Constitutional Crisis! Pelosi’s ‘Ghost Voting’ Scheme Is A Coup Attempt

On top of ballot box stuffing schemes of the DNC like the ‘everyone votes at home’ scam which would allow ‘ballot harvesting’ and no privacy of voting leading to ‘selling votes’ we also now have a crisis: Pelosi refuses summon the House and wants voting via proxies so only a few DNC leaders have to show up…this is ridiculous!  Insane.  If they are too cowardly to come to Washington, they can resign and we elect braver Congress critters!


The Republicans in the above video from today did their history research and the legal implications of this run around to undo the Constitution.  200 years ago, Congressmen had to brave sleet, snow, rain and earthquakes and even the occasional bear or highway robber to come to Congress to give speeches and vote.  ‘Come hell or high water’ is a famous saying from that time.


The DNC favorite line is ‘Let them eat cake.’  They want to hand out cakes to the masses and assure them, they don’t need any voting power or representatives, why, the Dear Leaders will represent everyone, all the time!  This is how TYRANNY arises.  ‘When the MAJORITY is present, the power rises’ is a court ruling from 1890 Supreme Court.


The fake impeachment of Trump was obvious when the DNC decided to not allow any witnesses or anything on behalf of the President and his party when the hearings were held in the House.  I predicted this would doom the DNC impeachment totally and it did, utterly.  I said back then, it was also unconstitutional, too.  The Supreme Court will find all this unconstitutional.  There is near zero chance otherwise.


These very stupid moves by the DNC signals they have given up on real democracy, they want majority rule, not a republic with complex rules and laws that keeps power out of the hands of the mob.  By concentrating huge populations by hook or crook into a few cities and then using these to run a dictatorship of the surrounding populations will lead to civil war.


Why was the US designed this way?  Ah, the Founding Fathers read ‘The Decline and Fall of Rome’ I kid not.  They saw how Rome dominated all other provinces and cities and thus, politics was really corrupt and quickly it became a dictatorship run by the military and all the debates were silenced by Augustus after the assassination of Caesar.


Lie, cheat and steal is a bad policy for the DNC gang but then, this is what they are: a gang and they belong in prison if they think our Constitution is stupid and can be shredded and burned.

All systems run by fake liberals are unfair, stupid, nasty, vicious and in general, I hope the entire edifice these leftist clowns built up should be terminated.  They conspire to make things as unfair as possible which is very short sighted.  Force people into fighting instead of talking and guess what?  Might makes right and I know how knows how to fight.


A team of MSNBC reporters tried to shame people not wearing masks outdoors while…the team wasn’t wearing masks, either!

Oh boy, right on the heels of me writing about William’s Bay at Lake Geneva, lo and behold, there is a big news story from there, all about how the Bilderberg gang’s minions struggle to shame citizens into cowering at home, scared of germs:


Perry had been saying that people in the area did not seem concerned about their safety as they gathered at the tourist hotspot.


‘I met some people who live in the area, they were staying a few miles outside of town and they said they were worried. They’re worried about the second spike, they’re worried about people coming in from Chicago but they’ll quickly add that this is a place that relies on that business,’ Perry said.


HAHAHA.  I do remember my birthplace very well.  One thing: in summer, all the outsiders show up and drive recklessly, steal…yes…STEAL fruits and veggies from the gardens of the regulars, they trespass and they ask dumb questions.  In other words, typical tourist stuff from Chicago!  So, nothing has changed!


‘I think people here want a little bit more funding when it comes to these programs so that they can stay close. I think people think that the Supreme Court made the decision here in Wisconsin that it was time to open up,’ he added.


Liberals are as mad as snapping turtles in a mud puddle over this not wearing of masks except if you are a liberal who gets to do this with impunity, of course, while ordering everyone else around.  And liberals are pissed as petty tyrants are pissed because people are having fun instead of being miserable so they would then vote for the fascist party that will rule via fiat and via dicey voting where there are no polls, everyone just give their ballots to the local politicians who then ‘count’ them.


I have participated in counting votes.  It is a tense situation and sometimes has to be done over and over again, this in dirty Brooklyn HAHAHAHA.  Sheesh.  Intimidation at the polls?  Again, I have seen this in Brooklyn, too!  Intimidation before an election with a Queens detective ringing a lady’s doorbell to snarl at her, ‘You better watch out or you’ll be hurt’ is a Brooklyn thing, too as well as Queens.  HAHAHA.


Yes, physical force is used to win elections!  This is how the South was run for years and years!  And in the North, too!  Cheating has always been a problem.  The DNC solution is to make cheating ridiculously easy and the goal is identical to the goal 100 years ago: to swing elections so various populations especially the very rich can do as they please while everyone else is terrified of being lynched.

And…Google admits they kow tow to commies in China and that they are cowards and fools and this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.  Google slippery fake liberals are at the heart of the push to destroy our Republic and turn it into the Roman Empire After The Collapse of Rome.  Google is run by cowards and fools and think their filthy reputation of being traitors won’t affect their business?




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4 responses to “Constitutional Crisis! Pelosi’s ‘Ghost Voting’ Scheme Is A Coup Attempt

  1. JimmyJ

    The mail-in ballet issue could result this Fall in two Presidents each claiming legitimacy, one Republican from Electoral College, one Democrat from mail in ballots (Popular Vote).

    It’s simply an extension of the argument used during the last election where Hillary “won” the popular vote and was “obviously the legitimate” President. This argument justified everything that came after from Russia-gate to Impeachment. After that last election result Democrats had obviously tossed the College as legitimate (ignoring Constitutional issues) and were clear about that in all the actions that followed.

    I think this is so far from what Republicans think is morally right they can’t conceive it could actually happen and are simply reacting rather than planning, clinging to the righteousness of the College and the legalities of the current system.

    But for an outsider it’s obvious. US citizens better prepare for two Presidents next year and create a mechanism for it to work. You know what the alternative is going to be.

  2. The obvious ‘mechanism’ will be guns.

  3. Zeke

    Shocking hypocrisy!
    She condemns mail in voting for others – but she mailed in her vote 11 times over 11 years!
    Look at the pixie Fox Propaganda and Entertainment skank hoe retread. She has almost as much makeup on as Boss Bozo.

    Maybe obese bloated pumpkin head would wear a courtesy mask to protect others if he could get one that reminded him of a Stormy Daniel’s bra cup.
    Hah hahaha hah ha.

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