Idle SJW Youths Riot For Fun, Violent ANTIFA Tactics Attack DNC Cities As Usual

Yesterday the inner city black activity of looting stores was joined heavily by ANTIFA college kiddies who don’t loot, they went forth and attacked…CNN!  And now they are attacking…Democratic cities and Democrats, in general!  And Bernie Sanders came out full communist, too, yesterday.  Mainstream media created this leftist monster and now it is attacking…them!  What a shock…not.

This is a stupid Bilderberg article in England.  ANTIFA’s favorite tactic is to suddenly go into the street in a mob with no warning and then ATTACK any cars that get caught in their mess.  The only way out is to drive over them.  Over and over again, this happens but only in DNC-run cities.  It never happens where Republicans run things.


I call this whining about people driving into them to escape them when they deliberately get in the way of traffic ‘childish radicalism’.  That is, this is like very naughty children who were told, ‘Do not play in traffic’ but who goes out and does exactly that.  No one should feel even slightly sorry if they get run over this way.


Even when they are jumping on cars and pounding on the roofs and breaking the windows, they get mad when the driver runs them over trying to escape.  These ill-tempered toddlers are very self-centered and believe ardently that they can be as violent as they wish and the rest of us should protect them while they riot!

Twitter continues to censor Trump last night so I expect fireworks today over this issue.  Twitter will lose the fight.  Meanwhile, the far leftist radical communist governor of Minnesota had to beg Trump to save him from his own voter base of foreigners and radical leftist ANTIFA rioters.

700 were sent yesterday but that isn’t enough, now more are needed.  I note the video above has the ‘more guards will enrage the rioters’…hahaha.

This mess was brought on by mainstream media and the DNC.  All politicians without exception condemned the cop who killed the criminal.  Trump condemned him, everyone, absolutely everyone.  Of course, the communists are blaming Trump for the riots THEY are making.


Not one soul was demonstrating for killing Floyd.  All the violence was one sided, 100%.  Not one pro-Trump person showed up on any street, all the people roaming the streets, causing chaos are 100% far leftist communists.


The governor of Minnesota is whining about how fire fighters are being attacked by the rioters.  I saw this happen, first hand, in 1977 in NYC.  Ghetto rioters always attack the firefighters, anyone who wants to see proof of this can google this topic.  It goes way back in time to the first race riots in Detroit back in the early 1960’s.


Governor Walz is whining that looters are now stopping semi trucks driving into black cities in Minnesota and stealing whatever is inside.  This out of control looting was created by governor Walz who sided with the rioters day one instead of ordering the police to fire on anyone rushing to attack stores.


Minnesota invited armies of freeloaders and violent Africans leaving their home states which they destroyed, into Minnesota and gave them free housing and welfare money and now we get to see the result of this reckless open border policies.  Anyone with a brain can look at Somalia to see what the Somalians enjoy doing: looting.


Long time black citizens have a 50 year habit of looting and burning and view this as immense fun, not terrible.  This isn’t a political battle, it is a classic ‘let’s party’ event.  The looters are feeling just fine.  They are happy.  Very, very happy.


But meanwhile, the even more communist mayor of Chicago attacks Trump because he called rioters ‘thugs’.


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasted President Trump and invoked an expletive Friday in response to his tweets after three days of protests in Minneapolis, Minn., when he called the protesters “THUGS” and tweeted that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”


Yes, when the looting starts, it always ends up with shootings.  The police shoot guns. The rioters shoot guns.  Anyone with a brain and has any memory of past looting riots knows this.  Throughout history, this has been true.  So naturally, the Democrats who are communists deny this fact.


“Donald Trump’s comment last night was profoundly dangerous,” Lightfoot said Friday during a news conference to discuss plans to reopen the city. “And we must stand firm in solidarity and say this is totally unacceptable no matter who is the speaker.”


How dare he talk about shooting looters and arsonists!  She wants them coddled so they can loot at will.  Chicago will be looted, next.


