New York Times ‘Global Editor’ Calls For Murdering All White Women


As civilization disintegrates as radical Maoists attack everything in all cities, we have the Bilderberg news media egging this destruction onwards in the hopes of restoring global free trade/climate change dictates on all populations which would then kill at least 50% of the people under this New World Order regime.  They are quite open about how they want to eliminate many of us a la Mao style.  These little buggers have been very busy lately!


Above is Ted Cruz pointing out that the Bezos/ Washington Post is now a far left wing communist news paper that hates America and wishes to destroy this country.  Karen…yes, she really is a Karen!…Attiah is a foreigner who was hired to take care of the staff and get rid of any people who have any brains there and she is very successful at this job.

Hello, you silly late comer, you are talking about MY ancestors who came here, married into the Tribes here and we have been here for around 500 years!  These little traitors love to attack MY country that let this little weasel into MY country and now she is gloating about destroying it?  Deport her ass, I say!


Things are heating up rapidly and more American citizens are now armed and ready to kill any crazed lunatic attacking their private property:

The news said the marchers were ‘harmless’ (daylight) so it was OK and the couple pulling a gun on them were in the wrong.  Except, the marchers had no right to be on the property, this wasn’t a public street:

And Detroit shows what happens next: mobs of criminals and communists attack police cars openly, knowing they won’t be shot dead.    This is true in Europe, too.  I was once in a police car that was overturned.  I kept yelling at everyone to stand back and stop rioting so the police couldn’t charge me with causing a riot.

The mainstream fake news is working day and night to blame Trump for all this.  In Congress, the ‘fixes’ offered up by the Democrats is to make things ten times worse.  All the DNC governors are releasing even more prisoners and refusing to arrest or put on trial many of these rioters and looters and rapists and murderers.  They did put a hair dresser into jail for making ladies look nice!


People making jokes are being expelled from schools, doxed, abused, murdered, etc. with impunity by not just raging mobs but by INSTITUTIONS, SCHOOLS and CITIES!  This is witch hunting, this is oppression, this is McCarthyism.  Oh, speaking of THAT, the media and Democrats now accuse Trump of letting the Russians kill people in Afghanistan?  He has nothing to do with what Russia is doing unlike Obama and Hillary and Biden.

De La Torre is a TEACHER in one of our noxious ‘schools’ that are really Maoist indoctrination centers and should be closed down.  I have first hand experience with one of the earliest, top SJW communist schools, Berkeley.  This hideous excuse for a female teacher went out of her way to openly attack a YOUNG GIRL who was in SCHOOL and set a mob of adult, obscene, vicious, murderous SJW gangsters on the poor girl’s tail and she was driven out of her CHRISTIAN school which is not longer Christian at all but instead, is an indoctrination center for Satan.


Speaking of devils, a radical communist Muslim Black Lives Matter top activist called for the gang to attack an Archbishop!


A radical Muslim Black Lives Matter activist in St. Louis is calling for a mob to target the home of Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski in the middle of the night.


In an event page for the “home visit,” organizer Umar Lee is urging people to go to the Archbishop’s home at 1 a.m. on Wednesday.


Here is his twitter feed that was allowed to be used to plan a criminal activity:

Lee was also responsible for the violent mob that showed up and assaulted Christians who were praying the rosary at the statue of King Louis IX which was organized by the Gateway Pundit. He had falsely claimed that it was a “KKK rally” in order to get people to show up and scream in the faces of clergy and assault innocent people who showed up to pray.


Yes, and last night, a crazed communist cad tried to climb the statue so he could vandalize it only he fell off and nearly broke his neck.  Meanwhile, in Seattle, the mayor didn’t remove any of the rioters and killers and assorted criminals from the neighborhood they seized illegally.

Quite a few bullets were fired, too in the above video!  So instead of going to that spot, HERSELF, and ordering the clearing of all these creeps, the creepy female mayor chickened out and hid at home behind private armed guards like Pelosi and all the other DNC bitches and did NOTHING.  What a complete fool.


ARRGH.  But the coronavirus bitch, ‘Coronachan’ was hard at work, spreading her charming disease across the planet:

Time for a gay rights march!  Wow.  Look, NONE of these marches should have happened.  These are spreading diseases.  This is getting utterly ridiculous.  People driving in droves in cars to protest being locked down were scrupulous and careful and mainstream media and the entire DNC condemned this.


