Mainstream Media Pretends ANTIFA Riots ‘Peaceful’

The elites who rule the earth are extremely anxious to get rid of nationalist hero, President Trump.  The main tool used by these elites is Marxism.  They know that Marxists like in China will give them total control over populations to the nth degree.  Meanwhile, all Marxist ‘leaders’ get to live in palaces and fly jets everywhere while the masses suffer.

Social and economic chaos kills, literally.  The powerful Bilderberg gang wants the citizens of DNC cities to live in utter misery.  Then blame Trump and conservatives for this instead of DNC leaders who egg on riots all the time.


Watching Fredo Cuomo claiming the looters are ‘fighting for liberty’ he doesn’t mention, it is the ‘liberty’ to loot.  Fredo lives out on Long Island in a white enclave made by Italians fleeing Brooklyn and Queens.  Liberals lie about why our cities are dying.  They never mention ‘school integration’ that drove 100 million taxpayers out of all our major cities.


Cities like San Francisco are mainly filled with childless young adults, the minute they have children reaching the age of six, they all pack their bags like I did and flee.  The first 48 hours of this looting expedition was pure ‘get goodies’ for ghetto residents.  Since they view stores as places to rob or shoplift, shifting to total looting is easy.


The last 48 hours has mainly been gangs of fewer than several thousand or less who are ANTIFA gang members coordinating attacks on neighborhoods they do NOT live in, namely, business districts.  They figure, if they destroy businesses, then the cities will be even more uninhabitable and thus, ripe for ‘revolution’ due to starvation, etc.


Destroying people’s jobs and businesses is what radical leftism is all about.  Then they plan for the STATE to take over all this and run it like we see in the former Soviet Union and in China, etc.  Often, the result is mass starvation.

Yes, people are buying guns so they can shoot any looters that dare show up in the suburbs.  This is quite understandable.  80% of Minneapolis city limits is ‘suburban housing’ for example.  The riots have been mainly in the business districts because this is where the loot is.  But the racists in ANTIFA including especially whites pretending to be ‘black’ their next target is the nearby working class whites living in their little houses.


ANTIFA hates whites who mow lawns, attend school plays, wash their cars on Sundays, go to work all week long: this is hell to the upper middle class college kiddies who are coddled for their entire lives by mom and dad and various servants and workers who cared for them in schools and daycare, etc.


Elaborate rules for ‘distancing’ cooked up mainly by Democrat mayors and governors has now flown out the window and far away.  Why should anyone be ‘careful’ when gangs of raging leftist mobsters are roaming the streets, pulling people from their cars, blocking traffic, smashing windows, grabbing strangers, etc.?  This is ridiculous.


Not a peep of condemnation for all this destruction.  The leftists desperately need a hook to latch onto their general desire to loot and burn and any old hook works for them.  In this case, it is as stupid a hook as previous looting expeditions in the past.  All this is happening right when the Bilderberg gang is using the leftists to demand we all freeze to death to save the planet!  According to them, we have to be very careful to save the environment…then right off the bat, the very same clowns in the endless ‘global warming’ marches are now setting cities to the torch while smashing everything in their silly paths!


THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE.  Ilhan Omar, for example, represents Minneapolis and she is a huge global warming believer who wants to destroy civilization in the name of cooling down the earth!  She is very much attached to all this destruction we now see.

This is an after curfew crowd that rioted last night.  Note how FEW they really are.  But they are being controlled by DNC mayors who are extremely weak and who don’t want to hurt their troops they use to torment anyone deviating from the Party Line.  So this is a problem!  They can’t be tough because these mobs are the power base of the Party.

White citizens of Minneapolis volunteer to clean up the mess there.  That won’t fix the mess.  Listen to the silly CBS reporter who is a white male talking about what is happening.  HE BLAMES ‘WHITE SUPREMISISTS’ for the riots!  This is insane.  And the male reporter is probably a leftist trained in our schools to be propagandists.


