Video Hour: Cruz Socks Bilderberg Media, Gang Now Claims Coronavirus Is Caused By…Global Warming! Heavy Snow In Greece!

Senator Cruz is correct: the DNC and the Bilderberg gang media are rooting for total social and economic collapse and will do all in their power to create this.  And sane people want a working system which is why I publish daily updates on coronavirus fixes of all sorts, more show up every day.  I push for the release of the vaccinations, too, for the same reasons.  This is literal life and death we can’t kill our economic systems, this kills people!  And the DNC wants more dead people so they can blame Trump and not their evil selves.


Hannity is right.  We have to make hard choices.  There is no magic here, there is choices.  As we learn more and more we have more choices.  Since some therapies are now definitely working, we should push these rapidly even if a therapy has only a 60% rate of effectiveness this is much better than zero effectiveness due to doing nothing.


We already know that if people are put on breathing machines, around half will die which is why using other methods like the several meds that work, using these is paramount and should now happen very fast not very slowly.  Caution is useless if one is flying off a cliff!

Yes, the media giants are lying, they are insane, they are evil.  They are determined to stop Trump because many of them have been indoctrinated in the ‘global warming’ scam.  Even as it gets colder…it is snowing like all hell in California right now!  In the mountains around LA, it is snowing!  It is snowing many FEET of snow right now!  Insane.

Within a couple of miles north of my home, there is snow on the ground.  100 miles north, deep snow all over the place in Canada!  And the US West is buried in snow all over the place now.  Below is Mt. Wilson, next to LA, the observatory there where my grandparents worked over 100 years ago…

It is closed all winter each year due to snow.  My grandfather told me stories about snow on the mountain in the old days!  When they used mules to get up and down the mountain…


Aussie globalists whine about Trump and try to tie the coronavirus catastrophe to global warming which is very insane, these sorts of plagues nearly always ride into town during the beginning of cold climate cycles like the Dark Age cycle that destroyed Rome or the Little Ice Age cycle that began with the Black Death plague.


The Green Gang is pushing always towards killing civilization.  They hate modernism and want to return to this Golden Age which requires the mass deaths of most humans.  Note their silence about this present global plague!  And now the face of insane, evil people brought to us by MSNBC, the Many Snakes Needing Blood from Children TV station of malevolent dark magic cultists in the Bilderberg gang:

Look at that face!  He obviously is desperate to hide his sneer, his glee in concocting lies.  Note the raised eyebrows.  Make the eyes ‘bigger’ while lying.  Sucking his lips in.  HAHAHA.

His eyebrows are about to crash into his hairline!  HAHAHA.  I looked up the information after typing the sentence to confirm what I know.  This lying is malicious and evil.  It is also dangerous.  People instinctively know this ‘reporter’ is a dangerous liar but if they watch this show and agree, they can’t see the tell tale signs of a liar which is why people are so easy to cheat or deceive.


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3 responses to “Video Hour: Cruz Socks Bilderberg Media, Gang Now Claims Coronavirus Is Caused By…Global Warming! Heavy Snow In Greece!

  1. lou

    Snowing in Egypt, snowing in Greece. Maybe some are skiing.

    meanwhile, coronagate police state.

  2. snoosebomb

    have you noted the ‘Fredo ‘ vids , poor baby has the flu , maybe , [seems full of energy ] , hopefully he has it and avoids the evil Trump meds

  3. lou

    Bill Gates Calls For National Tracking System For Coronavirus During Reddit AMA

    so much for theory, that is Forbes.

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