Jewish Community Attacked By ANTIFA, NY Mayor De Blasio Sides With Police? Wow.

Wow.  For the first time in de Blasio’s wretched life, he is siding with Law and Order instead of infantilized radical leftism.  Knock me over with a feather!  NYC always has a problem with childish radical leftists.  They pour in from elsewhere with dreams of living the Maoist life while Wall Street taxes pad their nests.  On the other coast in LA, the  ANTIFA gang attacked Jewish communities and trashed these in the name of leftist radical politics, too.


Rioters loot Jewish stores in an LA Kristallennacht:

This is definitely no longer angry blacks who want severe punishment for cops while blacks who kill white civilian women who aren’t even criminals, should get leniency in our courts like the Somali cop in Minneapolis.  This ‘bully everyone’ politics is going to lead to even foolish voters to choose Trump.

In Nashville, rioters who hate America attacked, too.  Burn down Nashville’s city hall, gang!  A real winning strategy.  Some foolish people thing Trump’s people are doing this because it so obviously helps him but no, it is typical far left nihilism.  After all, up until last month, their main storyline was ‘we are going to roast to death’ so they wanted to destroy civilization so it will be much colder!

Ted Cruz trolls Mayo Jacob Frey who is the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis:

A number of people with small brains imagine all the rioters are really right wingers in disguise which I find rather peculiar since there is an army of leftists trained by our SJW Marxist universities free from all classes this month with time on their hands to prove their Marxist muscle, why should right wingers bother with the effort pretending to be stupid leftists?  Eh?  HAHAHA.


These are the exact same global warming gangs.  They are all over the place, it is a leftist ideology, we are going to roast to death.  And note how they don’t give a hoot about the coronavirus.  And note all the governors and mayors of cities being attacked this week by ANTIFA are also mostly ones that are screaming about coronavirus and demanding citizens be trapped at home except for the small armies of deranged leftists screaming about eliminate the police and destroy civilization.


Leftist lady Susan Rice, Obama co-conspirator, falsely claims RUSSIA is doing the rioting!


Former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice bizarrely suggested in a televised interview Sunday that the Russians could be behind the violent nationwide demonstrations following the in-custody death of George Floyd, although she offered no evidence for the incendiary claim.


She is now insane.  This is the most stupid statement, ever.  So, right wingers and Russians are rioting while wearing face paint?  Good lord.


Rice’s comments came after top Democrats insisted for years that the White House had conspired with Russia, although Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence to support any conspiracy with Russia by any U.S. actor to influence the 2016 election. Her remarks also came amid efforts by Democrats to pin the blame on outside white supremacist agitators, even though data suggests the vast majority of arrested protesters in recent days are local.


These neo-McCarthyites are most annoying.  They can’t cook up anything sane, they just stick to the old musty McCarthy charges.


“To designate Antifa a terrorist organization, fine, but let’s also focus on the right-wing terrorist organizations,” Rice told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, referring to President Trump’s decision earlier in the day to brand the left-wing militant group as a terrorist organization. “The white supremacists that he’s called, in the past, very fine people.”

Right wingers are not looting, killing, raping and burning cities.  Not even slightly.  This is absurd.

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