Then turned around and encourages massive marches and events and CONTINUES doing this, I am so very pissed off today. This schizophrenic behavior of people who should know better pisses me off, they are not little children and they are not slum adults with virtually no education and no brains, these lunatics are in our top universities, in Congress, running our media systems, good lord, they are all utterly irresponsible and even insane.


And I am supposed to vote for any of these crazy lunatics???  NO WAY.


The NYDP publicity department posted this Friday: they are trying very hard to be very nice even as the gay community violates all the coronavirus rules that de Blasio and Cuomo pretend to insist upon.

And a reminder about herd immunity:


Dr. Anthony Fauci says he would “settle” for a coronavirus vaccine that’s 70 percent to 75 percent effective – but warned that the US may not achieve herd immunity to the contagion if too many people refuse to be vaccinated, according to a report.


“The best we’ve ever done is measles, which is 97 to 98 percent effective,” the top US infectious disease expert told CNN. “That would be wonderful if we get there. I don’t think we will. I would settle for [a] 70, 75 percent effective vaccine.”


There are many people terrified of vaccinations who want to volunteer to be the dead 50% that the environmentalists and cultural communists dream of doing to humanity. Have fun!


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30 responses to “New York Times ‘Global Editor’ Calls For Murdering All White Women

  1. snoosebomb

    but warned that the US may not achieve herd immunity to the contagion if too many people ” stay locked down

  2. Jim R

    In more fake news from the NYT, they are claiming that “Putin is paying a bounty to the Taliban for US soldiers killed, and Trump did nothing about it”.

    Trump did something, he wanted to bring the US soldiers home, but he was shouted down by warmongers. And I doubt the bounty story. The Russians are laughing at us now:

    Russia does not need to help the Taliban, all they need to do is wait, and the US empire will collapse.

  3. Moe

    The possibility of developing an effective vaccine (i.e., pervasive and efficacious over different strains) is a chimera. Elaine’s near-death from the Hong Kong flu has distorted her perspective and on this issue her function is fear-based. Her self-vaunted rationality takes a subordinate role here.

    Anticipating her rebuttal, I am not terrified of vaccinations but am untrusting of the various agencies (public and private) that would produce and administer such a vaccine. It’s no longer the ’50’s Elaine, when you could (generally) trust Government to do the right thing.

  4. Jim R


    I agree. I am NOT ‘anti-vax’, and highly recommend the medical advice from our childhood. Everyone who has children should get them inoculated against all the usual childhood diseases — measles, mumps, polio, etc. etc.

    But the people working on this vaccine are the worst-of-the-worst. Somewhere recently I saw a price quote for Remdesivir, the engineered antiviral drug that might or might not work, for the very early stages of this thing. I don’t recall the exact amount, but it was thousands of dollars for treatment of one person. HCQ, which also might or might not work (studies were apparently designed to fail), the cost is mere pennies a pill.

    So when I hear that the B&MG Foundation is working on a vaccine, the king of sh*tty software is working on a vaccine, I am leery of the result. There is a lot that can go wrong with a vaccine, including but not limited to, giving you the disease it purports to prevent.

    For other viruses in this family, the ones that cause the ‘common cold’, no vaccine has been developed. Corona viruses are good at ‘hiding’ from the immune system, and tend not to elicit long-term immunity.

    I am currently listening to the TWIV podcast, where they interview a doctor they’ve had on before. He said that they are now saving most of the people who are admitted to the hospital, in contrast to March when they did not yet know what to expect. So they are treating the inflammation, the thrombosis, and opportunistic bacterial infections as they arise. Fewer cases require ventilation (which was counterproductive a few months ago).

    I’m thinking such clinical treatment will be the story, until this virus has run its course. Maybe, MAYBE, a vaccine will come along in several years, but these things take time. Elaine can sign up for the Phase 3 clinical trials, but I shall give it a pass.

  5. Sorry to pop your balloons but I have gone through the Gates of Death SEVERAL times starting age 5. I am not scared of it, I am rational about it. Why hurry back, I say, logically.

  6. less than 1%.

    Sheesh. I am allergic to coffee. If there is caffine in meds, it can put me into a coma. This doesn’t mean 99% of the people should avoid it, too!!!! DUH.

    How dumb is that?

  7. Jim R

    I am not sure what you’re looking at there. I did not see coffee.

    I did see a lot of HCQ trials, some yoga, and some studies that merely want to sample your blood to find out if you are making antibodies. The trials are all over the place.

