Germany Repeatedly Refused To Pay US Money Owed So Trump Pulls Out Troops IMMEDEATELY

Both Germany and Japan heavily exploited the US taxpayers for half a century or more after they attacked us during WWII and since then, we protect them with nearly no money in return, at our own expense!


Every deal we made over the years about percentage of GDP to be paid to the US for our protection since we are the vast bulk of NATO and SETO, and every year Japan and Germany paid as little as possible, cynically depending on us not complaining to them!  Below is a New York Times article from just last year, discussing why Germany dissed Trump by paying even LESS money after he demanded they pay up past shortages of funding:

I have been dead set against this fraud for years and years.  Now we have open traitors demanding we continue protecting say, rich Germans, at US taxpayer expense because of Putin?  Putin isn’t a communist, he is the opposite.  There are more communists in Germany and the Democratic Party than in Russia.


On Wednesday, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced plans to withdraw approximately 11,800 American military personnel from bases in Germany. Around 5,400 troops will be sent to other European countries, while over 6,000 will return home.


I will translate this: the troops are going to England.  Not France.  Not Italy.


Lieutenant General Ben Hodges is a retired US Army officer who commanded the United States Army Europe from November 2014 to December 2017. After leaving the military, he became the Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis, based in Washington, D.C..


This was a last minute Obama appointee.  Now replaced, thank heavens.  He is supposed to protect the USA, not Deutschland über Alles.


DW: What does the withdrawal mean for the safety of the United States?

Hodges: It hurts us because it further damages the relationship with our most important ally.


See?  He thinks Germany is more important than our own borders.  The entire DNC believes protecting Germany’s borders is far more important that protecting OUR borders!


And it’s more in the way that this has been done as suppose to the specifics. The timeline for something like this would normally would take years.


Having rich Germans who have plenty of money and people to spare, take over their own country’s military installations is very easy.  I lived in Germany long ago and thought it was insane back then, that we had to protect them when they were obviously quite capable of taking care of themselves.


It takes a long time for those things to actually happen — if they do at all. But the damage to the relationship is done. And for me that’s the most unfortunate part.


HAHAHA.  I love how this traitor to the US claims ‘IF they do it at all’ showing how he serves GERMANY and NOT THE USA.


From a military standpoint, is it necessary to have so many troops in Germany?

We have very few troops in Germany. 35,000 is not even half of the size of the stadium where Bayern Munich plays football. Most of them are people who work in headquarters or logistics or air defense or communications. It’s just not that many people.


If they are ‘not that many’ why would removing these very few be so freaking upsetting to this obvious traitor working for Germany and not the US?  Eh????  Now for proof this general is a traitor:


So the troops are not needed from a military standpoint?

The withdrawal removes capabilities that are in Germany and help the United States. The troops are not there to guard Germany, they are stationed there for us. Germany is a platform that allows us to do rapid reinforcement in Eastern Europe, for example, as well as other places.


This is for what???  Oh, INVADING RUSSIA!!!  I wonder if this fool has asked his German buddies about ‘let’s invade Russia’?  When I was in Germany, I knew a German who was one of the few survivors of the Battle of Stalingrad and who survived a Soviet prisoner camp.  You couldn’t pay him enough to go invade Russia!


Why one earth would we invade Russia?  When the Soviet Union fell, we didn’t have to invade.  When Putin negotiated his gas pipeline to Germany, was he invading?  Nope.


This is the crummiest German fraud, one they played for half a century, foisting military costs onto US taxpayers while they hand out government goodies to Germans!!!


DUH!  Remove all troops from Germany.  Good lord, how ridiculous this all is.  It gets even worse with this treasonous general who is anti-American:


That’s why the relationship with Germany is so important. And if you start moving capability away from Germany, where we have such good infrastructure, it will be difficult to maintain the same level of readiness. If you’re going to move troops to Italy, for example, the infrastructure does not exist there. They’re going to have to spend billions of dollars to expand the barracks.


