Seattle Washington Is Run By Weak, Pitiful, Confused Feminists

From the very brave Andy Ngo who goes where none dare go before, he recorded the pitiful press event thrown by a very weak and incompetent female police chief who is as bad as the mayor when it comes to projecting power and arresting people.  As the official ‘Housewife from Hell’, I demand these two females resign in disgrace.  And NY City mayor de Blasio: ditto.  And governor Cuomo, too.  Resign!


During a press conference where she was heckled throughout by BLM supporters, Police Chief Carmen Best stated, “It’s very unfortunate that we have yet another murder in this area identified as the CHOP – two African-American men dead at a place where they claim to be working for Black Lives Matter.”


Note how this incompetent female doesn’t mention the race of the killers.  90% of all black deaths this way are black on black crimes.


Best went on to assert that activists shouldn’t have been allowed to “take over an entire neighborhood,” adding “enough is enough here”.


I want to strangle her!  SHE let them do this.  SHE is responsible.  If she was stopped by the mayor from enforcing obvious laws, she should have RESIGNED in protest!  Instead, she goofed off and did nothing so she is now at fault, too.


“As an African-American woman with uncles and brothers and stuff, I wouldn’t want them to be in this area,” said Best, before she was interrupted again by someone using a bullhorn.


HAHAHA.  I would heckle her, too.  ‘And STUFF’?  HAHAHA.  She didn’t want her own family in this mess but let everyone else in this mess and did absolutely nothing?


“This kind of behavior is irrational and unacceptable,” she added.


What a moron but her boss is also a moron.  They finally, very very belatedly, decided to enforce obvious laws being violated openly, they gave a deadline that died on its own feet.  Nothing was done.  These two incompetent Democrats stood idle while nothing happened.  Why didn’t she….she is standing there!…go over to the nearby pavilions and begin pulling them down, daring the black males to attack her?  I’ve done this sort of thing not once but many times!


I suspect the cops on the beat want to see their ‘boss’ lady beat down, too.  So this would be a win/win for everyone.  Better still, haul the mayor there and force HER to pull down some of the junk blocking the streets!  Both weak females need a good brawl to learn how to be a political leader.


Here is how the story appeared in the liberal newspaper in Seattle:

That city is dying.  And the media can’t report it sanely, they are all crazy out there.  Here is how the insane leftists destroying Seattle see important events:

Is THAT the DNC solution?  Stopping anyone from going to prison after they wreck Federal property????  Talk about a hill to die on!  Obviously, they now support vandalism????  Here is their SJW reader base mocking Trump for protecting the Lincoln Monument:

And we are told, the Democrats will win this election?  Only via bribing the voters with something, anything.  Certainly, not for destroying civilization.

These protesters want to get rid of the mayor of Seattle and replace her with a full communist radical leader.  This is happening in NY City last night, too!  The exact same tactics were used yesterday in NY City:


Anti-cop protesters are in a tense standoff with police near City Hall early Tuesday, as lawmakers near a vote on the budget — and weigh steep cuts to the NYPD. Video posted around 5:45 a.m. shows a crowd of protesters on one side of the street while dozens of cops face them on the other.


“At #OccupyCityHall cops are trying to arrest us for being on the sidewalk on the morning on the budget vote,” the video caption says. “NYC get here now!!!”


The stupid Democrats are competing to see who can defund or even eliminate the police in their crime-raddled messes they run.  They know this makes their voter base stronger via chasing everyone else out of the cities they use as their political base.  The mob attacks the police and where is de Blasio??? Why can’t he go out and chat with his people?


His wife is a communist, after all.  His kids are rioters who are also communists!  They are one and the same with the gang in the street, demanding no more police.  I agree.  The police in NYC should all take a walk off the job and let de Blasio and his family control crime.


Click here to see a black dude in a wheelchair in Harlem, spraying bullets at other black dudes, missing them, at 3am in the morning.


Nice mess you have here, de Blasio! Nice mess indeed.


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11 responses to “Seattle Washington Is Run By Weak, Pitiful, Confused Feminists

  1. Seattle is run by fools and lunatics and no one has any idea how to stop these messes which were enabled by politicians being stupid or insane.

