Media/Liberals Lie: Portland Was NOT Peaceful Last Night

I used to babysit for the head of the Tucson ACLU and he represented me in court when I was a teenager.  He was a real liberal hero who I admired and loved.  Today, the ACLU is a radical leftist communist organization which tries to KILL Free Speech and wants to prevent us from getting more information and wants censorship, all totally opposed to what they were, in the past!  This makes me very angry.



I would not be surprised that ‘ACLU’ members were also rioters.  This is totally absurd.  And nasty.  I used to do Free Clinic Medical Staff at demonstrations in California during the wildest years of the 1960’s and we protected the police when they were hurt, too.  I saved a number of police over time and they grew to be much friendlier to me due to this and it was one of the reasons why the Maoists at Berkeley wanted to kill me, too.


There are videos clearly showing young people stupidly wearing Medic gear actually rioting, instead.  Here is some of the ‘nice’ things the rioters did last night (one thing was to ignore the curfew, as always, too):


The rioters in Portland continued last night past midnight as per usual.  Mainstream media hides all this.  Now we see the rioters suing in court to not have any of this mayhem filmed and distributed to viewers interested to see the crimes and mayhem these leftists are inflicting on Portland.


This is animal abuse.  It looks like the pig is drugged.  Usually, they are very active animals.

It is officially now ‘The Wall of MORONS.’  I knew day one, the ‘wall of moms’ was fake.


They had to dig up women who looked less ‘non-mom’ so they could stumble along, demanding chaos so they could raise kiddies in a dying city that is too dangerous to raise children.  OOOPS.

These people are obviously mentally ill.  This was true in Berkeley back in 1969, too.    Talk about insane: the New York Times is crazy now all the time and here is today’s sample:

ALL economic systems are suffering from the coronavirus.  This was inevitable.  The EU is much worse off than the US.  NYC is as bad off as Europe, worse, actually.  This is why mainstream news falsely claims Cuomo as a great hero due to…NYC and NY being a total mess, a crashing disaster.  OOOPS.


Right now Congress is fighting Trump about what to do next.  The DNC has nothing to offer, just ‘saying no’ nonstop.  Ridiculous.  Normal.



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2 responses to “Media/Liberals Lie: Portland Was NOT Peaceful Last Night

  1. Rob

    Here in Philly the curfew was *enforced* back on June 7th. No rioting (cough cough protests) since then. Just unbelievable.

  2. Pete


    Dr Raoult threatened by Big Pharma Profiteers

    Professor Raoult testified that, shortly after he started to talk about HCQ as a treatment, in March, he received anonymous death threats. He filed a complaint with the police, and an enquiry was opened by the French judiciary. The medical doctor behind the threats was found and happens to be from a Nantes university hospital. It happened to be the person who received the most money from Gilead over the past 6 years. Professor Raoult presents this as a “personal experience.” In his testimony, he remained diplomatic and suggested “to be attentive to this level of problem.”

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