Minnesota Governor Daughter Helps ANTIFA Riots

Amazing news: the SJW young daughter of the stupid liberal governor of Minnesota is helping rioters avoid the police by tweeting out where they are!  I have zero sympathy for the Democrats destroying Minnesota.  They seem bent on doing this no matter how much we try to stop them.  Naturally, they also have nasty cops there, too!


Playing ‘revolutionary’ is great fun, I know this first hand.  But there is a down side: arrest!  Right now, the Governor who is a radical leftist, will not arrest his daughter any more than Gov. Cuomo would force his mentally ill brother to resign due to lying about the coronavirus business.  Anything goes if you are a Democrat!

I am glad Tucker is reminding us about the LA riots that killed so many people.  This was um…more than 20 years ago so it is time for another ‘urban renewal’ riot.


Jim Hanson figured out that ANTIFA is now driving all the rioting and finally someone should list it as a terrorist organization:


In addition, the terrorist designation would make it a federal offense for Antifa to engage in terrorist attacks and other acts of violence against mass transportation systems. A favorite tactic of Antifa members is to burn buses when rioting. As a terrorist group, they could face federal prosecution for this crime.


Duh.  I was arrested once for trying to jaywalk.  These creeps are committing major crimes from theft, destruction of property, vandalism, assault and battery, murder and attempted murder, carjacking, etc.  Arrest them all!


The terrorist designation would also ban aiding Antifa because that activity would be considered to be providing material support to terrorists and terrorist organizations under federal law.


This means no more freebies and support by mainstream media giants who hate America!  Good.  Maybe we can arrest them, too!


Antifa members often work with other leftist groups, serving as their shock troops. These other activist groups know that they can rely on Antifa to do the burning and breaking, but would themselves be held liable for these crimes if Antifa is officially designated as a terrorist group.


That is all the black power gangs.  This mess has been created by communists.  There was no reason to riot.  The Establishment immediately began to look into punishing the cops in this one case.  But this isn’t enough:

Trump called this monster to be nice and this monster wants everyone put in prison for life.  Well, his brother could have been put in prison for life but the Democrats let people out especially this last two months!  Why do blacks want severe punishment for others while at the same time, complain about sentences for their own crimes?


That Somali police man who murdered a white woman deliberately for no reason at all got 12.5 years for this.

The Minneapolis immigrants are angry even with this extremely light sentence.  They think it is OK to kill.  Accidental.


A laugh riot:

Protests in Ferguson became very violent including arson:


Police deployed tear gas Saturday night as protesters in Ferguson launched fireworks at officers, smashed windows to police headquarters and looted a beauty supply store.


Hundreds of people on Saturday participated in two marches to protest the deaths of black people killed by police. One during the day was peaceful, though tensions escalated around 10:30 p.m.

By 1 a.m. Sunday morning, guns were shot in the air near the Ferguson police department, and police deployed pepper spray and rubber bullets.


Not one lesson was learned from previous events.  Nothing happened in Ferguson to cause this riot.  This is a ‘hey, everyone is rioting, let’s do it too!’ riot.  Instead of fixing Ferguson, they wrecked it even more!  And this is why fixing these places is useless and even stupid.

Here is a newspaper tweet about how ‘peaceful’ the demonstrators were during the day but at night, supposedly bad people came out of the woodwork like roaches.  I bet many at the day event were also, after dinner, involved in the night time event, too.

From 2014, yet another identical riot caused by the same things as the criminals in the community freak out every time cops try to nab someone:


Earlier, he said, “I talked to people on the street and they said not to worry. They said this time the focus will be on institutions, not businesses.”


That is, the neighbors swore they would not loot his store.  Then they looted his store.  Imagine that.


Unlike most merchants on West Florissant, Dayan didn’t cover his windows.


What a nice man, so trusting.  Too bad, trust was misplaced.


“I didn’t want to be another boarded-up store on this strip,” he said, adding that customers had thanked him for staying open as the grand jury worked.


His reward was to be looted.


Looters also ransacked a liquor store they also struck in August, during the last round of major vandalism. At least five major fires were burning along the street, including another cellphone store, a public school, etc.


This is why rebuilding over and over again is useless.  If the people living there wish to change their habits, then the destruction will stop.  But this is cultural, ever since the 1960’s, looting one’s community has been allowed by Democrats over and over again.  There is no down side.  They get goodies regularly this way.


Here is a news story from just last year!!!

AND…today they set fire to the mess again, yesterday.  The black dude in the video demanded we rebuild the neighborhood destroyed by the people who live there.  Good thing, it would have been wrecked again this week.

Another Midwestern former manufacturing town that is now a dead end.  The detectives have easy work: no cases are solved because no one will give any information due to everyone being in cahoots with the drug dealing going on there.  The story in all these communities are identical.  It is cultural.  It won’t change easily.


Generations of black families have been raised in this loot/beg cycle system and they seem really comfortable with it.  People who dislike this cycle move away and undergo cultural change (called ‘copying whitey’).  These people living in these places will not take responsibility for their own actions and how their community works, they want everyone to clean up their endless messes!  No way.


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6 responses to “Minnesota Governor Daughter Helps ANTIFA Riots

  1. Jim R

    Elaine, you’ll know it’s REAL when the rioters invade those ‘nice’ suburbs where the politicians and oligarchs live.

    When you see the Obama mansion on Martha’s Vineyard being burned to the ground, you’ll know it’s real.

  2. These mobs are SMALL. They can run riot in big cities run only by Democrats from top to bottom, anywhere else they would be wiped out rapidly.

  3. Jim R

    I’ll just leave this here . .

    The fact is, a lot of the looters and arsonists are NOT local to the neighborhoods they are trashing. And local organization is the way to put a stop to it.

  4. Jim R

    Elaine, if the mobs are small, and the police are so very good, as you always proclaim, why don’t they just arrest the mob? (the answer of course is that they have been instructed to stand back and allow the looting)


    ELAINE: these are in DNC run cities and the mayors of these cities OPENLY hate cops so the COPS are standing down. I thought I explained all that, read all my stories very carefully.

  5. lou

    DT treats Domestic Terrorists issues with the same windbag bullshit tweets as Illegal Alien/Wall Issues.
    I am certain that Jared Kushner is overjoyed at the scenes of Anarchy unfolding nightly. How long until the stand down Police escort the peaceful snowflakes to America’s suburbs ?
    Honky Man you may have to quell some of your beloved future Afroballers right there in your driveway,Can you do it?
    The Orange Man has more contempt for Honky than Minister Farrah Con Job, wake up Honky Man the 80 IQ Club and their trail of white coal burning zombie women and pencil necked beta male SJWs are not far away.
    Orange Man ain’t gonna help you, Tel Aviv won’t let him. You’re on your own.


    Why are they rioting and You are saying nothing??
    Black man charged with murder in shooting death of Grand Forks officer.
    Officer Cody Holte, a three-year veteran of the Grand Forks Police Department, was murdered (shot to death) yesterday by Salamah Pendleton and most people don’t even know it happened. #WhatAboutCops pic.twitter.com/cPPXSYaT5i
    — RavenX (@RavenRX36) May 30, 2020

  6. I think the left has gone utterly insane now. They have no choice, the walls are closing in on their parade now.

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