US order for hydroxychloroquine,” Trump announced at a White House coronavirus task force briefing.


The drugs, which suppress the immune system, like hydroxychloroquine, are often seen as potentially helpful against Covid-19 because the virus over-stimulates an immune response which can cause organ failure. Yet, they appear to be ineffective against the virus itself.


We all know this drug is not a cure…it is palliative, that is, it helps you SURVIVE.  Not die!  This is the differential here.  It works best on people who don’t have very dire pre-existing conditions especially cancer.  This is another reason for triage.


Tracing the coronavirus in Italy shows how tricky this is compared to the Hong Kong flu:


In March 2019, Italy became the first G7 country to agree to join China’s “Belt and Road” (BRI) initiative, a global investment project known as the communist regime’s new “Silk Road,” seeking to link China to Europe and the rest of the world.


The program has since expanded shipping trade in Italy, particularly within the nation’s northern regions, such as Lombardy, the region that is home to Milan, which became the epicenter of the pandemic in Italy.


The first reported cases of the virus in Italy were two Chinese tourists–a husband and wife–who arrived in Milan from Wuhan and fell sick in Rome. The third case was an Italian citizen repatriated from Wuhan. These early cases were quickly isolated in Rome in January. But experts now believe that the virus was spreading for weeks throughout the Lombardy region by the time the 38-year-old super spreader identified as Italy’s “Patient One” contracted the disease in February.Early contact tracing suggests that this individual may have gotten the virus from another European who had recently been to China.


I was the first reported case connected to the carrier of the Hong Kong flu, the US soldier who ran around Hong Kong for fun before returning on leave, to the US and who was literally dying when I gave him first aid.  Tracing that noxious germ was relatively easy.  But no one traced it inside Mao’s mad China back in 1968!  Nope!  Who knows what happened there?


People were being systematically starved, beaten or tortured to death with no numbers, no witnesses, nothing.  It was shut down to the outside world back then, during the Cultural Revolution years.


“It spread around Lombardy, the Italian region that has by far the most trade with China and the home of Milan, the country’s most culturally vibrant and business-centered city,” the New York Times reported. But the person they called “Patient One” was probably “Patient 200,” Italian epidemiologist Fabrizio Pregliasco explained.


The reason for this is simple: this virus has a long incubation period.  The Hong Kong flu had a very short incubation period.  The West called it ‘the Hong Kong flu’ because the first listed victim in the US picked it up there.


By the time Italy finally halted travel from China in February, the virus had already spread throughout the community. Even so, China condemned Italy’s decision.


And today, China’s dictators are screaming that they are not responsible for this utter mess they created by hiding the truth exceptly like their beloved Chairman Mao was responsible for the Hong Kong flu, not Hong Kong which took many measures to track and alert about the flu.  Unlike China!


So while Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte made his lockdown announcement, swarms of citizens bombarded the train stations — or got into their vehicles — and fled the newly quarantined areas to head home, where they brought the disease to their relatives, further spreading the virus throughout Italy.


Days later, on March 9, the Italian government then applied the same lockdown to the entire country. But some might argue that at that point, it was too late. The damage had already been done.


The exact same thing happened here in NY.


These multi-generational households might help explain why many elderly people in Italy are dying from the coronavirus, according to data collected by the University of Bonn in Germany.


“If you share a house, it’s very likely that other people will get it,” said University of Bonn professor Christian Bayer, who co-authored a new research paper on coronavirus transmission.


The paper discovered a correlation between countries where multi-generational households are common and higher coronavirus fatality rates, reports Wall Street Journal.


This is true for sure in NY city where space is very limited and everyone lives on top of each other and in minority communities like blacks and Hasidim and Hispanic, this spreads it far and wide especially since these same populations absolutely refuse to self-restrict.  Instead, they clump together even more, not less.


Note that none are wearing gloves.  I wore surgical gloves from a hospital every time I went out during the last month.  People thought this was funny.  But here I am, with possibly the disease (I hope not!) and if I do have it, this shows that all attempts at stopping it were doomed failures from the start.  South Korea, which boasted about all this just the other day, has increasing numbers of cases now, too.  As does China who lie about all this from day one and continues to lie but can’t conceal this totally, anymore.


Time for politics.  The US is the rescuer, usually but now now.  We have to rescue ourselves.

And triage, as I pointed out earlier, is dangerous.  You are always between a rock and a hard place.  I just bought an under the tongue thermometer.  These are far more accurate than wands waved in front of the face.  My present temperature is 99.3 which is a very low grade fever but then, this is how this disease starts.



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9 responses to “US Drugs Offshored to China/India Means We Have Problems!

  1. nclaughlin

    I also have an oximeter which measures the oxygen saturation of your blood. It’s a clothespin like device that you put your finger in. I use it several times a day. Normal is 95-100%, I’m usually at 95%. They are no longer available on Amazon.

  2. Probably all sold out. All systems have double attack: need shooting upwards and hoarding by nasty people who hope to make money reselling or simply hoarding. This is unfortunate. I wish I had an oximeter.

  3. honeybadger don't care

    Kind of on the subject of hoarding: I was searching for Glock 19 (a very popular handgun model) and the only one I could find anywhere was this one: Glock G19 GEN4 9MM COMPACT FXD 4.6″ 15RD Austria TRUMP

    So anyone that wants a Glock 19 better buy this one; on the other hand, this is probably not the one you want the prosecutor to show the jury if you are on trial and pleading self defense!

  4. Mewswithaview

    Coronavirus: Dose Matters in the Demographics of Death

    According to a report in the New York Times by Joshua Rabinowitz, a professor of chemistry and genomics, and Caroline Bartman, a genomic researcher, the importance of viral dose is being overlooked in discussions of the coronavirus: “As with any other poison, viruses are usually more dangerous in larger amounts. Small initial exposures tend to lead to mild or asymptomatic infections while larger doses can be lethal.”

  5. Jim R

    Sometimes the cheesy propaganda rags print the truth.

    Some of them were pointing at that Wuhan germ lab back in January-February. This would be just the sort of virus they’d be working with there . . . Like I said in another comment, viruses in the Corona family are considered to be BSL-2 biohazards and not BSL-4 like Ebola. Grad students can piddle around with them.

    And China’s technical record is far from spotless.

    So now the Daily Mail is saying maybe it was an accidental spill from one of the labs. And, they just took Boris Johnson to the hospital. Yikes!!

  6. snoosebomb

    not any more , THANK GOD FOR TRUMP !

  7. 29 million doses barely covers NY.

  8. snoosebomb

    you only need to take it once a week , and only those at risk . [ and only trump supporters haha

  9. JimmyJ

    I bought an under tongue thermometer a month or so ago. The store was entirely sold out of digital ones but the rack was full of glass ones, sitting there unwanted. They’re not mercury anymore which is too bad as those were fast. Whatever they use now is hard to shake down and very slow to register.

    At the same store the 70-90% alcohol was sold out while the rack was full of hydrogen peroxide.

    It’s clear people aren’t really thinking about what they’re purchasing but simply reading about it and buying what they read.

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