FAKE NEWS ALERT: No, Trump Did NOT Order Fed Agents Retreat From Dying Portland OR

Trump announced minutes ago, the flurry of headlines about taking Fed agents out of dying Portland, OR, is FAKE NEWS.  Here is what was reported without talking to the President, first (these bastards never confirm anything they spit out these days):

Trump made it clear, he intends to prevent anyone touching these buildings.  The Oregon State Police are supposed to come and guard this building.  Now, the governor who is a radical communist, could have guarded these buildings but refused and why would they function now!


The trick now is, the governor is going to guard the building tonight as a TEST.  Fail to protect it: Trump will probably bring in the military.

The mentally ill governor announced this, NOT TRUMP.

At least some papers admitted it was the governor who is a nut case, not Trump!

BREITBART NEWS got it CORRECT!  HAHAHA.  Good lord, seeing our news media gangs bellyflop this story is amazing.  Fox TV did correctly say that the governor, not the President, said all these lies.

Obviously, nearly no one picked up the damn phone and called Trump.  When I saw these headlines, I said, ‘NO WAY’ and went right away to Trump’s twitter account and viola: I was right.  He never called for this.  What a world, what a bizarre world we live in!


And someone has to take these stupid ‘newspapers’ and ‘TV stations’ and shut them all down.  The Covington School boy should run these. At least he has integrity.


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3 responses to “FAKE NEWS ALERT: No, Trump Did NOT Order Fed Agents Retreat From Dying Portland OR

  1. snoosebomb

    Thanks !

  2. KHS71

    Trying to smear Trump. This will go on until the election if not beyond.

  3. It looks now like Trump totally won with the governor of Oregon who agreed letting the mayor of Portland trash the place was a terrible idea.

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