This is reason #1 for quitting NATO. It really doesn’t exist. Europe has zero desire to defend itself. So let them be taken over by Putin. Obviously, they don’t care! They get all sorts of goodies due to not paying hardly a euro in self defense! They DON’T CARE. If they don’t care, why should we care?


Good lord. They are now pretending to be third world countries! Incredible.


So why is President Trump doing this?

I can only speculate. I always believed that this is a political decision not based on any strategic analysis.


All decisions are ‘political’. DUH. What a child this general is! He is a Democrat, obviously, and thus, utterly clueless about what ‘treason’ looks like, he thinks he is working for GERMANY not the USA and its taxpaying citizens. What ‘strategic’ stuff is going on, anyways?


He justifies this move with Germany not paying enough into the NATO budget.

I believe that this is his principle motivation. Of course, almost everybody agrees that Germany should be spending more on its own defense. Every president has that.


All the previous Presidents during the last 40 years are Bilderberg conspirators who say one thing in public and another behind secret, closed doors in Europe.


But the decision of the president to reduce what we have in Germany by almost one-third is based on his frustration that it does not spend 2% of its GDP on defense.


BINGO!  The nut of the matter!  The #1 thing way down at the bottom of this story!


Ironically, Italy and Belgium are well below 2% also, and they are now in line to receive troops. So there is no consistency in this decision.


Trump is also demanding they do this, too.  NATO is stupid.  It is run by an army of leeches who suck our blood and then insult us.  How many TAXPAYERS vote for the Democrats?  Their sole base of power are reservations and cities with lots and lots of welfare families and illegal aliens.  This is their main base, the rest of the country votes increasingly heavily RNC.


It is unfortunate that for our most important ally we do not select an ambassador who is well-known and well recognized, in the way that Germany sends [former State Secretary] Emily Haber to Washington. We should be looking for one of our most distinguished and best diplomats to ensure a relationship with our most important ally.


‘Recognized’ is code for BILDERBERG.  Trump is sending someone who is not a member of that gang to straighten out the Germans who thought they had us all by the ring in our nose to use and abuse.  The German reporter writing this story is nakedly pushing for the US to resume being Germany’s servant to work and die for Germans while they go on vacation in warm climate resorts.


A stark reminder how contemptuously Merkel reacted when Trump demanded she pay her fair share for NATO:

BERLIN — Germany, which had already announced that it will fall significantly short of NATO’s defense spending goals, annoying the United States, risks provoking Washington further by failing to reach even its own slimmed-down target.


Yes, this was deliberate and very nasty.  That sneering East German creep had the balls to do this and is now wailing at the wall because Trump kicked her there.


Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government had a falling-out with the Trump administration last year when it said that, despite signing a commitment to work toward spending 2 percent of gross domestic product on defense by 2024, its target would instead be 1.5 percent.


Merkel is Germany’s problem, not our problem.  They want a creep for a leader, we don’t have to do business with them.  Good riddance to bad trash, I say.


Now, projected spending levels are expected to fall below even that lower path in a three-year budget plan due to be announced on Wednesday, portending another confrontation with Washington.


Germany decided to bluff Trump and he called the bluff, good lord, he made money running casinos, after all!  And Germany spun the wheel and picked up the cards and got the Joker.  Tough titties, Merkel.


Ms. Merkel insisted on Tuesday that her government could still hit the 1.5 percent target in budgets down the road. But few still believe her — least of all Mr. Trump’s ambassador in Berlin.


Namely, just last year, she wouldn’t even pay 1.5% of GDP.


“NATO members clearly pledged to move toward, not away, from 2 percent by 2024,” Richard Grenell, the American ambassador to Germany, told reporters on Monday after budget numbers were first floated. “That the German government would even be considering reducing its already unacceptable commitments to military readiness is a worrisome signal to Germany’s 28 NATO allies.”


With Mr. Trump calling the European Union a “foe” and NATO “obsolete,” trans-Atlantic relations have been badly strained for some time.