I am just amazed at how self-destructive leftist whites are!  They think talking this way, blaming the victims of black rage events, is going to spare them when the Revolution comes which History laughs sardonically.  We see over and over again, black mobs raging at state fairs, for example.  Many states are eliminating their fairs due to this chaos and violence.  Black mobs think nothing about roaming about downtown Chicago, smashing windows and beating up whites.


Pretending white people are the bad guys here is a storyline created by the leftists in our media.  Remember the white female who ran up to the police and got thrown to the ground?  Turns out she did attack the cop and hit him twice before he shoved her away.

Bilderberg media pretended she was this innocent victim!  They are doing this a lot.  The infamous video of a CNN reporter standing in front of a store that is a raging inferno after being looted, saying , ‘there is nothing going on here, this is a mostly a peaceful demonstration’ is epic Bagdad Bob.

This man is dying.  He was mobbed by blacks.  I have seen thousands of videos of blacks mobbing someone, this is how they fight now.  Everyone comes in and as the victim lies on the ground, they jump on the body and kick the head, etc.  THEY LEARN THIS IN SCHOOL.  This is why most white parents flee black dominated schools.


So, the out of control leftist mobs assail this poor man who tried to stop them from looting his store and they beat him nearly to death (I am assuming he is probably going to die or at least have very serious brain damage).  Will this get all the stupid politicians to denounce this?  Will they say, ‘We should all mourn for this shop keeper’?  Or will there be deafening silence?  Take a wild guess.

In between beating people nearly to death, more looting.  Note how they lust for luxury goods.  The store was cleaned out totally to the last clothes hangers.

In the above video, an officer takes a fat woman by the arm to escort her away so she clocks him in the head…twice…the white officer steps back, covering his face but a big black officer steps in and punches her out causing her to fall to the ground.  Naturally, ‘liberals’ will pretend this is ‘police violence’ when this is really just ‘street fighting’ and females indulge in this, too.

And here we have the classic white upper class female stealing an expensive cheesecake after she and her deranged buddies broke the windows to enter illegally.  She also took a drink, too.  Looks like some sort of milk.  This, with cherries on top, is ANTIFA.

The Flint, Michigan sheriff encouraged the rioters to march into the city and run riot.  Arrest him.  Without warning, he led them into heavy traffic to protest.  Also, what happened to ‘stay at home’????  Suddenly, the same leftists screeching about how we have to cower at home, are running riot in the streets, openly?  Note no one is wearing face protection, too.


And this man is obviously insane but the mob reaction was also totally insane and utterly illegal.



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12 responses to “Mainstream Media Pretends ANTIFA Riots ‘Peaceful’

  1. Suusi M-B

    Reap what you sow. As a country you have armed backed al-Qaeda and IS in Syria, Iran and Iraq. Just to name a few.

    Now what was that advice your insane leaders gave to Syria, Iraq and Iran? One thing is for sure you demented leaders are not going to take their own advice.

    Before you say anything Our leaders in the UK are insane and demented too. Do as I say not as I do.!

  2. Kerry

    As far as I am concerned they caught paid shills breaking windows and causing havoc. Therefore this is not real. It is just another show the powers in charge play to keep power.

    Why are you taking the news seriously? Do you believe news overseas? They are part of the group too. ALL of them. They sell the same story in varying degrees. I caught RT playing the illegal alien pity party violin just this past fall.

    How can you verify what is happening? How can you get a real headcount? They have been showing us for years that the military industry stages incidents. They can doctor footage to make huge crowds or even stage photos in a way that makes things seem empty (Trump inauguration).

    They were giving out cheesecake, apparently.

    Again, there is a flu the same as any other flu every year. They looked at the stars and decided this was there moment and hyped the flu into a big LIE.

    They managed to get us locked inside our homes. But not soon enough because people went out and filmed the empty hospitals.

    They needed small businesses to stay shut.

    So cue the riots.

    Odds say this George character was an actor. They staged the “death” then gave him a new ID and he is living somewhere else now.

    They knew the black community would flip out just as they have in the past. However most of these riots are localized.

