After Invading Private Community, Rioters Went to King Louis Statue To Violently Attack Some Men Praying

The same day this gang assaulted the gated community in St. Louis, they attacked a circle of adult males who were standing around the statue the rioters tried to destroy the day before, praying.  The ANTIFA gang ran up to them and began literally attacking them all, repeatedly and very viciously.  Today, in Congress, the DNC has decided to debate wether or not Russia was involved in Afghanistan (WTH?) and that Trump let them do this because…they want us to think Trump is a Russian agent, still!  Meanwhile, the DNC encourages gangs or screaming communist fanatics to attack American citizens!

The screaming mob of radical leftists who are totally protected by Democratic politicians who are openly attacking Trump for calling these obvious terrorists, ‘terrorists’ and who have unleashed these frightful, screaming maniacs on citizens who are not attacking them…yes, this is all highly criminal and when the victims called the police, no one showed up.


Meanwhile, the mayors and governors of these cities where these vile people run riot, the people defending themselves are harassed or attacked by the authorities.  And in Congress, there is NO DISCUSSION IN THE HOUSE about any of this!  NOTHING AT ALL.


This is treason!  Far from thinking the Democrats are ‘liberals’ who want to have happiness and civil rights, they are uncovering their true face: angry mobs out to kill, loot and burn all in the name of ‘black power.’  Well, it is ‘black power’ like in ‘black magic power.’  It is ugly and horrible and whatever felons die when resisting arrest, these felons are as bad or worse.


This is why there are no marches for innocent black children! They are killed by mobsters and criminals who are black!!!  No one on the left, not one Democrat gives a damn about dead black children.  Not one.  Arrest all the rioters!  Arrest Pelosi.


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4 responses to “After Invading Private Community, Rioters Went to King Louis Statue To Violently Attack Some Men Praying

  1. Zeke

    It’d be neat if presidential golfing were prohibited.
    The phone rings – he’s not answering. He’s out golfing.
    Trump criticized BO for doing a lot of golfing. Statistically, Trump has done more golfing so far than BO did in both terms.

  2. He lives on a golf course when not in the White House. He can play golf and then do business. Did you know many top leaders do business while golfing? Seriously.

    Trump is a dynamo of activity. He is extremely active, not lazy, he isn’t a G. Ford, for crying out loud.

  3. Also, I know you are pretty old, but did you know that people answer phones all the time while not at home? Geewizzikers! Amazing, isn’t it? You should try this some time, go to Verison and ask.

  4. Zeke

    Trump criticised BO for golfing too much – then he went golfing much more than BO.
    It’s called hypocrisy.

    According to article he turned his phone off. (Probably to not interfere with is golf game.)
    That’s why the WH could not timely reach him about taking down his “White Power” ‘tweet’.

    A zoning agreement between Trump Inc. (or one of its hundreds of phoney LLC shell companies) and local zoning authority stipulated that the property was to be recreational use only and not a residence.
    Trump (or anyone else) is not supposed to be living at Mar-a-Lago.
    So he’s living there illicitly.
    Even his voter registration is being challenged.

    Whadda ya wanna get all ageist on me now? Ya wanna go there?
    I purposefully opted out of all ‘social media’ and yeah, I thought “twerking” was another social media platform like “twitter”, so what? Until I saw the videos. I usually don’t view videos to conserve ‘data’ allotment.
    So I’m not up to speed on a lot of trendy bs, and don’t want to be.

    I haven’t had a land line in about three or more decades. I avoid FAG (Facebook, Amazon, Google) b/c they are they are overbearing monopolies, imo.
    (and possible CIA/NSA fronts.)
    (Although I may give in and order some stuff on Amazon b/c I just can’t get them in brick and mortar retail.)

    Typical Trump zealot response: when ya can’t argue the facts – make a baseless ad hominem attack.

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