It is worse than that:


“We are just not credible anymore,” said Jan Techau, director of the Europe Program at the German Marshall Fund in Berlin. “First we said 2 percent, but we didn’t really mean it. Then we said 1.5 percent, and it turns out we didn’t really mean that either.”


So how much did they spend last year?


Defense spending is still on course to increase next year, rising from 1.35 percent of G.D.P. this year to 1.37 percent next year, finance ministry officials said. But by 2023, according to the latest budget figures, it is expected to be back at 1.25 percent.


Note that they anticipate Trump losing the election and then they could happily revert to stealing money from Americans and using Americans lives to protect greedy German lives in case of warfare!  And to make certain Americans get the message, we are German slaves, they were going to reduce the money even MORE than before.  Ha!


What did Trump do after reading this NYT story last summer?


Our wonderful President popped Merkel in the snot.  She still doesn’t get it and even this very day, refuses to understand something totally obvious: pay up, bitch, or be chucked out the Trump Hotel and to the curb.  What a loser.  What an utter fool.  She should join the Democratic Party.


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10 responses to “Germany Repeatedly Refused To Pay US Money Owed So Trump Pulls Out Troops IMMEDEATELY

  1. lou

    Elaine, check your headline.

    we had a 4.2 this morning in so cal.

  2. Nina

    I was initially happy when i read the news about the pullout of US troops from Germany. Then i read somewhere that they would be redeployed to other European countries.. sigh..

    I hope all US military bases in Europe will be shut down one day. I also hope all their nuclear weapons will be removed from European soil.

  3. Jim R

    The geopolitical reality is, the troops are not so much protecting Germany as they are maintaining an American presence, a connection between here and there. Many analysts go so far as saying the troops are there to keep Germany down.

    So far as the average German is concerned, they would be happy to see all the troops go home. Of course, as soon as they do . . .

    Didn’t Merkel just recently sign an agreement to have one end of a Russian gas pipeline in Germany? ___ and that is what this is about ___

  4. Petruchio

    IIMEDIATELY. Just saying. We all do it.

  5. Petruchio

    NATO countries haven’t been paying “their fair share” because they know that the USA wants to have a presence in Europe. NATO has also assumed that the USA would pay the entire cost for its presence in Europe if need be. And that has been a correct assumption for all these years. I wonder what the real motivation for Trumps demands that Germany “pay up”/ It isn’t the money; the Pentagon spends $600 on wrenches you can purchase at a Hardware store for $12.99.

  6. nclaughlin

    Petruchio, you are absolutely right! We are more than willing to pay for the privilege of stationing troops abroad because it feeds our globalist delusions which are of no benefit to the American people.

  7. Ken

    Technically, Germany doesn’t owe the US any money. Their commitment is to spend 2% of their budget on defense. They have not, and any shortfall would be made up by increasing military spending, not paying the US.

    Frankly, it makes no sense for Germany, or any NATO country, to spend 2% of their budget on the types of weapons that could repel a Russian invasion. NATO has already been invaded by the Islamic peoples. NATO was useless in defending against this sort of invasion. It might as well be disbanded. It served its purpose for many years, but that purpose is now gone. The 2% can instead be given to the Muslim invaders to try and buy them off, as was frequently done in the past (e.g. the Barbary pirates).

    Far from being a threat, Russia may be Europe’s only hope. Eventually, they may be the only European power capable of saving Europe. Just as they did with Napoleon and Hitler.

  8. Europe leeches off of the US and claim they are scared of Russia so they better learn to be real ‘man up’ or die. They are NOT benefiting Americans in any way, shape or form at this point.

  9. Hell Soonish

    Benefit Americans? Yes countries are only useful if USA can leech and exploit and benefit off them.

    Remember Goldman Sachs as the Great Vampire Squid? Well USA is the Huge Vampire Squid sucking on planet earth, and Goldman Sachs is the Great Vampire Squid sucking on the Huge Vampire Squid.

    How’s that for a nice mental image?

  10. HAHAHA. SO, Europe should be HAPPY Trump is removing troops, EH? They AGREE with him! HAHAHA.

    Boy, this is funny as hell.

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