Just Like 1977 NYC: Looter Shot Dead By Store Owner

No surprise to me.  This happens a lot.  If you are a store owner, you have to also be a sharp shooter willing to take down humans.  This is just like…THE WILD WEST!  Yes, how to survive!  I am a survivalist and am armed, too.  Liberals want everyone disarmed and at the same time, think looting and burning cities is OK.  These two belief systems will clash more and more over time as liberals seek to destroy civilization.


There is zero excuse for this looting expedition.  The wheels of justice are rolling, normal protests worked.  This looting was egged on by people who came to this country to loot it.  So, finding a fun excuse, they try to justify looting via ‘the cops were nasty.’  Well, looting is even nastier since its destruction has dire consequences for many years!  This kills CITIES, not just one or two people.


These are NOT protestors, they are looters who see golden opportunity and egg each other on:


Stores including Wendy’s, Target, Walmart and AutoZone were looted, ransacked and some set alight before rioters tried to bust open an ATM, as many ignored pleas from the Floyd family’s lawyer and Minnesota Governor Walz to protest peacefully Wednesday night.


Governor Walz should waltz out of office.  What was he doing last night?

This lunatic Democrat (the two are the same) was very busy preventing people in white suburbs going out and eating in public lest they spread disease!!!!  There are few cases of the virus outside of the DNC run filthy cities like NYC or Chicago, etc.  All the energy of the DNC is focused like a laser on trapping everyone else in their homes where the virus nearly never came.


Videos showed what was reported to be an apartment building entirely engulfed by flames as rioters stood and watched and the fire department was nowhere to be seen. An AutoZone store was also one of those which was set on fire.


Way back in the 1960-1980 era of ‘burn, baby, burn’ the fire departments learned to avoid putting out black power blazes in their hoods.  I know exactly why this was done.


Outside a GM Tobacco store, a group of four men with huge firearms were seen and said they had come to protect local businesses from looters.


This works.  Note that the stores guarded this way remain intact. This was true in the 1960’s, too.

During the riots, a woman in a wheelchair was punched in the head and sprayed with a fire extinguisher after trying to block protesters – allegedly with a knife in her hand.


This poor elderly lady was rushed by a mob of blacks and Hispanics and some whites, lusting for loot.  So she bravely blocked the doors!  This enraged the looters so a much bigger black man sprayed her with a fire extinguisher he stole from a store he previously looted and the looters dragged her away and stormed the store, stealing absolutely everything.


This happened at the same time in Mississippi.  But hark!  The cop is BLACK.  So it is OK.  No reason to loot?  Maybe, maybe not.  Is there loot in Jackson?  Yup, so maybe they will work themselves up into doing this.

In LA, the hood decided to jump the Highway Patrol hood and when the car was hit by bricks, the cop drove off and the stupid man attacking it fell from the hood into the hood.  And was hurt!  HAHAHA.  Talk about stupid.


And this doesn’t surprise me at all, someone recording the rioters hear this:

Yes, people shout this.  They are living in the hood and only see hoods so they have no idea what lurks just a few miles away in the open countryside: armed people who itch to have it out, too.

Time to burn the universities that teach how to be revolutionaries.  No loss to society.  Burning books is OK, the left hates most books and itch to have book burnings.

And a final word from Mark Dice:


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12 responses to “Just Like 1977 NYC: Looter Shot Dead By Store Owner

  1. KHS71

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

  2. Robert

    Your thoughts about Siberia?

  3. Robert

    No comments about Siberia? That’s pretty important is it not?

  4. Robert

    Why are my comments not showing?

  5. Petruchio

    “Governor Walz should waltz out of office. What was he doing last night?” Don’t I know it! I live in MN. I have always maintained the Watz is an idiot. ( I sometimes use stronger terms). Waltz is a DNC puppet trying to curry favor with the Democrat leaders. Well I can tell you this. I live in a St. Paul suburb and there is more traffic now than there was before the Lockdown. Every time I go to the Home Depot nearby the parking lot is FULL. A Minneapolis cop knees a guy to death, but what is Waltz’s top priority? Keeping restaurants and retail establishments closed. I suppose it could be worse. We could have Cuomo as our Governor.

  6. snoosebomb

    from the UN ‘ New world Order ‘ website [ i thought that was a conspiracy theory,,, anyway

    ”Happytalism white paper; the revolution has just begun! ”

  7. LOU

    The previous Governor of Minnesota, Mark Dayton, whose family owns the Target Stores, insisted that Minnesota needed 3rd world immigrants,


    things are wild in Little Mogadishu, Minneapolis.

  8. Thugs running riot, burning cities…anyone who wishes to see the end result of this should visit the ancient Roman ruins. ‘Justice’ has nothing to do with all this, it is all about who gets to run the dying city. Of course, if the thugs win, it ends like Newark many years ago: a blasted wasteland. I used to go there to do business and got to know the sane men who lived there and worked to rebuild it. They had to be tough…on criminals! Not pussys.

  9. lou

    More on what EMS reported on,

    Old lady in a wheelchair tries to stop looters, gets beaten, maced, robbed, and sprayed in the face with a chemical fire extinguisher during Minneapolis riots.

    Listen to them ooking, eeking, laughing, and filming while this woman is attacked.


  10. She did a heroic act so the Bilderberg media will ignore her and if we celebrate her, they will investigate and try to find some dirt about her.

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