  2. Robert

    In the simplest terms:
    400 years ago white people brought black people over here and enslaved them. And sold them. And treated them as less than human. For 250 years. While white men built the country using other people’s labor and created its laws and its systems of government. While 10, 15 generations of white families got to grow and flourish and make choices that could make their lives better.
    And then 150 years ago white people “freed” black people from slavery. But then angry white people created laws that made it impossible for them to vote. Or to own land. Or to have the same rights as white people. And even erected monuments glorifying people who actively had fought to keep them enslaved. All while another 5, 10 generations of white families got to grow and accumulate wealth and gain land and get an education.
    And then 60 years ago we made it “legal” for black people to vote, and to be “free” from discrimination. But angry white people still fought to keep schools segregated. And closed off neighborhoods to white people only. And made it harder for black people to get bank loans, or get quality education or health care, or to (gasp) marry a white person. All while another 2-3 generations of white families got to grow and pass their wealth down to their children and their children’s children.
    And then we entered an age where we had the technology to make PUBLIC the things that were already happening in private– the beatings, the stop and frisk laws, the unequal distribution of justice, the police brutality (police began in America as slave patrols designed to catch runaway slaves). And only now, after 400+ years and 20+ generations of a white head start, are we STARTING to truly have a dialog about what it means to be black.
    White privilege doesn’t mean you haven’t suffered or fought or worked hard. It doesn’t mean white people are responsible for the sins of our ancestors. It doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of who you are. But it DOES mean that we need to acknowledge that the system our ancestors created is built FOR white people. It DOES mean that we aren’t disadvantaged because of the color of our skin and it DOES mean that we owe it to our neighbors– of all colors– to acknowledge that and work to make our world more equitable.🖤

  3. Petruchio

    @#2 Robert: My goodness. What a Proud Black Man you are!! Blame Whitey for all the problems of Black people. Even though most crime against Blacks is Black-on-Black. Blacks have the lowest education levels of any ethnic group in this Country. I know. White Man’s fault? Sure it is. Black women–by FAR–lead in Single Parenthood. It’s Whitey’s fault that the Black Communities make and listen to music celebrating women as “Bitches” and praising violence against Cops. Blacks built America because Whitey used them as Slaves?? LOL!! Blacks haven’t been Slaves for over 150 years and Black Slaves only helped in the South and IN agricultural areas. Black Lives Matter aren’t going to Matter until Black Lives Matter to BLACKS.

  4. Robert

    i am not a black man – just not a racist like many of you!

  5. Petruchio

    well Robert: did you know that the Slave trade was operated to a large extent by Jewish folks and Blacks? Not that that matters. NO ONE is defending slavery, And yes, it should never have happened. Prosecute the Slavers! Just like you would drug dealers. This Country fought a Civil War over it–in part. My point is Progress for the Black Community is only going to happen if and when the Black Community itself tries to better their lives. Malcolm X was a great mind. A brilliant man. He knew this to be true, that Blacks must look to themselves to improve their lives. Then a couple of Black radicals blasted him with a shotgun. There is the problem right there. It’s sad. It’s a tragedy.

  6. snoosebomb

    OT , heads up, H1N1 break out in china , a vaccine for that one might be usefull but unlikely now due to Plandemic . Total fucking shit show on the way.

  7. Item #1: 80% of Europeans were SLAVES, too. My ancestors, who were ruling elites (Norman) owned these serfs which is the Norman word for ‘slave’. They were not freed until roughly when the African slave business began.

    Even so, the serfs in Russia were literally owned by the elites until just before WWI which was well after the US slaves were freed!!! OH MY.

    Now, making excuses for personal failures on ‘history of slavery’ is ridiculous.

  8. About the vaccinations: if many people refuse it, they can cheerfully get ill. Those of us who are smart and get vaccinated can rest easy and maybe buy up the properties of the dead people. To be blunt.

  9. lou

    8–1920, Slavery restarted in Eastern Europe, under Jews. It was the USSRs communism, an attempt at total control.

  10. Communists all universally enslave mass populations. History has many, many examples.

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