Pressure Rises To Release Malaria Type Drugs To Save Lives!

The news of the Hydroxychloroquine cure gets better by the hour.  A lot of ‘liberals’ (sic) were very nasty about this topic when Trump endorsed the medicine which is perfectly safe to use.  The only thing hindering it now is availability: it is running short now.  Production is up!  The DNC is now utterly desperate to smear Trump who is saving us.  They want him gone.  Their fake stories about how Trump snoozed while brave Dems tried to save everyone is falling apart at the seams.


But they are stuck rowing this boat off the waterfalls.  They have no choice. This, and impeaching him for not doing absolutely everything, instantly, during a crisis when they were very busy attacking him and preventing him from doing things about the virus…I know who should be impeached!  Half of Congress!  Get rid of these losers.


Speaking of losers…this is how Senator Schumer wears a mask wrong, unable to puzzle out how to get the nose into the bag:

Note how sick, nasty, crabby Clinton lies about Trump’s heroic efforts to shove a pack of stupid DNC governors in the Northeast to do something, anything, to stop the coronavirus. We have abundant proof of this which the mainstream fake news will not show anyone.  Instead, they rewrite history with themselves and their buddies as the heroes not the zeroes.


Adam Schiffless as per usual, was supposed to send a letter requesting a hearing to a member of the Trump administration, Richard Grenell, to discuss security issues.  Normal courtesy calls for any announcement to the press to happen after the letter has time to be read.


But not in this case, instantly it was handed over to eager reporters who ran off like baying hounds chasing a skunk, well…this was discourteous.  So Schiffless sniffled and said, ‘Everyone else dues this’ which is a typical child excuse.

A funny cartoon of the press asking questions at Trump afternoon sessions:

Another funny cartoon about our resident Chinese Maoists in the DNC:

It is pronounced in Russian ‘En Bey Ess Ess Er’.

China decided some time ago to simply have no more problems the old fashioned way: ignore it and it dies.  Boasting about this is dangerous.  Today, they opened the city of Wuhan and over 100,000 people immediately left as fast as possible.

He couldn’t beat an obviously senile old man.  I say, Bernie has double the brain power of Biden who is a mere tool for the Bilderberg gang.  Bernie is as much an outsider as Trump.

And more and more sane people are yelling louder and louder to make Hydroxychloroquine drugs available to one and all. Right now, there is a lot of pressure to ‘test’ it first while many people die. This is absurd.


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11 responses to “Pressure Rises To Release Malaria Type Drugs To Save Lives!

  1. Zeke

    Why in earth anyone would go to a failed casino operator bankruptcy artists, reality show host, real estate huckster for medical advice with a long long history of bankruptcy and fraud; Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Charity to name just a few – is beyond me.
    Why not go to the medical and epidemiological experts with long success records?
    Also, it is noteworthy that Trump did not disclose that he has a financial interest in Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, the company that makes Trump’s touted balm.

  2. timothy carroll

    Speaking of losers…this is how Senator Schumer wears a mask wrong, unable to puzzle out how to get the nose into the bag:


    Well, in Schumer’s defense, when you have a schnozzola THAT large, it’s hard to get the whole thing in. Kinda like trying to push a piano through a transom. Poor bastard!

  3. timothy carroll


    Yeah….I’d much rather have a life long member of Congress whose only way of making money is to use his power and influence to strong arm Ukraine to giving him huge amounts of cash rather than someone savvy enough to market himself and make it into a brand! Wow….just…..f*cking wow. Dems truly are a deluded mess!

  4. Zeke

    @#3 deluded mess,

    That’s not who Fauci is.

    Despite ‘best’ efforts of right wing Trump cultist to demonized him. He’s even been assigned extra security because some low IQ goof balls have made him a marked man for ever so gently correcting Der Führer. You know, like the one who shot up that suburban D.C. pizza shop looking for the non-existent basement. Or the homeless cultist living in his van sent makeship bombs to ‘evil’ Democratic legislators and members of MSM. Or maybe in your mind that was all “fake news”.
    I’ll put more trust in the medical and epidemiological experts (even though even they were ‘behind the [learning] curve on face masks for example) than any political branding huckster flimflam man of ANY political party or persuasion. Stay well.

  5. snoosebomb

    a sane / sober view ,

  6. JT

    20 million masks per month. Production starts in 3 weeks.
    Three plants US, Italy and Finland.

    Deglobalization is fast it seems, once the incentives are there.
    China might feel powerful for a few weeks, but in the long run, we want to produce these ourselves in the future.

    The cavalry is on its way.
    Masks, drugs and eventually a vaccine.
    Slow it down and give doctors time to study

    Social isolation works really well.

  7. snoosebomb

    ”Social isolation works really well ” for whom ? its makes no sense on its face , if the virus is still around 1-2 yrs from now + how did the lock down stop anything . the numbers just make the politiciansl ook bad in this age of the ‘safe space’.

  8. They COULD release the vaccine very soon instead of waiting forever which is STUPID. But then, I don’t run the earth.

  9. Jim R

    they don’t have a vaccine. they have a lot of ‘maybe this’ and ‘maybe that’. you may be able to sign up as a test subject soon.

    I am still hoping that the outbreak fizzles out by mid summer.

  10. Nope, they already are testing these on humans for the last two weeks now.

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