Russian Laser Beam Researchers Have Virus Breakthrough

The picture above is from the website run by this institute in Siberia that is doing the research.  New tech ways of using laser beams to study micro- and nanoparticles:

One of the most recent achievements of Russian scientists, in this respect, has been a technology, which makes it possible to catch and move micro- and nanoparticles through laser beams, without any direct contact. This, in turn, could potentially allow for the manipulation of dangerous objects like viruses safely, while minimizing the risk of biological contamination.

This is important news, if true.  The entire mess we see today is due to the Chinese mishandling toxins in a lab, it appears increasingly as time passes.

The technology is the result of the research carried out by Russian scientists of the University of Tyumen (UTMN) and so far has had no analogues globally. It can be potentially used in a range of spheres. For instance, it can be used to remove viruses and bacteria from working surfaces, devices and instruments in labs, says the Head of the project, Natalia Ivanova of Photonics and Microfluidics Research Laboratory of the Institute of Environmental and Agricultural Biology (X-BIO) at UTMN.

Namely, you can clean with light in interesting ways that doesn’t damage any surfaces, I am presuming.

Moving the light beam prompts the droplet to move, capturing all the particles in its trajectory. Due to the convective flow, the captured particles are kept inside the droplet and transferred to a specified place.

This is rather interesting.  Namely, it moves the droplets without disrupting them, smearing them, annihilating them, it can be used to move them from one spot to another with NOTHING touching them, not even needles, etc.

Scientists could manage such particles before, but it was expensive and only allowed for the manipulation of one or a few such objects, which is not often necessary and sometimes not possible, depending on material. Until recently, this method met the needs of the scientific community, but with the growing relevance of such research today, managing hundreds and even thousands of small objects has become increasingly more urgent.

This is quite interesting.  There are no videos of this work, only the RT news story, for example.  I will hope to learn more, later.  I was curious about the town of Tyumen, Russia:

Tyumen (/tjˈmɛn/ tew-MEN;[11][12] Russian: Тюмень, IPA: [tʲʉˈmʲenʲ] (About this soundlisten)) is the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia, located on the Tura River 2,500 kilometers (1,600 mi) east of Moscow.

Tyumen was the first Russian settlement in Siberia. Founded in 1586 to support Russia’s eastward expansion, the city has remained one of the most important industrial and economic centers east of the Ural Mountains. Located at the junction of several important trade routes and with easy access to navigable waterways, Tyumen rapidly developed from a small military settlement to a large commercial and industrial city. The central part of Old Tyumen retains many historic buildings from throughout the city’s history.

Today Tyumen is an important business center. It is the transport hub and industrial center of Tyumen Oblast — an oil-rich region bordering Kazakhstan — as well as the home of many companies active in Russia’s oil and gas industry.

As usual, out of idle curiosity, I googled the institute and it was an amusing visit.  Across the street from the institute is Dodo’s Pizza:

And here is why men from all over the world would want to go to school there:

A merry moment at my little news service.  People can continue ragging on and on about how stupid I am, after this little interlude!  :). More fun news:

Good to know there are some sane people left alive.  I wonder if the antiviral spray works.  I have no idea.  As for the meds for this nasty disease: it works.  Something is always better than nothing.  And the idiots attacking every possible assistance in dealing with this disease is nonstop no matter what because they want Trump to fail even if this means killing many humans.  HELLO.  That is stupid.

We do not have endless time for ‘testing’ when many people are dying right now.  I keep hammering on this fact of life and death.

Now the story of the spooks warning Trump really early is unravelling like all previous lies and deceptions:

One major point here is, even if spooks knew something, it reaching the ears of the President is uncertain (and many spooks lie about nearly everything) and then, the President can’t act until CONFIRMATION is produced! DUH!

Acting head of the nation’s intelligence community Richard Grenell this week publicly shot down more media reports claiming the intelligence community gave President Trump an early warning about the coronavirus.

This naked attempt at rewriting history so they can blame Trump and conceal how the entire DNC and mainstream fake news flubbed this disease dangers, it is failing now.  But liberals and fools will still fall for these tricks.  I wonder why they are so gullible?  Why???  HAHAHA.  Now on to sex stuff, a great topic here:

Hillary is a two faced pony soldier from hell.  End of story.  She can’t shut up.  Nor should she, we have to remember how horrible a liar she is.

And hidden news: the first case of ‘misunderstanding Trump’ when he talked about hydroxychloroquine, combined with azithromycin and zinc, a man died digesting fish tank cleaner fed to him by his wife…who is now under arrest for murder because she planned to kill him and blame Trump.  So another fake news story bites the dust.

The woman who ran the hoax will go to prison now.  I wish all hoaxers would join her.  NOAA is run by hoaxers, too.  Every year is the ‘hottest year ever’ with these liars.  I want to force them to live in upstate NY with swim suits and umbrellas to demonstrate how hot it is.  It froze last night, again.  What dummies.

Last time I looked, my mountain was still on the Planet Earth.

Hudson Bay is still totally frozen:


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7 responses to “Russian Laser Beam Researchers Have Virus Breakthrough

  1. Petruchio

    “Hillary is a two faced pony soldier from hell. End of story. She can’t shut up. Nor should she, we have to remember how horrible a liar she is.” And the people who own her and her hubby love to kill. They really do. Tara Reade is marked for death. I hope she has protection.

  2. They are trying to ‘unperson’ her. That is, pretend she doesn’t exist. But thanks to Fox News, she does exist so she really is in danger.

  3. Pete

    Record Snowfall China

    ELAINE: edited for you.

  4. Good catch. Yes, this super cold spring isn’t just North America.

  5. Seraphim

    So, Russia is not just a ‘gas station with nukes’ which ‘produces nothing’!

  6. Russia is, like ALL major countries without exception, has certain powers (check out who has nukes!) and yes, Russia has energy systems, too, like the US and the Middle East, etc. Just amazing, isn’t it? They also have institutes that do research! The Chinese have this, too.

    And like all nations, these can also do bad things. DUH. No one is different in this matter. I call this ‘humans at work’.

  7. TJ

    One can hope that this laser or something else works for Russia.
    Here in Finland we see that a bit differently.
    We hope that Russia does well, mostly it does not.

    It was terrifying in the 90’s and it’s terrifying now.
    Oil and energy is pretty much it still.

    We have a saying “a strong Russia is terrifying, but not nearly as terrifying as a weak Russia.”

    Putin probably needs to find external enemies, same as Trump.

    The mistake we luckily did not make in the 90’s is that they are proud people of a and want respect.
    That is what they want mostly respect and acknowledment.
    They know their economy is shit but at least they want a seat at the table.

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