More And More Americans Defy DNC And Take Coronavirus Drugs…Including DNC Politicians!!!

The stupid Democrat who is the comptroller for NY city lost his mom to the coronavirus.  So…HE BLAMES TRUMP.  Why on earth?  This fool did nothing to prepare for the disease back in January when Trump was already pressing to make changes to prepare for it!  The DNC was impeaching Trump, not listening to his warnings.  Even in his State of the Union, he warned about the coronavirus!


This disgusting behavior, blaming Trump for things the DNC gang and the Bilderberg media were doing is typical of evil criminals.  I want that idiot arrested!  He isn’t saving NY city, he is destroying the city!  Of all cities in the USA, that is the one by far with the most deaths from this disease.  And it is entirely run by Democrats from top to bottom, from city level to state level.


Michigan is run by the DNC, too.  And the state has been basically run into the ground by globalism, free trade and open borders.  And people are dying there, too, due to poorly run infrastructure like NY.  The governor, a Democrat, forbade the use of hydroxy-type medicines for the coronavirus but one of the politicians of that stupid party was dying of the disease so she defied her buddy and…took the verboten drugs!

Now she is alive!  Imagine that.  This, despite all the attempts by her ally in power, to stop citizens from taking these drugs, she got it for herself!!!!  This is criminal.  I am glad she is well but I want the governor to arrest her for breaking the law.  THEN we get a good debate going and hopefully it will lead to the governor being impeached.

Democrat State Rep From Michigan Says Hydroxychloroquine, President Trump, Helped Save Her Life After She Tested Positive For Coronavirus

State Rep. Karen Whitsett, who learned Monday she has tested positive for COVID-19, said she started taking hydroxychloroquine on March 31, prescribed by her doctor, after both she and her husband sought treatment for a range of symptoms on March 18.


“It was less than two hours” before she started to feel relief, said Whitsett, who had experienced shortness of breath, swollen lymph nodes, and what felt like a sinus infection. She is still experiencing headaches, she said.


The politician got the meds thanks to pushing for it while all others in her state can’t get it still thanks to the DNC refusing to back the medicines.  Isn’t this all just amazing!

NY City is huge.  And in the slums, people are dying rapidly.  It is a total mess and no shock to me.  This is why I left, after all.  Now on to the Man in total isolation, Joe Biden:

This guy has been in hiding for nearly a month now.  He is literally falling apart.  He is obviously disturbed.  ‘Luntics for President’ anyone?

So true, the mainstream media attacks Trump every day in every way.  The more he succeeds, the more they attack him.  They do this mindlessly.  He has been holding heroic press conferences every 5 pm every day in every way and their solution is to stop broadcasting these!  Insanity!  Pure insanity!

HAHAHA.  More and more news infuriates the Democrats more and more.  It is killing them!  HAHAHA.  Here is the NY Post front page today:

The City is in chaos due to bad leadership.  At least the death rate has begun to decline but it probably will shoot upwards again due to Jews and blacks insisting on doing the wrong things.  And the murder-suicide: I bet they are liberals and ate liberal propaganda which told them, Trump was evil and everyone is going to die and there are no drugs that work.


Hey, I didn’t have night chills last night after consuming the cow medicine!  I feel fine today.  I might get the germs back again but I know it works to some degree which is very nice indeed!


Everyone finally realize that time is of the essence and people are dying so the process of moving past the test stage for meds is shorter and shorter!


In a race against time, American medicine is throwing out the rule book, skipping peer-review journals and clinical protocols to accelerate research against COVID-19.


About time, the debate about testing has finally penetrated, the fear is enough to motivate people into doing things faster.  THANK GOD!


“The normal drug development process is a very long one,” said Dr. Arun Sanyal, a National Institutes of Health [NIH] study leader at Virginia Commonwealth University. “But, given the urgency of the situation, it is also incredible how things have aligned and how fast things are moving.”


This happened with the polio vaccine.  There were definitely flaws in using the ‘live germ’ to inoculate children but time was against more testing, children were dying or being severely disabled.  I got one of the earliest test shots and did fine.  A dear friend who lived far away from Dr. Salk didn’t get it and nearly died and did die finally, as an adult due to severe damage caused by the polio germs.


