Pelosi’s San Francisco Is Putting Drug Addict Homeless In Very Expensive SF Hotels

Pelosi’s San Francisco is putting diseased, drug addict homeless people into top hotels which the city pays for at full rates!  But hospital staff in these hotels are now exposed to sick, violent people and…all this is secret!  They get free booze and pot, if they camp out at these expensive hotels.  $3 million in three months for free booze and pot! If you talk about this and are staff, you can be put in PRISON.


People are dying in these hotels, too, not to mention coronavirus sicknesses.  $200 a night!  Wow.  NO wonder the city is going bankrupt as is California, like NY.  What is funny here is, the the homeless who supposed to stay indoors, spend significant time  on the streets, anyway!  Now on to NY City, battleground cops versus the DNC voter base:


NY City is being systematically destroyed.  And voters are voting for this because they are literally crazy, they think Biden will win and then bail everyone out after they wreck everything.  In 1978, NYC thought Jimmy Carter would bail them out.


He didn’t.  Then along came Reagan.  Oops.  I bet SF and LA hope Biden will give them money, too.  So why not make things collapse, deliberately?  More loot!  NY and CA are powerful in Congress which is why we have the Senate so they can’t loot everyone which is their plan.


The DNC platform is all about GLOBAL WARMING and OPEN BORDERS. Letting in armies of diseased illegal aliens and pretending we will roast to death in 12 years and so they want to restrict farming, milk cows, travel, warming/cooling homes, etc. to ‘save the planet.’  Anyone deviating from the global warming/open borders dogma is persecuted and prevented from publishing like in this example:

Forbes went from being a stupid magazine to being a ridiculous and stupid magazine.  Inside all the newspapers and magazines run by the Bilderberg gang members is an army of SJW kiddies, 90% of whom are young females, attack the senior staff and get them FIRED over and over and over again.  They do not want any debate about anything and this is pure Mad Madame Maoism at work.


These crazy females all go to top schools like I have explained, I went there, myself only I learned different lessons than these SJW lunatics. Well, they are taking over all systems this way and when they ‘win’ the business tanks due to people dropping these and refusing to buy these things.


As always, I like to go overseas when exploring news. Since the DNC gang wants to make big news about a very silly Russia story, time to visit Russia:


The Associated Press has added fresh speculation to an unconfirmed report alleging Russia offered bounties on US troops. Citing unnamed sources, the outlet claims the White House knew about the plot last year.


FAKE NEWS ALERTS!  Key words showing there is zero real information here.

Senior officials in the Trump administration were purportedly made aware in early 2019 of classified intelligence suggesting that Moscow was soliciting cash rewards to the Taliban for killing American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The allegation, which AP says comes from “US officials with direct knowledge of the intelligence,” means that the White House would have known about the dubiously sourced plot a full year earlier than previously reported.


There are the typical CIA rogue fingerprints all over this stupid story!  And the Russians know this, they study the CIA very, very closely and are probably laughing as they quote all the WP/NYT/AP article here.  Now comes the Russian commentary:


Unfortunately for AP, even the president’s most ardent critics have declined to publicly corroborate their claim.




John Bolton, who was serving as national security advisor at the time, declined to comment on whether he had briefed the president on the matter in March 2019. Undeterred, AP still reported that Bolton told colleagues that he had informed Trump about the bounties – citing unnamed sources.


Another stab at the Bilderberg gang.  Trust me, Putin knows all about the Bilderberg gang with much more direct sources than I have.


The New York Times, referring to its own anonymous officials, claimed last week that Trump had known about the “bounties” for foreign troops since at least March of this year. The US president has denied that he was ever briefed on the matter accusing the “Fake News NYT” of peddling “another fabricated Russia Hoax.”


Putin finds this all very funny, actually.


White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said on Monday that there was “no consensus within the intelligence community” that the allegation had merit, and therefore the information was never brought to Trump’s attention.


She is right. It is 100% fake news.