“He wants to show failures on the part of Democratic local leaders, to throw red meat to his base,” she added, according to WGN9. “His goal is to polarize, to destabilize local government and inflame racist urges. We can absolutely not let him prevail. And I will code what I really want to say to Donald Trump. It’s two words. It begins with F and it ends with U.”


So…the President is causing this via what?  He sided with the left in attacking the violent cop who killed a man with a long arrest/prison record.  That was bad.  Not one soul said it was good.  But the outsized reaction to this was deliberate and utterly amoral and illegal, that is, rioting and looting and burning down an entire city.  That was deliberately criminal.  And this stupid female DNC political hack sides with the looters and arsonists.


Gov. J.B. Pritzker also took Trump to task over his response.

“From the very moment that I announced my decision to run for governor three-plus years ago, I said that this president was a racist, misogynist, a homophobe, a xenophobe,” the governor said Friday. “And I was right then and I’m right now.”


What did Trump do that was racist?  Not one thing.  Condemning looters and arsonists is not racism.  Trump didn’t even call them ‘blacks’ because ALL leftists in the DNC run cities were doing this, not just ghetto blacks.  And the ‘xenophobe’ stuff: protecting our borders from invaders is not ‘xenophobia.’  It is ‘sanity’.

Meanwhile, as communists riot in the US, communist Chinese boast about how they will start WWIII:


There is a new brand of diplomacy taking hold in Beijing and its chief architects have a suitably fierce nickname to match their aggressive style — they are the wolf warriors.


Yes, China has decided to ditch free trade because the Wuhan flu killed it off and now want to start WWIII.


It’s a phrase that is now used widely in Chinese state-run media as well as Western publications, and it was made clear last weekend that its proponents have the full support of the country’s top diplomat.


Chinese dictators running that place know everyone is lining up, across the planet, to sue China for the Wuhan flu mess.

Speaking at a press conference in Beijing Sunday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China would now push back against “deliberate insults.”


Note how all leftists in all sorts all get pissed about ‘insults’ even as they go around insulting everyone in their paths.  Read the comments by communist politicians in the US who run our inner cities that are overrun by leeches seeking government goodies!  They all talk in the most vile and insulting ways and then demand everyone else talk nice to them or else.

“We never pick a fight or bully others. But we have principles and guts. We will push back against any deliberate insult, resolutely defend our national honor and dignity, and we will refute all groundless slander with facts,” said Wang, responding to a question from CNN.


HAHAHA.  China picks fights all the time.


“Wolf Warrior” is actually the title of a hugely-successful series of patriotic action films in China, featuring Rambo-like protagonists who fight enemies at home and abroad to defend Chinese interests. The first film was released in 2015 and made more than $76 million (545 million yuan) at the box office.


Meanwhile in my own insane state that is totally run by crazy leftist lying jerks, Cuomo suddenly decided to give up and open up the state again even as ANTIFA fights in NYC hoping to destroy that city and the stupid leftist mayor.


Good lord, just let it go now! There is no point to this ‘keep a distance’ since the entire left loves running riot literally in huge mobs!  This entire business has gone off the rails.  We now know the death rate for coronavirus for young people even young leftist rioters, is near zero.  The elderly have to be careful, none of the young are careful anymore.

Globally, new cases are still climbing higher and higher.  But daily deaths is falling rapidly and has been since April 8th!  The disease is evolving to be ‘safer’ because diseases that kill utterly end up going extinct.  So the natural selection for diseases is to be less and less dangerous over time.


New diseases arise and go through the same cycles.  I am amazed that no one at the top is talking about this fact.  It is actually infuriating that they won’t talk about this fact of evolution.

NY is now opening up in a stupid way but is still the #1 epicenter of the disease in the US.  The states seeing riots are all states run by lunatics who have been screeching about locking down everyone for ANOTHER month!  The rural parts of these DNC states are furious about being locked down since we are not living in cities and infecting everyone.


About the Tyson Farms food: since everyone was ‘infected’ I am assuming 99% of them didn’t get sick very long at all or had no symptoms.  This is key.  The disease is not a general killer, it only kills a very limited category of people, the vast majority get the germs and nothing much happens.