    So they sent in the paid, SPOOK revolutionaries to get their Bolshevik revolution on track. This group egged on the crowd to make it more violent.

    Just look back at the Wall Street protests years back. At first it was real then they sent in their goons. That was when destroying property started.

    It’s all FAKE.

  3. Petruchio

    Lots of groups here are being very cynically manipulated; they just don’t know it. Take the native born Blacks. Look at how much damage they have done in mostly Democrat cities. All because INE Black person–who was on drugs at the time–died, supposedly by a cop kneeling on his neck. (Of course, there’s the problem of Mr. Floyd would not be able to say “I can’t breathe” if he really WAS being choked to death) Do these Blacks really think destroying shops and businesses is going to improve their lot in life? Of course, these lootings provide a perfect cover for imposing Martial Law. Somebody is being played the Fool here. Big Time. Then there are those guilt ridden, White Yuppies. Smug, arrogant, sure of their cause. Just like religious fanatics, no amount of reasoning with them will work. It’s going to take these white, leftist, “Liberal” females getting gangbanged by a group of looting blacks to knock some sense into them. And even that might not work. Little do they know they are being manipulated into doing their own self destruction. Look to History for the Fate of people who were useful idiots to the elites cause but are no longer needed or wanted. The Bolsheviks liquidated their useful idiots. There were Stalin’s purges in the 30’s. Hell, the Bolsheviks even went to the trouble of sending hitmen to Mexico to kill Leon Trotsky and he was one of their Founders!.

  4. Jim R

    The elites who rule the earth are extremely anxious to get rid of nationalist hero, President Trump.

    I have been surprised he has lasted this long. Must be a shortage of ‘deranged gunmen’ recently.

    @Kerry #2, spot on. Someone on Twitter also posted a picture of a page from instructions that were given to the ‘protesters’. This whole thing was a public relations operation. The machinery of ‘color revolutions’ has been turned inward and aimed at Mr. Trump.

    Just look back at the Wall Street protests years back. At first it was real then they sent in their goons. That was when destroying property started.

    … exactly. Arrest them all.

  5. Mewswithaview

    Black Lives Matter activists . . . in London

    This smells like purposeful misdirection by UK State agents to divert the attention of the hard left away from the UK governments handling of the lockdown and its recent controversies. This is not an issue that affects the UK and the protestors were not centred on the US embassy which would be expected as the locus of any UK protestors about matters in the USA.

  6. Jim R

    “It is UNCLEAR where they got the cheesecake” 🤪 🤣 🤫 🤢 🤮

    “News” reporter standing next to Cheesecake Factory with smashed windows.

    But I’m sure it’s just that the person wanted to protect the cheesecake and make sure it wasn’t ruined by the негры. . .

  7. snoosebomb

    How blacks do their shopping .

  8. snoosebomb

    from the man who predicted this all along , based on Pi cycles [ anybody ever make money with astrology ? ]

  9. Notice in my new story today, I talk about cycles of violence. Guess what? When there is no more loot, there is no more looting. After everyone whines for some years, the Democrats rebuild everything and then looting can resume. This is roughly a 20 year cycle.

  10. About the ‘fake’ story stuff: if everything is fake then YOU are fake, too and your analysis is also fake because why would anyone believe anything you have, considering how fake everything is all the time.

  11. Jim R

    Nothing fake about the riots. However, much of the violence is instigated by provocateurs.

    Syxenhammer, up at the top, has one of the clearest perspectives I’ve seen on current events.

  12. Petruchio

    All of this from the current crop of Democrats has its roots with Bill Clinton. It started before Billy Boy, but Clinton pushed it over the top. With Bill Clinton, the Democrats completed their sell out of their traditional voting base, the Middle Class/ Working Class Americans. “Where they gonna go?” sneered Clinton. Well one place traditional Democrat voters did NOT go was the voting booth and vote Democrat. And so the Democrats became the takers of Big Money bribes just like the Republicans. But Democrats still needed a new voter base, because their traditional voting base smartened up to the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton. and so the Democrat pampering of Illegals and just about every other white people hating group began.

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