Governor Cuomo Attacks Republicans: Denies NYC Dying Due To Illegal Aliens Flooding Systems


Video Of Joe Biden Railing Against “Illegals,” Calling For 700-Mile Border Fence In 2006 Goes Viral

Governor Cuomo, the man running this mess of a state, he is blaming everyone but himself and his buddies for the mess that NYC and NY State is in.  He thinks it is everyone’s fault but the DNC gang who scream for open borders and letting drug addicts throng all over the place and the collapse in law and order in DNC cities which is their sole political base now.  Cuomo’s blame game is a game, pretending he has no idea what is destroying New York.  Nope, it is the ‘ungenerous Republicans’ not stupid Democratic schemes to gain power via illegal aliens.

This stupid governor cannot understand why so many of us are angry with him.  He thinks it is OK to flood the country with illegal aliens.  Under his rule, we saw vicious, violent gangs from Central America pour into our suburbs and immediately begin terrorizing and killing citizens!  This whiner of a governor didn’t lift a finger as this happened.  Instead, he refused to cooperate with these guys:

ICE subpoenas NY Department of Correction because they release illegal alien CRIMINALS…and this…LAST JANUARY!


Alleging the New York Department of Corrections is failing to cooperate with their enforcement efforts, immigration officials have served four subpoenas demanding information on “multiple illegal aliens” arrested in New York City.


Note how at the beginning of this epidemic, Cuomo and his buddy, de Blasio, were preventing Trump from deporting CRIMINALS who sneak into our country to COMMIT CRIMES.  This bloviating little tyrant, Cuomo, whining about the Republicans, is a traitor, not a savior.


The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is seeking information on individuals who were previously in state custody, as well as one individual, Reeaz Khan, who is being held in the alleged murder of a 92-year-old woman.


What provoked all this was the fact that all the trains in NYC are now being colonized by all sorts of criminals and drug addicts to be their new homes.  They are doing this in ALL DNC cities from coast to coast.  To fix this, the DNC demanded…open borders all the way into not just January this year but all the way into MARCH as the disease ravaged their cities which are already under destruction.

Khan was arrested January 10 and charged with murder, sexual abuse and contact by forcible compulsion. CNN has reached out to his attorney.


This exact same thing happened in the 1980’s.  One of my biggest mass arrests was on the D train to Manhattan back then.  20 people in cuffs.  They all plead guilty at trial and were handed over to me to be punished: clean the subway under supervision.

“Make no mistake, it is this city’s sanctuary policies that are the sole reason that this criminal was allowed to roam the streets freely and end an innocent woman’s life,” acting ICE Director Matthew Albence said at a Friday news conference.


NY City is going bankrupt due to encouraging millions of illegal aliens and domestic criminals and drug addicts to come in and demand services.  This nasty governor thinks there is this endless pot of money to spend on criminals.  He and his buddy, the mayor of NYC, recently released rapists, murderers, bank robbers and sundry criminals claiming ‘the coronavirus’ forced them to unleash this crime wave on our state.  How disgusting!  How disingenuous.


‘I’ve been working on the homeless issue since I was 28 with Mayor Dinkins (HAHAHA, he and I fought a bit!) ‘…and it continues?  It can’t be ‘fixed’ because it is caused by attracting criminals, drug addicts and illegal aliens!  DUH.  There is no way we can take care of every drug addict and every illegal alien.  This is impossible, obviously.


Maybe China should take over NY city!

The Chinese overlords don’t whine about people problems.  They take care of this via killing people!  Here in the US, we are watching NYC and NY State fix things by…having lots of people die.  Note my state has the biggest number of dead citizens and noncitizens.  Great.  Let’s let this continue endlessly!


NOT.  The DNC has failed my state over and over again but their power comes from handing out goodies to people who are destroying civilization.  When you attract wolves you get eaten by wolves.  And the DNC can’t figure this out.  Indeed, they snap at people fleeing this madness, that they are evil and nasty, not the criminal class that the DNC depends on in all our major cities where mobs have driven out the middle class.


NEW YORK IS A SANCTUARY STATE.  Demanding the rest of us give endless money for this is treason.  Arrest them all.



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7 responses to “Governor Cuomo Attacks Republicans: Denies NYC Dying Due To Illegal Aliens Flooding Systems

  1. Pete

    Italian Study Finds INCREDIBLE Prophylaxis Results for Patients on Hydroxychloroquine

    The Italian Society for Rheumatology studied 65,000 patients on longterm hydroxychloroquine for RA and Lupus.

    Only 20 patients tested positive for COVID-19. No ICU, no deaths.

    This is a 90% reduction in infection rate compared to the rest of Italy.

  2. You got that in alternative news. Mainstream news that hates Trump have totally different news. Their Pravda news streams hide all this real news now. It is utterly insane, watching this and seeing how many people fall for this fake news mess.