Also, Sweden: doing nothing didn’t work well there.  But doing something like NY doesn’t work, either!  The course of epidemics remained stubbornly the same in Europe or the US or anywhere it popped up.  The main differential was care after being ill.  The US had mostly superior care compared to say, Sweden which gave little aid to the elderly.  That is it.  Nothing more or less.


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14 responses to “Idle SJW Youths Riot For Fun, Violent ANTIFA Tactics Attack DNC Cities As Usual

  1. Kerry

    This whole thing is a ruse. It is the ABCDEFG agency people rousing up the LGBTQBLM people. The majority are paid rabble rousers. They are following the EXACT same script that they used for the Russian Revolution.

    This isn’t real. It is not a natural movement. We haven’t had a natural movement in society in over 100 years. It has all been coopted.


    CNN was attacked in Atlanta.

    Do the people in these videos LOOK LIKE THEY WATCH CNN? Do they?


    Pure and simple CNN is losing money so they torched it. Then the owners can get fake insurance money and probably sue the govenrment for OUR money.

    The black people running around are just being used for convenient dupes.

    Just another coup attempt that will FAIL!

  2. Jim R

    Now comes a story that the cop and the victim were both bouncers at the same club before the cootie outbreak. And now, the usual stories coming out showing crisis actors and Antifa swine. Like every other riot of the last decade.

    Makes you wonder how much of the story is real, and how much of it is like professional wrestling. And how much of it was orchestrated by the globalists/bilderberg planners. . .

  3. MAKE NO MISTAKE: these rioters are trained at our universities and schools by Marxists to create chaos deliberately and thus, get Maoism as the ‘solution’. I saw this formulated back in 1970 and now it is the official dogma of most colleges today.

  4. Petruchio

    Elaine: well done on your description of that idiot Tim Waltz. Waltz is a perfect example of why this Country needs recall Elections like they have in other Countries. They should have No Confidence voting options at the State and Federal levels so we can boot somebody out of Office instead of waiting until an Election. Tim Waltz is destroying the State’s economy all because he wants to curry favor with the higher ups in the DNC. Sooner or later, people will be picking up their pitchforks. Then it will be too late for going the normal route for reforms.

  5. Petruchio

    What we are seeing going on right now in Minneapolis and other other Cities where looting and other types of vandalism are going on is the DIRECT result of implementing Muilti culturalism and Diversity into a Country.

  6. Jim R

    My point, Elaine, is that the alternative news channels are presenting evidence that these riots are _organized_. Meaning that, although most of the people you see running around may be dumb locals with nothing to do, a certain percentage (1%? 5%? I don’t know exactly) of them are products of the training you describe. Not Marxists, but Globalists. You call them Bilderbergers.

    There was video of a person (believed to be a white guy) covered in all black, with an umbrella in one hand and a hammer in the other, smashing store windows, for example. Methodically smashing store windows, opening the way for the looters and arsonists..

  7. Kenogami

    Jim R wrote:
    “There was video of a person (believed to be a white guy) covered in all black, with an umbrella in one hand and a hammer in the other, smashing store windows, for example. Methodically smashing store windows, opening the way for the looters and arsonists..”


    It seems he is a policeman in St-Paul police department,
    identified by those who knows him

    Why would he do something so crazy?

  8. Rob

    The umbrella is to block any store surveillance camera views, I bet. There is a scene in Minority report where they used an umbrella.

  9. Chaos breeds all sorts of things. Blaming secret cops for everything is not going to change the fact that people are rioting for stupid reasons. I was dead center in an even worse riot many years ago that had ZERO political cause, it was simply all the lights went out during a thunderstorm! There were no political speeches,nothing.

    NO. People riot when they can GET AWAY WITH IT! It can be literally anything, big or small. Tiny or gross. And it is no accident, the minute it gets warm, it can happen.

