ANTIFA Riots Double Down, DNC Doubles Down Supporting Insurrections

The entire public systems run by Democrats now is a smoking ruin as are the business districts in DNC cities.  The Democrats demanded everyone in the DNC cities be locked down hard due to the coronavirus.  Then, they let populations of rioters to run free, destroying everything in the name of ‘we must stand against cops and with criminals who die when arrested.’  This, from the same Democrats who put a cop murderer of an innocent woman asking for help, in prison for only 12.5 years.  These same deranged Democrats are demanding a life sentence and even execution of a cop who was mishandling a prisoner and might have killed him. Both events are in the same city!  Same government, same courts, unfair processes.


BREAKING NEWS: All this, right next to the exit ramp of an interstate highway!  The criminals, the vicious little monsters, wailing about a dead black man, murder innocent bystanders in their infinite infantile rage.

The whiplash against the DNC riots and demands for severe punishments all out of proportion to other incidents is causing a tsunami if indignation.  The original sympathy for the victim of a rough and nasty police officer is fading fast as Democrats and their ANTIFA buddies wreck damages, injure or kill people, etc.

A small group of ANTIFA rioters attack a small store using ladders and tools and boards, they grap the woman who owns the business and beat her mercilessly.  ‘Get away from my wife!’ yells the husband as they hit him and then stomp on her as she lies on the ground.  I know from seeing many such videos over the years, ghetto males love kicking and jumping on people they surround and who are lying on the ground.


This sort of cowardly bully boy mashing of victims is a very strong impulse in inner city black youths these days.  They are proud of mobbing someone and stomping on them!  It makes them feel powerful.  Far from being ‘helpless, poor little me’ these thugs are heartless and very brutal.  Note how they are beating an innocent lady after invading her property, stomping on her and then crushing her.


NO MERCY!  And we have to endure an army of SJW Democrats weeping and wailing about how these people are victims, their beloved criminal class of the inner cities are all ‘nice boys’ when they aren’t committing crimes.  At the same time, none of the blacks in the slums or any of their DNC buddies show the slightest mercy towards victims of black violence, black crimes.

ANTIFA terrorists shot and killed a black federal agent in Oakland, CA.  Two black corporate lawyers in Brooklyn arrested when they threw Molotov cocktails into a police car!


Colinford Mattis, 32, a lawyer and member of Community Board 5 in East New York, was charged along with fellow attorney Urooj Rahman with the attempted attack on an empty police cruiser parked outside the 88th Precinct station house in Fort Greene.


I used to live near Fort Greene.  I used to give speeches there about how to make the neighborhood safe!  Wow.


“This is shocking news to me,” Andre Mitchell, president of Community Board 5 told the Daily News. “The allegation does surprise me because that doesn’t sound like him.”


When he joins a mad mob, he becomes a mad mobster.  It is easy.


The super of Rahman’s building called her “an angel” who recently lost her legal job.


She is obviously a devil.  No wonder she lost her job.  These clowns think killing cops is OK.  This is the problem with the entire left: they really don’t give a hoot about being nice, they want to KILL people, the list of those they think they can kill is very long and about 50% of all citizens in America.

So, all those rioters and troublemakers will get sick!  Serves them right.  It is simple: the tempertantrums of an army of infantile leftists will lead to them all being very sick.  We will see ‘justice’ served on them all.  It can’t be stopped via yelling and waving signs and weeping while destroying cities.  Self destruction is nothing new, it happens all the time in history.

Just remember this: the entire Bilderberg gang/DNC top politicians/US liberal media giants all want us destroyed, want our cities destroyed, they want poop in the streets and sidewalks of all our cities, they want chaos in all our schools and all this while living in gated private estates, sending their brats to private, expensive schools and flying all over in private jets, etc.  And they are the supporters of these rioters!  Isn’t that just amazing?





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11 responses to “ANTIFA Riots Double Down, DNC Doubles Down Supporting Insurrections

  1. AT

    A full reopening was never envisioned by the uniparty.
    These stores will never be rebuilt or restocked.

    Western consumer banking governments need demand destruction deflation to counter the inflation of the billionaire and 401K bailouts. They also need demand destruction to keep oil prices low without shortages or gas lines now that peak oil has passed.

    Missions achieved in the short term.

  2. Well, the communists certainly want everything shut down and a return to the wonderful days of serfs and masters!

  3. AT

    What we have is an ideology at the top that combines communism with corporate fascism and legacy Monarchism.

  4. Zeke

    Don’t fear the non-existent commies.
    Old time OG commies liberated the serfs from their masters.

    Instead, fear the right wing oligarchic fascists. They have created an economy where the majority of the population is hopeless, homeless or shelterless without any savings because the criminal Federal Reserve has made savings impossible due to ZIRP. And their insane obsession with pumping up stock and already unaffordable housing prices. To the detriment of wage earners and interest earners.

    And now they have no jobs or income, as lousy as the jobs were, with no benefits or safety nets.

    Monsters like Mnuchin, Hannity, Rick Scott, Buffet, Jared Kushner, etc. play the insider game.

    The lowest rung on the socio-economic ladder, deprived of savings, dignity, a piece of the economic pie – and now without a job or income – and witnessing the killing of people that look like like them in the street by arrogant member of the security apparatus. And now they can’t even make rent on their SROs or hovels. Well …. what could possibly go wrong?

  5. LOU

    ELAINE–Los angeles is NUTS…rodeo drive looted…Santa Monica Place looted…The SM police chief is a joke..a woman with fancy nails. 500k a year is her pay. Ms Renaud. She held a press conference during looting and lied.

  6. snoosebomb

    dangerous levels of stupid

  7. honeybadger don't care

    I suppose one is supposed to mark comments like this “off topic”; on the other hand, it may qualify as a rare tidbit of good news:

    Solar Activity Heating Up As New Sunspots Sport the Biggest Solar Flare in Years

  8. New Zealand is wondering where Trump is???? HAHAHA. They disarmed themselves. Trump isn’t ‘impotent’ he is NOT RUN DNC CITIES. The Democrats run these.

    And increasingly, these are begging Trump to save them.

  9. Dear Zeke, please review real history. The serfs were freed before WWI, not after. They were REINSLAVED by the communists. The peasants expected the revolution to give them rich farmlands instead, the State took away the rich farmlands and millions starved.

  10. ED

    Maoist always steal from the peasants and then kill those who object. Same pattern now with the indoctrination in the universities. There comes a point when people have had enough with these statist. The blacks will turn on the SJWs when they realize they just got used. The democratic cities will be literal prisons. Next come the shortages. The remaining businesses will not rebuild or restock under these conditions; and China will take advantage of the chaos.

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