Rampaging Outright Communist Cadres Attack Denver CO All Night

Is this Chicago?  Is this Seattle?  Or is this Portland, OR?  No, it is DENVER, CO!  Communists are raging through the streets late at night, rioting, setting buildings on fire.  They wave communist red flags, they spray paint the hammer and sickle icons on buildings, they yell communist slogans!  BLM is also communist led, too, but this is mainly a white kiddie riot by ANTIFA gang members.  Note the utter lack of police presence in the videos below.  Denver will be destroyed just like all DNC-run cities.


These are news videos.  Note how this is called ‘protests’ and not ‘riots’.  This is ideological.  No DNC news program or news paper, not DNC mayor or leader dares to call these many riots ‘riots’.  Nope, they are…demonstrations of what will happen if these clowns gain any powers!

Just last month the clueless black mayor of the city gave a speech about how proud he is, building more housing for people who are poor.  This is the hard rock DNC voter base and moving as many as possible into cities is their goal.  Meanwhile, due to crummy schools and high crime rates, the middle class continues to pour out of the city.

The state of the city is STRONG!  HAHAHA.  He boasts about building ‘thousands of cheap homes for increasing the population that is on welfare.  He is no where near where NYC which build several million housing units for welfare/low income families which swiftly became terrible crime centers to be avoided by law abiding citizens due to the extreme dangers these communities represented.


Meanwhile, the city as it copies NYC’s mistakes, is now being destroyed by rioting open communist cadres.  Denver’s crime rates:

Denver is 94% worse off than the vast majority of US cities.

Portland OR which saw massive violent communist riots for 87 nights also saw violent arson riots last night, too.  Portland has finally reached the bottom of the barrel and is now one of the most dangerous cities in the USA:

It is now listed as worse than 98% of all cities!

Then there is dying Chicago, thoroughly looted by BLM rioters:


The data from this month’s riots is not in yet and I expect Chicago to plummet to the bottom of the list of safe cities.  Right now, it is sitting at 93% more dangerous than other cities.  Odd, isn’t it, how virtually all cities run by Democrats from top to bottom, places totally taken over by the Democrats end up high crime rates!

Interestingly, crime per square mile is double Portland and Denver’s rates.  Meanwhile, NYC that was once fairly safe for a DNC run city when it had a Republican mayor is now going to hell in a hand basket with violent crimes surging rapidly:

NYC Murders Up 50% for Month of July, NYPD Stats Show

New York City used to float above all the other DNC run cities but this wasn’t due to Democrats functioning properly, it was 100% due to Republicans like Rudi Giuliani stopping crimes!  Now, the city is going downhill extremely fast and will move from being 75% worse than other cities to the bottom rungs where Seattle, Portland OR, Chicago and Denver hang out.


Having a sane mayor, a functional political system is better than a DNC run hell hole!  NYC was not a hell. hole several years ago.  Now, after a brief stint of being run by a communist Democrat, it is in the toilet again.  And yes, de Blaiso is a communist.  I will repeat: all the riots we see in this story today are COMMUNISTS.  They do the hammer and cycle, spray painting it all over the place, they wave communist flags, they yell communist slogans, they show every sign of being a communist radical violent revolutionary force determined to destroy democracy.


Note how the DNC wants us to vote differently so they can cheat in elections, for example?  They know perfectly well, their cheating is going to be fraudulent.  They also want to rip up the Constitution, too.  All communists turn into dictators.  This is 100% true.  They always do this!  This is why they are evil.


The latest information released by the New York City Police Department paints a grim picture of the continued rise in shootings and deadly crime in 2020.  Data provided by the department for July shows a 177 percent increase in shootings from the same month in 2019. That’s a total of 244 shootings up from 88 the year before.


“This is going to be a situation I think that’s going to take some time to turn around and it’s going to take all of us working together,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said in an interview on NY1 in late July.


So, the insane communist Democrats who run the Party in NYC (not like the DNC gang years ago who were at least, not full communists) are going to fix the mess they created by…eliminating even more police, have more cops guarding de Blasio and his communist comrades and their works of ‘art’ in the streets, let thousands of violent prisoners out of prison to run riot…what else can these clowns do to make things worse?


Oh, order the police to stand down, of course!


Faced with an unprecedented surge in shootings across the five boroughs, the NYPD launched the End Gun Violence plan, which targets high-crime areas.


Under the plan, officers would be moved away from big target areas that are frequented by tourists. The number of officers needed in those areas has been greatly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has hampered tourism of any kind in the city.


HAHAHA…so, remove cops from guarding visitors…hey!  There are no more visitors!  Duh.  It took months for these clowns to figure out the obvious.  So, they will put the cops in the slums to keep order?


HAHAHA.  Won’t work. The chaos in the slums is political.  How on earth can mere cops stop riots funded by Democrats, protected by Democrats and encouraged by Democrats?  That is suicidal!


Speaking of suicidal, back to Denver’s problems, violence in schools there has been raging out of control.  Teachers are taught how to handle violent students by…letting them attack the teachers and injure them as they try to restrain or prevent violence!  Here is a random example of just one student in one school terrorizing everyone nonstop:



Webb told Denver7, “I think once it crosses the line to this severe violence and weapons being used, we just need to take more action. I understand legal and privacy concerns, but we also need to make sure that everyone is safe.”


We reached out to DPS to ask how many total incidents have occurred, how many ambulances have been called, how many people have been injured and how many people have quit because of the violence.


This, with just ONE violent ‘student’ who obviously cannot be in any schools, anywhere.


DPS spokesman Will Jones said, “Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, we cannot comment further.” He did say they, “have been and continue to work very closely with the school to address this matter and ensure a safe climate at the school.”


They did nothing.  The liberal solution is to do nothing.  The communist solution is to kill students like this, once they become dictators.  This is the difference between liberals and communists: the communists are very efficient in imposing law and order of sorts so long as they get to be criminals, themselves.


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2 responses to “Rampaging Outright Communist Cadres Attack Denver CO All Night

  1. snoosebomb

    CTV , reported that Portland cops had declared that protests were a riot . Then they showed a clip of antifa standing around looking peaceful. The majority of dumb fucks will believe this .
    And now all the major food chains in CDN require masks . They didn’t as the number of cases declined. Next up you will need the Gates jab to buy food when by that time there will be no virus around.

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