    Here is a vaccine test that might apply to you:

  8. My comment was, all medicines, vaccinations and stuff we consume can be lethal or bad to a very tiny percentage of people. You deliberately refuse to see this obvious point because you have misplaced faith in being magically protected from disease while not getting vaccinated.

    This is due to herd immunity and pure luck. The more people believe vaccinations are evil the more likely your luck will all run out at the same time due to too many people foolishly choosing to cooperate with germs instead of shutting these out.

  9. Moe

    @9 EMS

    You’re STILL missing the primary argument that the agencies that create and distribute modern vaccines cannot be trusted. The creation and usage of genuine vaccines properly designed to address any particular illness is not the issue.

    Your faith in these agencies is inexplicable.

  10. Jim R

    <sigh> look, I found you a vaccine trial. If you don’t like that one, there are about 500 others to choose from on that site. I’d probably avoid the one based on yoga, though. Doubt it will have much effect on the virus.

  11. Look, if you are paranoid, go right ahead and play Coronavirus Roulette. Your life, not mine.

  12. Jim R

    So, in which vaccine trial are you participating? Because there isn’t a vaccine yet, so the experimental ones would be the only ones.

  13. None of us are, silly. I wish I could, though.

  14. Jim R

    I just saw this story about the Pfizer trial (link I posted above …)

    They are still recruiting volunteers, and have a couple of locations in Rochester. I was actually trying to be helpful up there. 🙂

    Of course, you might end up in the placebo group, because it is a trial.

  15. Jim R

    Yes, I know. That’s like me driving to El Paso for something. Not really close. There is another site in Boston, also not close …

  16. Rochester is very far away, I live on the border of Vermont. I do have Pfizer stock and my husband’s dad was one of their top scientists. But he is now gone, alas. Maybe I should go to the shareholder’s meeting and ask them for the vaccination.

  17. Jim R

    If you follow the link I posted, and scroll to the bottom, they have contact information. I don’t know how hard it is for you to get to NYC, but they listed an address there as well.

    ELAINE: the government of NYC is now totally collapsing. I won’t go there unless they allow me to carry firearms and take down at least a few dozen ANTIFA rioters.

  18. snoosebomb

    Gates is supporting a vaccine that alters your DNA , you might like to try ,,

  19. Jim R

    Pfizer is a very old respected company, and Elaine is serious about this, she wants the vax ASAP. And I don’t think Gates donates very much of his ‘charity’ to Pfizer. I dont trust Gates, either.

    As for the other nonsense about 5G, and vaccines causing autism, and so forth, that is just noise.

    You should know, the virus will alter you as well, but you might not like the alteration so much . . . (the Pfizer vaccine is RNA, by the way — not that you’d know the difference) At least CoV-19 isn’t a retrovirus, which would REALLY alter your DNA.

  20. Death is pretty terminal.

  21. lou

    21–The alternative is good.

  22. The anti-vaccination death wish is amazing to watch. Do note that anti-vaccinationists who die of disease aren’t noticed when they die. They just become another statistic.

  23. lou

    and over vaccination can be too much of a good thing.

    Now that the year is half over, how was the weather in NYS?

  24. Wet and often cold.

    There is no such thing as ‘too much vaccination.’

  25. Jim R

    So then why not make the sacrifice, and travel to where Pfizer is running the vax trials?

    Hope you’re having a happy 4th, Elaine, and your little village is going ahead with the parade. 🙂

  26. Are you paying for all this?

  27. Kenogami

    The more vaccines, the more autism in children.

    Study at a Danish university a few years ago; compared the number of vaccines given to children and the rate of autism in different countries: direct linear correlation between the two.

  28. Jim R

    No, I think Pfizer is paying for it. All you have to do is show up.

    Obviously, they’ll want to sample your blood, probably about once a week for some time. They are trying to figure out if it works.

  29. Jim R

    Ahh, found it. Some of these older posts are hard to find.

    I wanted to tag this onto the vaccine thread. My virologist podcasters were discussing the vaccine trials today, and mentioned this little factoid:
    The Moderna RNA vaccine encodes the whole spike protein, while the Pfizer vaccine only encodes the Receptor Binding Domain, about 1/6th of the spike. Early results indicate that the whole-spike vaccine elicits a lot more antibody responses than the RBD-only vaccine. It’s one of those little technical details.

    Whether it means anything in the ultimate success of the vaccine is not known at this time . . . stay tuned.

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