NY Time’s Top Editorialist Kristof The Krazy Claims There Are NO RIOTS In Portland!

The NY Times seriously wants to. make me laugh to death.  Today’s attempt at death via merriment is from one of their oldest and stupidest editorialists: Nicholas Kristof.  Kristof is pissed off at Trump because Trump clearly sees violent terrorists attacking a Federal court building in Portland night after night!  But Baby Boy Krissy sees nothing!  He only sees cute, a bit fat, mommies protesting meanie Trump!  All the violent rioters are invisible to Krissy due to him having lost his bifocal glasses the other day.  GADS…the NYT is seriously probing the bottom of the barrel here!  They have gone insane.


This is being passed around like mad by Bilderberg gang members who think alike, write the same junk and think the same stupid thoughts which is why they are so collectively dumb.

The list of copy cat articles is much longer but we can see here how utterly juvenile and childish these wannbe ANTIFA members of the mainstream media, too stupid to figure out that in all revolts, the revolutionaries kill their ALLIES first which is why these all end up vicious dictatorships who then kill off the revolutionaries and impose a police state, this happens ALWAYS.


Mr. Baby Krissy’s editorial is behind a paywall which is funny since it is worthless.  Buzzfeed is cheaper than the NYT and equally stupid but they are young unlike Krissy.


Many people in Portland feel they are not living in the same city they see on TV or online. They said that outside the downtown core where nightly protests take place, it’s business as usual. It’s the actions of both the local police and then the Department of Homeland Security that trouble them, both of which have used tear gas and “less-than-lethal” weapons against protesters.


The riots are downtown.  So people living in other parts of the city are not under attack…YET.  This is stupid.  If the entire city was burning down, that would be really nasty and we all know about the burning of Moscow by Napoleon’s troops or the cow that kicked over that lamp in Chicago over 100 years ago.  This is only one part of Portland being destroyed by violent gangs of rioters.


Across right-wing media, Portland has been portrayed as a city besieged by anarchist violence. A Friday morning segment on Fox News described the city as “plagued” by “violent clashes.” In a Facebook post that gathered over 50,000 likes, Breitbart called the protests “sustained Antifa violence.” On Wednesday, managing editor at right-wing website Human Events Ian Miles Cheong tweeted that protesters were “terrorists.”


Hey! 90% of street shootings happen in black slums!  Ergo, there are no crimes?  HAHAHA.  Right.


“These are anarchists. These are not protesters,” Trump said Monday, echoing the claim of acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, who has called the protesters “violent anarchists.”


They even say they are this, themselves!  Duh!


And while some protesters have written graffiti on buildings and briefly lit a fire inside the Portland Police Association building — which was quickly extinguished — the majority of the actions remain peaceful.


This entire sentence is a lie. Every element, a total lie.  Anyone looking at the many, many videos of the intense and sustained violence and many, many fires can clearly see this entire sentence is utter rubbish and either the writer is demented, or blind or most likely….EVIL.  ‘It (the extreme violence) was only four blocks’ whines one leftist liar.  Oh, only four? Sounds like Seattle’s violent leftist mess, too.


Zielinski doesn’t live downtown, and were it not for the sounds of helicopters and munition, she wouldn’t know demonstrations were taking place. Although businesses downtown are boarded up, Zielinski said that happened before the protests, when coronavirus lockdowns started.


This is a monumental lie.  The riots have been raging for 60 days.  No one boarded up their stores due to the disease and everyone staying HOME!!!  They were boarded up due to the constant RIOTS.  Buzzfeed should be sued by victims of these riots, the stores looted and smashed by radical leftists and hoodlums.


The writer of this tripe is…Lytvynenko who lives…way far away in Canada and is a cheap feed buy for the Buzzfeed swill.  Right.  She knows what is going on!  Yup.  The NYT, on the other hand, has no excuse for being deliberately stupid.  But then, they are stupid so frequently, I suspect this is their natural condition.

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