Across the U.S., universities and private labs have been examining the safety and efficacy of multiple drugs and therapies in record time.


And the DNC gang tried and tried to stop this.  They got mad whenever someone discovers a solution that either slows or stops the germs.  They got so mad, a number of them in power forbade people to buy and use drugs that saves lives.


“I am here giving a plasma donation to help other critical-need patients,” said 36-year-old aerospace engineer Jason Garcia, a COVID-19 survivor. Last week, doctors at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif., injected his plasma into a patient struggling with the virus. On Sunday, the recipient showed improvement, but experts said the “convalescent plasma” therapy needed more testing.


The plasma thing is a new therapy!  Good!  It isn’t perfect, none of these are ‘perfect’ but all are better than nothing!


Another study, underway at 75 U.S. universities, involved Remdesivir, which the World Health Organization [WHO] has called “promising.” Doctors are injecting the drug into hundreds of patients, with an equal number getting a placebo. Patients are chosen randomly, but as an “adaptive” study, researchers have had the freedom to improvise if a specific protocol were to promise. Remdesivir showed promise fighting SARS and Ebola.


This study better take only a very few weeks, thank you.  None of this ‘let’s make it perfect’ nonsense.  Time is swinging the scythe right now.


“It attacks the viral genome and basically kills it,” UCI researcher Dr. Alpesh Amin said. “So, we want to be able to prove whether the drug works or not. There’s been anecdotal experience on use of the drug, but we have no firm data to prove its efficacy.”


OK: get a bit of ‘firm data’ and then release it so we can access it, pronto!


The hospital in Batesville, Ind., is considered the hardest-hit rural hospital in the Midwest. The city’s two largest employers specialized in hospital beds and caskets, and as the state deemed both critical industries, workers have been spreading the virus.


The irony is huge here.


Brown said experts at the University of Cincinnati told him hydroxychloroquine had been shown to “handcuff” the virus, not allowing it to fully penetrate the cell.


Yes, I noted how odd that was.  It shows that the virus is interfacing with other germs/systems to hijack these like…a rider on a horse.  My analogy!

The NY Times lead story today, as per usual,  had the ritual attack on Trump.  They can’t do anything without these attacks every day without fail.  In this case, lying about the President is disgusting, pretending he was not alert about the coronavirus dangers, for example.


Also, by omission, the NYT does not ever talk about how the entire DNC from top to bottom spent all their energy trying to impeach Trump while he set in motion many measures to stop the coronavirus as much as possible.  Openly, the entire DNC sided with China!  I wrote about that last January.


The noxious NYT crew only carried ‘Trump is evil’ stories all of January on the front page at the top.  At no point in time did they chide the DNC for not responding to the health crisis.  Indeed, they joined the DNC in mocking Trump’s attempts at stopping the virus back then!


Below is their own front page, admitting ‘warnings went unheeded’ all over the earth.  They don’t mention why…namely, China played it down for a month before admitting what was really going on!  And the DNC then played it all down for TWO months until March!  While Trump took it seriously.

So, no one knew what to do or did it too late.  HAHAHA.  And…the more liberal the state/country the worse the response.  Interesting, no?


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4 responses to “More And More Americans Defy DNC And Take Coronavirus Drugs…Including DNC Politicians!!!

  1. Zeke

    There may be an ulterior motive,
    Self interest, non arms length relationship.
    Beware or at least be wary.

  2. Pete

    So glad to hear that you are feeling
    better now Elaine.

    We can thank Jim R for helping to keep
    you and this blog up and running . Wow!

    News today is Boris is doing better.

    Was not put on ventilator and did NOT
    have pneumonia!!!

    Received Oxygen therapy.

  3. lou

    I do not expect much from people like her,

    ‘I Take My Personal Hygiene Very Seriously’: Chicago Mayor
    Lori Lightfoot Violates Her Own Quarantine Advice to Get a Haircut.

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