    Will they figure this out before dying? HAHAHA. I don’t feel sorry for people who consume poison news when there are many ways to discover the truth. This is also why the California creeps are censoring the internet increasingly openly for the last three years.

  3. Ken

    To all of the so called elite in the northeast USA, you might want to ask why the response of your brilliant overlords in NYC and other bastions of genius level IQ have produced such deadly results compared to the rest of the world outside of the equally big pharma bribed EU. I have lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, and hydroxychloroquine is routinely used EARLY in the treatment of COVID 19 as it has been in China, Korea, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and many others in this region. Once it was discovered it seemed to help reduce critical cases they told everyone of their results in JANUARY!!!. Korea was the first outside China to have to deal with the COVID problem and they settled on using hydroxychloroquine after positive reviews from Chinese doctors, not the CCP. The Koreans and the Chinese continued to use it because it produced positive results. You can easily find they still use this as the first line of treatment. They also will throw just about anything else that could help if this doesn’t work. Despite being ignored previously still tell anyone who would listen to use this to reduce the seriousness of the disease. They used their best efforts, and NO ONE HAD TIME FOR THE PRECIOUS “CORRECT” TESTING METHOD CLAIMED TO BE NEEDED because people were DYING!!!!! In New York you might get some treatment just before you die, but they can’t risk it before. If you wonder how this has worked, Hong Kong has had 4 deaths out of 1038 cases. This is a 0.39% death rate in one of the oldest populations on the planet. Australia where you might remember Tom Hanks and his wife were quickly given chloroquine (after which they whined it upset her stomach…you have to wonder would she have enjoyed the VENTILATOR MORE!!!) has had 88 deaths out of 6738 cases or 1.31%. Yes, Australians have just as many health issues as the rest of the western world. Korea has 2.3%, Singapore 0.09%, Thailand 1.84%, Taiwan 1.4%…..etc) This data is easy to obtain online. NO COUNTRY in this region has had the disaster of NYC. In NYC, they have 160,000 cases with 12,287 deaths which represent a death rate of 7.89% so far (they report only 19% of the cases have resolved, while in HK and Australia are over 80% are resolved). So far over 80% of the people who are hooked to a ventilator in NYC DIE!!! It remains to be seen if they progress to the ridiculously bad levels of 12 to 15% of the EU leaders but give them time for more bad decisions…maybe they will just get there. So, would the eternally self righteous so called elite please explain your horrendous results before telling ANYONE else how to treat COVID 19.

  4. Thank you, Ken. I have been writing about this for weeks now. YES, we have several solutions and I was enraged at the idea we have to ‘test’ these endlessly while PEOPLE DIE. This was ridiculous.

    Now, there is zero need to isolate everyone, we have a cure, a solution so let’s go forwards, give out these meds like crazy and voila: no more epidemic.

  5. Zeke

    Ken – your so called expertise and wisdom of all things Asian and pandemic and medical is based on you claiming that you lived in Hong Kong for 5 yrs.
    Not impressed.
    And who are these “so called Northeast elites”? Do they have names? Is Trump one of them, and Kushner? And Chris Christie, etc.?
    Your pretense of some sort of rough hewn frontier moral or mental superiority is bullshit.
    Your pretentious claim of super elite status by placing yourself above whoever in your imagination are the “so called (Northeast) elite” is self elevating, disingenuous, self promoting, and pandering.

    The ‘placebo effect’ also works well. Why not “also will throw just about anything else that could help if this doesn’t work”?
    What you failed to mention, among other things, is that South Korea and H.K. and other countries had alert, knowledgeable, not science denying, quick acting national leadership unlike the US. Where the hoaxster in chief claimed it to be a hoax, denied it, played it down – – and was more focused on the stock market (piggy bank of the real elite uber wealthy) than the health of the common people.
    And within the first two weeks wanted people to “get back to work!” But ya won’t see Baron working as a bag boy in a supermarket or Melania (if that’s the name of his 3rd trophy hoe Slavic wife) work stocking grocery shelves. Ya dopes.
    ‘Exposure to Disease for thee;
    Isolation for me.’
    And all these months later citizens still don’t have access to legitimate face mask respirators. That’s both crazy and dereliction of duty.
    While attacking the ‘straw man’ of “so called (by you) (Northeast) elite” – your post actually absolutely reeks of elitism – on your part.

  6. lou

    Bill Caravello says–
    Lets discuss the New York Governor with a plan.
    On March 25th Cuomo forced an edict down the throats of NY nursing homes saying they must take back from hospitals Covid patients. New York ends up with well over 5000 nursing home Covid deaths, about 30 percent of their total.

    The so brilliant Governor with all the answers also thinned the mass transit system schedules but left it open causing more crowded subway cars and buses resulting in even more transmission.

  7. They did the same things in Europe, too with the exact same results. Brainless political actions are often like this.

    The governor of my state was praised by Bilderberg news for all his actions! It was disgusting and I am very angry with Cuomo who is half the man his dad was. Mario wouldn’t have done any of this!

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