The Pentagon disclosed that it was “evaluating” the claims but so far has found “no corroborating evidence to validate” the sensational media reports. For its part, Russia has dismissed the unverified story as nonsense, pointing out that the allegation coincides with Trump’s move to withdraw US forces from the 19-year occupation of Afghanistan.


They think this will fool everyone.  HAHAHA.  What a gang of jokers.  Good lord.


Russian news gets really droll here:

They are traitors. Arrest them all.  Arrest all ANTIFA/BLM terrorists, too.  Here is yet one of thousands of examples of them terrorizing citizens, attacking, damaging, harming, killing, burning, whatever:

Independent Journalist Tours The Cities Destroyed By Black Lives Matter Rioters

As I reported earlier this month, Corporate America has pledged some $1.7 billion to Black Lives Matter initiatives.


Even though Corporate America were just recently given some $4.5 trillion in taxpayer bailout money, I haven’t heard of any similar pledge on their behalf to help rebuild the small businesses and livelihoods these rioters destroyed.


Yes, we are funding BLM which is insanity.  They are communist agents who, when night falls, turn into open terrorists.



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8 responses to “Pelosi’s San Francisco Is Putting Drug Addict Homeless In Very Expensive SF Hotels

  1. Rob

    Re: fake Intel news.

    Your NY Rep was at the presser … but no Dems. Apparently to turn it into a circus and next opportunity.

  2. Zeke

    Ford to NYC – “Drop Dead.”
    (He never said that.)
    EMS may remember that. What she may not know is the back story.
    People from Puerto Rico, Dominica, and South USA migrated into NYC. A nearly bankrupt city was forced on austerity budget – and closed many aspects of city gov’t including fire houses …..
    But a disproportionate number of closed fire houses were in the Bronx, Brooklyn, northern Manhattan, …..
    So when the fires came ….. they burned out of control – to the ground.
    This, according to Moskowitz, was not a random accident.


    EALINE: Excuse me, I was dead center to all this and not only remember it pretty good, I was extremely active in all this. The riots in 1977 was before the shutting down of the stations. Some of these were burned during the riots identically like today’s riots. They just never reopened. The arson took off starting way back in 1970 due to energy cost inflation due to the price of heating OIL that heated the slums, no raise in rents so landlords abandoned properties and then they were burned down by all sorts of people. By 1977 no one could get fire insurance in Brooklyn, for example, where there were apartment buildings due to all this.

    RENT CONTROL caused this problem, big time. I gave many, many speeches about this back then.

  3. Pete

    Bad News……China already owns
    and controls USA.

    The constant demonizing of Russia
    drives Russia into the arms of China.

    China wants Russian energy, minerals
    and military tech.

    J20 fighter is Russia design.

    China wants Trump out.

    China controls the world.

    Game, set, match.

    Ready for 5G?

    What is your social credit score?

    Oh, next up to bat:

    Swine Flu next Planed-Demic.

    SanFran has been destroyed.

    All Hail Xi

    Got Gold?

  4. Pete

    Sorry, it’s Plannedemic.

    Just found out about how many
    companies are controlled by

    Soft Power Sudoku

  5. Pete

    Uh Oh

    Dr Fauci say:

    Next plannedemic is drum roll….

    Swine + 1918 Flu

    Got Mask?

    Level 4 Labs working overtime


  6. Pete

    Fauci calls it G4 Flu!

    You can’t make this stuff up 🙂

    Phew, glad it’s not G5 Flu

    Oh wait

    Oh No 😦

  7. Rob

    Senate hearing with Fauci really should pin him down on his guilt in running and financing the program that produced the bug in China. Instead all they talk about is masks and social distancing:

    “Rand Paul boils Dr. Fauci’s coronavirus response down to ‘we can’t do this, we can’t do that’”

  8. Zeke

    The question on everyone’s mind (ELAINE): Why does this person post some of the dumbest tripe, ever, at my poor little blog?

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