    In France in 1968, I was in a movie theater when someone rolled a wine bottle down the aisle leading to people throwing bottles at the screen when the President of France, de Gaulle, appeared leading to running outside and engaging in a battle with the cops which the students won that led to de Gaulle calling in ARMY TANKS and me running to the Rhine, jumping in and swimming to Germany. See?

  10. Zeke

    “They’re moving faster to stop an uprising than they did to stop a plague now ain’t that some shit.”

    “Right after letting an armed militia storm a state capital building and harass police with assault riffles, no less, without any response.”

  11. Dear Zeke, no one ‘stormed’ the state capital. It really was a ‘peaceful rally’. No one was hurt, not one thing was broken or vandalized. No one was beaten up after being surrounded. NOTHING HAPPENED.

    Was there a threat? YES. The left wants a disarmed public so they can then impose Maoist destructive rules and literally starve everyone to death.

    That is real violence. Also, I am puzzled as to why you are utterly unable to tell rampaging mobs looting and burning cities apart from concerned citizens worried about being disarmed so that mobs can loot and burn their communities?

    You also don’t read me much. I have life experiences. When the looters and mobsters went on a very destructive rampage in 1977 the only business to survive in my neighborhood was one owned by a friend of mine who went out and shot dead the first looter to break into his store. This is what many of us worry about, rampant looters and killers swarming our businesses due to DNC run cities running out of control after driving out all the working class people who work hard, not collecting government checks.

  12. Zeke

    “The Rise & Fall of Elaine Supkis”

    (Forget about the “Roman Empire”.)

    Not being too tech savvy, I recently had trouble accessing and navigating your site – totally my shortcomings.
    Actually, it’s a beautiful, extensive site.
    And I happened to meander onto this from a decade ago: I couldn’t retrieve the exact article – I thought I saved it but – couldn’t find it. BUT if ya look at almost ANY of your articles and reader Comments from a decade ago – – – you “get it” – or at least you “got it” at that time.

    Case in point: the FRB just ‘bought’ hundreds of billions of dollars of ‘junk bonds’. (I understand the rationale and reject it.). In the midst of a pandemic – couldn’t they have spent some of that on real, effective PPE for citizens?
    IMO, the old Elaine, (the younger one) would have been all over that. The current EMS – crickets.

    There’s street level violence which is terrible. But there’s also economic terrorism from the FRB which is more like bombing from 30k feet. That is also deadly. It’s perps: Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, Mnuchin, Summers, Dimon, Dudley, Rubin, Blankfein, and so many others …..

    What lead me to your site – probably your site on the prior platform – was that you “got it”, you understood. It was during the accounting fraud market collapse in 2002 and the banking fraud economic collapse in 2008. And more importantly, the imo criminal “solutions” provided under Greenspan and Bernanke (and Paulson and the NY Fed).
    So called “Fed Reserve Bank” not.

    What happened to THAT Elaine? The old (younger) EMS? The one who “got it”? I miss THAT Elaine, not the supine slavering sycophant one. I want that one back.
    The Brünhilde in a house dress, the ‘oh shit, here she comes – quick, lock the door and turn off the lights – maybe she’ll think we’re not here’ EMS.

    And don’t try to tell me – ya ‘grew up.’
    Channeling Holden Caulfield: ‘growing up’ shouldn’t mean ‘selling out’.

    I didn’t change; you did.

    [(And yeah, I used to live in Manhattan. But my horizons were Mid-town to Battery Park, Hudson River to B’way.)
    Realizing now that I may never even visit there again.]

  13. EVENTS CHANGED. I finally got someone who was not a GLOBALIST in office as President!!! DUH. You, on the other hand, are stuck in the mud.

  14. Jim R

    @Elaine #9,
    Blaming secret cops for everything is …

    Remember that the cops are employees of the current empire of chaos. In other words, they work for the globalists in many cases. So, ultimately, perhaps they are not to blame, but they can still work as provocateurs. Mr Trump cannot and does not control all this nonsense, by a long shot.

    Recall the page I posted yesterday, in which it was stated that hand signals would be defined for communication between Antifa and some of the cops.

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