Democrats Claim KKK, Not Somalis Were The Ones Rioting In Minneapolis!

Bilderberg media refuses to call ANTIFA what it is: a terrorist organization that latched onto the black looting expeditions to tear up all DNC run cities.  This is a problem for the Democrats, it is their ‘voter base’ that is running literally riot, wrecking everything deliberately.  Violent and disgusting, all this is simply an excuse to do what they want to do nonstop, in general.  There is no easy way to ‘fix’ this except to arrest all these radicals.


Trump is talking about a ‘new surge of investment’ in DNC cities which is insane.  I said very long ago when standing on the smoking ruins of Brooklyn back in 1977, this cannot be rebuilt until law and order is established! And this is always true.  First, we fix the criminals and then we can rebuild. Here is what was going on in Minneapolis a mere six months ago:

This is a very brutal video which shows the terrorist gangs allowed to run rampant downtown Minneapolis.  No one gave a hoot.  If white people were victims, that is OK. It isn’t news.  Whites didn’t riot after this happened.  And this happens…a lot.  There is far more black on white crime than the reverse.


Naturally, black politicians and the DNC want to blame ‘racism’ for the importation of many thousands of foreigners who hate America and who elected Ilhan Omar:


The current unrest in Minneapolis was sparked by the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody after being suspected of passing a counterfeit $20 bill. But the anger and despair on display by hundreds of demonstrators underscore a long-simmering disconnect: A city known as one of the most livable places in the United States is also home to some of the nation’s biggest racial disparities.


The reputation of being ‘most livable’ is old.  For the last decades, it has fallen all the way through the floor to one of the worst cities in America and this coincides with moving an army of hostile aliens into the city.


The typical black family in Minneapolis earns less than half as much as the typical white family in any given year. And homeownership among blacks is one-third the rate of white families.


They came for the welfare money just like in NYC and Chicago, etc.


As a result, many black families have been effectively locked out of the prosperity that the city’s overwhelmingly white population enjoys.


Frankly, they are happy this way: free housing is FREE.  How can anything compete with that?


“One only has to look at the faces of the African Americans living in impoverished neighborhoods, attending failed schools, over represented in a broken criminal justice system, and suffering from covert and overt employment discrimination on a daily basis to see that not everyone is enjoying the prosperity of Minnesota,” as the state NAACP presciently warned in a report in December of 2019. “If the growing disparities, in education, economics, criminal justice are not addressed immediately our children will not have a future.”


These schools are ‘failed’ schools due to the out of control, hostile students they try to teach but cannot due to many rules about how they cannot touch screaming, lashing out students, teachers have to endure violent abuse from ‘students’ and most leave as soon as possible, many not lasting even one year in these DNC schools.  Sane parents flee the city to avoid these nasty schools.



This article explains how we transferred thousands of guerilla fighters from African Somalia to the US:


The state has 52,333 people who report Somali ancestry — the largest concentration of Somalis in America — according to the American Community Survey in 2017. How they ended up in the Upper Midwest is a combination of available jobs and a generally welcoming populace. That success then built on itself, leading to more arrivals.


Obama brought them all over.  Some foolish people living there thought this was a great idea and greeted this happily.  Maybe the empty housing caused by workers losing jobs due to importing Chinese manufactured goods, these empty houses can be filled with people who spoke no English or little English and aside from fighting, had few skills.  The obvious results happened.


The United States began issuing visas to Somali refugees displaced by civil war in the early 1990s. Initially the Somali community settled in other parts of the country, particularly San Diego. But many refugees struggled to find work with little education skills.


No! Surprise!  HAHAHA.  Yup.  As I said, this was importing Huns into Rome and then wondering why the city was burning down.


Abdisalam Adam, who is Somali American, migrated here from Virginia in 1995. As part of an oral history project, he told the Minnesota Historical Society that he had heard the state would be a welcoming place — an impression that he confirmed upon his arrival.


Yes, open hunting season on people who, unlike those of us who lived in say, Brooklyn, Minneapolis never had race riots where blacks run crazy and burn everything down.


