Violent ‘Liberals’ Erase ‘Baby Lives Matter’ Mural

The radical left is so stupid, they fall for every set up.  The latest torment for violent liberals is to freak out whenever anyone paints ‘Baby Lives Matter.’  Since for them all, only black criminal lives matter, this infuriates them especially since black babies are aborted at a high rate.  So time to vandalize anything talking about ‘babies’!


This is a very dark window into the souls of the liberals who profess to ‘love life’ and accuse conservatives for being ‘killers’.  This blind inability to see that liberals are mass killers is painful to watch.  They are morphing into screeching demons at this point, acting in hysterical rage whenever someone pokes at their hypocrisy.

By vandalizing the ‘Baby Lives Matter’ words, the raging leftists simply made themselves look even worse than before.  It should be obvious to even very stupid people that ‘black lives’ do not matter at all…to blacks.  They have upped the ante lately and are now killing each other at a much higher rate than last year but this, only in cities run by BLM supporters in the Democratic Party.


Blacks living in GOP run communities are not being gunned down or stabbed or run over openly, daily.  Law and order keeps black lives alive!  Chaos and no police means blacks die at a mad rate.  I know this first hand, seeing it implemented in NYC many years ago.


After the success of the Covington Kid, suing mainstream fake news media, Sarah Palin is suing the noxious New York Times and the courts just ruled, she has a case and can now proceed with a full trial.  I am betting the Times will settle out of court.

There is nothing more noxious than the double standard of ‘feminists’ all of whom are fakers.  ‘Believe all women’ vanishes when a conservative woman says anything.  Then it is ‘you are a nasty lying bitch’ time and all previous pretensions of believing women is chucked out the door.


Now on to the constant riots in ‘liberal’ DNC cities:

In all DNC run cities, masses of shoot outs are happening due to blacks wanting to kill…EACH OTHER at a mad rate.  Most of the shooters have very bad aim and end up killing bystanders or babies sleeping at home.  Not one victim of these shootings is celebrated by liberals, no one chants ‘black baby lives matter’ as babies are shot in their carriages while they sleep.

In DC, raging leftists abused many women leaving the RNC convention center.  Naturally, they did sexist abuse and also racist abuse if the victim was black.  These lunatics have no idea how all this is backfiring on Biden who is too cowardly to demand these cretins be arrested, charged and put in prison.  Pelosi isn’t demanding this, either.


They are legalizing armed mobs and a mob of heavily armed conservatives are getting itchy about all this.  They don’t need twenty bullets to get one hit.  I heard in fake news that Portland was quiet last night.  So I went to Andy Ngo to see what was really going on since all news by liberals is fake these days:

The mob ran riot as per usual.  Someone else noticed this:

HAHAHA.  Trump is truly on top of everything, he posted this at one am before taking his nightly snooze.


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7 responses to “Violent ‘Liberals’ Erase ‘Baby Lives Matter’ Mural

  1. Petruchio

    “There is nothing more noxious than the double standard of ‘feminists’ all of whom are fakers.” Fakers is the right word. I notice there is a movie on one of my cable TV channels called “Bombshell”. It’s a movie about how the Women of Fox had to wear certain types of clothing when they were on the Air. It was also about how Roger Ailes would make the occasional sexual/sexist comment. Maybe these helpless, vulnerable gurlz would even get their precious little asses grabbed!! Let me see if I have the movie storyline straight. It’s a movie about a bunch of Empowered, Equal-to-Men Womyn and the hideous, outrageous things that happened to them, such as a mildly inappropriate comment or some inappropriate touching. And we are supposed to believe that these women in “Bombshell” were sooo abused–even thought they worked at Fox for 10–20+ years. It’s kind of amazing. These women, for the whole time they were working for Fox, were asked to dress like Classy Hookers when they got in front of the camera. And, that they did this for multiple years without complaint but only NOW, after their careers on Fox are over do they cry out in pain because of all their “suffering” working for Fox. And let me mention in passing that Fox has absolutely superb taste in hiring female, on-Air talent. And I like the way the ladies of Fox dress. That’s how I would have them look if I was running Fox.

  2. Jim R

    #3 —
    Oh no, weather is happening!

    And, Guy McPherson is an idiot. I have been watching his stuff for a while now, and he seems to miss the mark with his predictions. Anyway, if he was predicting a heat death, why did he move to the New Mexico desert?

  3. lou

    3–Blue sky over Los Angeles, for the first time in years.

  4. Pete

    1- That’s a great video by Polly.

    For your Sunday evening pleasure:

    The Poetry of Joe Biden Part Deux

  5. We don’t have any huge volcanic eruptions dimming the sun but we have had quite a few that did dim the light a bit. Absolutely nothing dims the sun more than major volcanic eruptions!

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