“When the people in the refugee camps heard about the early arrivals that came here and were well received, they reported back to their relatives,” Adam, who is now assistant principal of Highland Park Senior High School, told the society. “Somalis are an oral society, you know. Things spread by word of mouth. Right in the refugee camps, they knew about Minneapolis, St. Paul … Then people in other states, like myself, also started moving.”


They came pouring in due to hearing the citizens of that city were utterly innocent and had no idea how violent crime and constant warfare looks like.


Yet the number of new Somali refugees in Minnesota has fallen dramatically in recent years — dipping to 48 in 2018 — as President Donald Trump has dramatically reduced the number of refugees that America accepts.


And Trump cut off their immigration into Rome to loot it!  Imagine that.  Oh, the naughty President!  And Biden swore, he would resume importing destructive foreigners who loot and burn cities.

And the violence spreads as excited ANTIFA and foreign aliens figure they have open season to loot, rape, kill and burn.  When hurt while doing this, they whine, ‘How dare you push me, touch me, stop me!’

VIDEO: Leftist Protester Killed, Dragged by FedEx Truck in Downtown St. Louis after Mob Shuts Down Highway and Attack His Truck

These lunatic leftists fling themselves on vehicles and then whine when they are killed.


Travesty is the order of the day now. Two tier justice system, criminals released from prisons for their protection from the Communist Chinese Wuhan Flu, while innocent Americans, trying to make a living, are thrown into jail for simply opening up their business. Go figure.


So Trump is fed up, he knows it is time to impose law and order on DNC cities.  Now, even stupid Democrats figured out, these fires, this looting, will hammer THEM and not just stay in the slums they filled with foreigners.

Note how the mayor of Minneapolis wants to blame the KKK for the riots which is utterly deranged.  It should be obvious to anyone with a brain, who is doing this: ANTIFA and its associates in Black Power gangs.  They want constant chaos which is why they call for no more policing.  This way, they can loot at will like they already do in many DNC cities which don’t put people arrested for theft in jail for even one night.

At the same time these deranged rioters demand the cop who stood on the neck of his victim be punished, they want a Somali cop who, for zero reason, deliberately killed a white woman asking for help!  Oh, HE is ‘OK’ and should be let out!  This shows all the hysteria about the black man is fake.  There is no ‘justice’ there is ‘power pushing’.



Here is Congresswoman’s Ilhan Omar’s daughter posting a list of things needed to riot:

Thank you, Somalia!


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8 responses to “Democrats Claim KKK, Not Somalis Were The Ones Rioting In Minneapolis!

  1. lou

    The Mayor of Minneapolis didn’t want the cops to get hurt so he pulled them back. He texted the arsonists warning them to be careful about gas lines in case they got hurt. He is a disgrace.

  2. T. Erickson

    Strange to me that the Dems blame the KKK which was also one of their earlier attempts to keep black people down trodden.

  3. Zeke

    “I have never seen a group of people have more restraint, putting up with what they put up with — spit at, bottles thrown at them, urine thrown at them, caustic agents and balloons thrown in their eyes,” Mayor Jim Kenney said.

    Kenney has implemented a mandatory citywide curfew, beginning at 8 p.m. tonight and lasting until 6 a.m. Sunday.

    “The peaceful protests earlier were touching showings of our collective grief,” Kenney tweeted. “The anger being displayed now cannot continue. Please have respect and dignity for each other and return home.”

  4. Jim R

    I’ll just leave this here..

  5. Wow, a million cops rioting for the ending of police power! Interesting.

    I was a huge part of the sixties and yes, cops sent in staff in disguise to SPY on us. They are not the rioters otherwise why would they KILL cops while doing this? Eh?

    Of course not! Unless cops are utter morons like leftists, no they would not do that.

  6. Jim R

    The text that went with the image above:

    Posted on Twitter: Rioter dropped a page of his instructions from Super Pac Friends of Democracy funded by Guess Who. Now we know who Is funding and coordinating these riots. …

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